Alternate Earth News

Mongoose have brought out Deus Vult, a RQ setting in 12th Century Europe, and are supporting it with a scenario, Ex Cathedra. Vikings is coming out in September 2010 and looks excellent.

Cubicle 7 have brought out Clockwork and Chivalry, a manic game set in an alternate version of the English Civil War. Having spoken to the authors at Continuum, it sounds truly madcap. I don't have it yet, but am sure to buy it fairly soon.

Alephtar Games have released Merrie England: Age of Eleanor, the first in a series of supplements set in Angevin England and written by Yours Truly (Simon Phipp).

So, with Stupor Mundi, Val-de-Loupe, Merrie England and Deus Vult, we will have four Medieval Europe settings, all at slightly different times with slightly different slants on Medieval RQ/BRP. That must be a good thing, especially if they are broadly compatible.

Alephtar Games have also brought out Dragon Lines, a BRP supplement for the Dragon Empire, which everyone knows is Cathay or China. They are also bringing out the Celestial Empire, which is definitely set in Cathay. Now, we can play the Water Margin using BRP/RQ.

D101 Games have brought out The Savage North, which could be used in a pseudo-Vikings game, and are bringing out The Company, which is a mercenary game set in the near future, so we have modern rules for RQ, at last.

Overall, the RQ Alternate Earth genre is the healthiest it has ever been, which is good to hear.