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Created On 2 November 1997
Last Updated On 2 November 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

All of my RuneQuest has been based in Glorantha, so far. However, a few years back I had an idea for a campaign set in the days around the end of Roman Britain, when King Arthur was allegedly knocking about. I did a fair amount of preparatory work and then suggested the idea to those people I knew who played RuneQuest. The suggestion was met with a blanket "No". It seems that they had no interest in playing RuneQuest outside Glorantha, saying that Pendragon was the game for Arthurian Britain.

This is something I cannot agree with. RuneQuest fits the period perfectly and would allow for a different kind of game to the Courtly Pendragon game (I must admit to never having played Pendragon before). Whilst I would not play any other game than RuneQuest (or Dragon Pass/Nomad Gods) in Glorantha, I can see no reason why RuneQuest cannot be played elsewhere.

So, here is a brief overview to how I was going to play in Arthurian Britain. I cannot see how it can be related to Gloranthan RuneQuest, but that is not the point. It may be related to other Alternate Earth campaigns which would be a good thing.


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