Ahmal, the Seducer With Lies

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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When the world was green and forests covered the land of Prax, Tada the King had three daughters named Purity, Innocence and Chastity. It was said that as long as they kept their names, Prax would be safe from harm. Tada made a tower and made sure that his daughters lived there, served by 49 maidens who served their every need. Around the tower were 49 maiden warriors who kept any male from the tower.

A demigod came from afar, a foreigner who knew nothing of the ways of Prax. He saw the tower and wondered what was there. He tried to approach but was chased away by the maiden warriors. After a little thought, he changed himself so that he was a maiden. He approached once more and said he had brought a gift for the people in the tower and was allowed in. Once he had climbed the stairs, he came to the Daughter's Room and told them he was a magician and could teach them his power. Curious, the Daughters asked him what he meant. He said that he had three magics, one for each of them and that he would show them these three magics. They agreed and his first magic was to change his appearance so that he looked different. The Daughters had never seen anyone quite like him and were fascinated by what they saw. His second magic was to enlarge part of his body, but the Daughters said that was impossible. Ahmal laughed and removed his clothes, saying that if they were to see his magic, they should also remove their clothes. They did so and were intrigued that he had something that they did not. As they watched, he performed his magic and his extra part grew longer and larger until it stood as proud as a spear. The Daughters laughed with joy and asked what his third magic was. "It will take a while to work, but I can make your bellies grow large until they burst." he said. Once again, they did not believe him and challenged him to prove his magic. He agreed, but said they had to perform a ritual with him, the more times they performed the ritual the faster the magic would work. The Daughters agreed and joined in the ritual with Ahmal, even though it hurt the first time. After a while, they noticed that their bellies started to grow and they knew that the magic was working. They asked Ahmal to show them how the magic worked, but he refused, saying they had to be like him to use the magic, but he could show them the magic that made his magic work. Once again they agreed and Ahmal showed them how to make him grow and how to make the bellies swell.

Soon, the maidservants noticed the Daughters' condition and told Tada of the problem. He came to the Tower to see the problem and asked what had happened. They told him of Ahmal who had given them secret magic and had given them new names - Sensuality, Lust and Pleasure. As they said this, Ahmal realised he was undone and leapt from the tower, changing form once again into a bird that flew into the forest. Tada and his warriors leapt to follow him and chased him for many days until they found him cowering in a burrow. Being sons of the earth, they were not fooled and dug him out. As they were about to punish him, they heard the birthing cries of Tada's Daughters and, as the babies cried out, they heard the Evil Army enter Prax. Since Tada and his Sons were with Ahmal, they had not seen the army approach, so they ran to meet the foe, leaving Ahmal covered in dirt. Knowing that he was lucky to be alive, Ahmal left Prax and returned to his own lands to the West, but his legacy lived on.

The children of Sensuality, Lust and Pleasure were a son, a daughter and one who could be either or both. They wandered Prax, seducing good people and causing trouble until they were sent to the Underworld by Waha.

Now, the people of Prax can call on the Daughters' Children for help in providing spells and skills relating to carnal and sensual pleasure. The spirits are rarely contacted alone, but are usually contacted as the Daughters' Children. Ahmal is never contacted by the people of Prax but does grant some spells through his children.


Seduce (Communication 5%)

This skill is the skill of seduction, of persuading another person to have sex with the user of the skill. It will not overcome prejudice or hatred, nor will it overcome innate sexual preference, but success will cause the person to want to have sex if they might have wanted to in the first place.

Courtesan Sex (Communication 10%)

This is the skill of sexual intercourse in all its forms. Success means a pleasurable time for both parties, a special or critical success means extreme pleasure is obtained.

Spirit Magic

Image Creation

This is the same spell as granted by Krarsht or Raven.


This is the normal Glamour spell as described in the RuneQuest rules.

Honey Tongue (Stackable, temporal)

This spell increases the Seduce skill by 5% per point used, so Honey Tongue 4 increases Seduce by 20%. It is compatible with spells that increase APP or increase Communication skills.

Divine Magic

Panhandle (Mr Stiffy, Boneman) (1 pt, non-stackable, reusable, temporal, ranged)

Causes the target to have an erection which lasts for a full 15 minutes. It has no effect on females. This is used to solve certain problems, at least in the short term.

Change Sex (1 point, temporal, reusable)

This causes the target to change sex for the duration of the spell. The affected person will show up as the opposite sex if magically tested, but will also show up as under the effects of a spell. The spell does not change the sexual orientation of the target, only the physical body. When the spell ends or is dispelled the target changes back to normal. If cast at an unwilling target, the caster must overcome POW as normal.

Enlarge Penis (1 pt, stackable, reusable, ranged, temporal)

Each point of this spell will double the size of the penis for the duration of the spell. It does not cause the penis to become erect, but merely makes it larger.

Seduction (2 points, temporal, reusable)

This causes the target to desire sexual intercourse with the caster. If the target is unwilling, the caster must overcome POW. If successful, the target will be seduced by the caster and will allow sexual relations with the caster. The spell does overcome prejudice, sexual orientation and so on, and the target will be fully aware of what has happened afterwards and may be unhappy or angry.

Impregnate (2 points, Instant, One-Use)

This spell has no effect on a female, it only affects a male. When cast during sexual intercourse this spell causes the male to make the female pregnant. It has no effect if the females is infertile or when mating is between species that cannot breed.

The Children of the Daughters met Mallia during their reign of terror and gained knowledge of different venereal diseases. They showed no reluctance to spread these diseases which are unpleasant, if not fatal.

Cause (Venereal Disease)

This is normally cast during sexual intercourse and causes a venereal disease in the affected person. Each disease has its own particular spell and Mallia provides the Children of the Daughters with various diseases.


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