Alternate Earth Links

There are many websites out there that cover gaming in Alternate Earth. I have tried to find as many as I can. As I find more, I will add them here.

Ancient Egypt

Egypt Campaign A campaign based on a world heavily modelled on Ancient Egypt and Dark Africa
Egypt Campaign AD&D material for the above campaign
Canaanite/Ugaritic Mythology Ancient Israel Background

Cathay (Mythical China)

The Celestial Empire Roleplaying in Ancient China (BRP)
Dragon Lines Roleplaying in The Dragon Empire (BRP)
Roleplaying in Mythical China Ancient China (BRP)
Chinese BRP BRP Rules for Ancient China (In French)
Wu Xing The Chinese five-element theory
Chinese Religions Information on Chinese Religions (French)

Classical Greece

Warlords of Alexander  BRP Rules for gaming in Greece/Asia Minor for post-Alexandrian setting
A Gazetteer of Mythic Greece A nice map and descriptions of the major places of Mythic Greece

Homeric Greece

Hercules Columns Latest discoveries about Ulysses' voyages - in Italian
Odysseus Odysseus' Voyage for Basic (In French)
The Aeneid The Aeneid
The Iliad Homer's Iliad
The Odyssey Homer's Odyssey


Twilight of Atlantis Avalanche Press (Avalon Hill incarnation) supplement

Ancient Rome

BRP Rome Adventuring in the Roman republic for BRP
RomeQuest A version of Ancient Rome using RQ - in Spanish
Zenobia A roleplaying game set in Ancient Rome but with overtones of Conan

Fantasy Europe

De Gesta Francorum et aliorum Hierosolimitanorum A D100/BRP setting set in the Crusader States between the First and Second Crusades
Val-de-Loup A Medieval Setting for Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying System (BRP) - Adventures in the Heart of the Ardennes Forests
Merrie England A Medieval BRP setting in the times of Robin Hood and the Angevins
Deus Vult A Medieval "Legend" game set at the time of the Third Crusade

Miscellaneous Links

Christopher B. Siren A vast list of mythologies and a huge numer of links
Encyclopedia Mythica Mythology, folklore, and legends organized by continent
Early British Kingdoms A useful look at the Post-Roman British Kingdoms


D20 HyboriaA full D20 writeup of Hyboria
Hyborian WarA rules system for gaming in Hyboria
The Road of Kings (Hyborian War)A forum for the Hyborian War game system
Conan: The First Twelve BooksText versions of the first 12 Conan books
Conan CharactersA list of characters and cities from the Conan comics
Hyborian Era GodsA list of deities from the Conan comics
Barbarian KeepThe Conan and Robert E. Howard Website