The Seven Hills

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

When I first started the Dorastor Campaign, I needed a place for the cacodemon Cult to be strong. They needed a fortress which was obvious and unique. Looking at the map in Cults of Terror, the Seven Hills stood out wonderfully. So I used it and modelled it on an early Rome, setting a Cacodemon Shrine on each of the Hills with a Great Temple in the centre. Never mind that it was in Hellwood, the Fiends would keep the Elves out.

I fleshed out the Seven Hills Temple as an armed fortress staffed by Ogre Mercenaries and visited by wandering families and clans. In fact, some clans would travel from Seven Hills to Plateau Wrath, Nangtaliís Plateau and back (as I had Cacodemon Holy Places on each of those places).

The Great Temple in Seven Hills had several interesting features.

Firstly, it was surrounded by a wooden stockade in an elven forest.

Secondly, the Inner Sanctum was a stone building in the shape of a Horned Head (some said it was the Chaos Rune, others said it was Cacodemonís Skull, or that of the Devil, yet others just gibbered when they looked at it).

Thirdly, there were Gargoyles carved every so often around the Inner Sanctum, but in the shape of Cacodemonís head. If attacked, these opened their mouths and the Temple Spirits could cast Vomit Acid through the mouths, spraying nearby attackers with foul smelling and corrosive vomit. Ho, ho.

Fourthly, the Temple was the home to 5 or 6 Fiends who lived there permanently - they did not need to be Summoned. They had also been given presents of some nice iron armour and magic items. They were incarnations of Cacodemon and had a few nasty abilities and spells. They also liked to play cards, drink beer and gossip as the party found out when they came to spy one day. (The Fiends were talking about recent events in Dorastor - all boring stuff, but I would throw in something important now and again, in case the players copped on, as it was early in the campaign they didnít, but later on they would pick up on my every word, the swines).

Lastly, it was guarded by 10 - 20 Talons, depending on who was in town. These could all summon Fiends with guaranteed Divine Intervention and did it if a really nasty attack was expected. Thus, any attacking party would be hit by 15-25 Fiends, 10-20 talons and assorted Ogre Mercenaries. This was not a pushover by any means.

Anyway, after much scouting and planning, the Party Came, Saw and Conquered. Acid Baths were fun for everyone, especially as the Ogres had set a false ceiling just swimming with Vomit and ready to be collapsed if the Inner Sanctum was violated. Curse the Teleport Spell.

I had no real interest in the Seven Hills Temple and once it had been trashed a couple of times, I gave up on it, especially when the Golden Eagle had been strengthened and had his soldiers wandering about. Fortunately the Chaos Dragon woke up and rolled over the Cacodemon Temple removing it from play.

A quick note for all GMs everywhere. I have mentioned it on the Gloranthan Digest before, but I will say it here again. Cacodemon has the most wonderful spell - Vomit Acid - every GM should have one as it destroys PCsí armour. It probably wonít kill them but it will really piss them off. Cacodemon himself grants this spell but doesnít have the ability (bad thinking). He does in my campaign!!! Cacodemon and Fiends have the ability to Heroically Cast Vomit Acid. This costs 3 Magic Points and does the Fiendís POW in Acid damage to 3 locations and can be used as an extra attack. This is really good fun. When Cacodemon uses it, the Vomit does hundreds of points of damage, covers all locations and can be cast loads of times. The best shower a PC can get, in my opinion. As I am not a cruel GM, I always give them warning as Cacodemon turns green first or starts gulping - anything to make them waste a Teleport or jump out of the way. Itís a laugh really.