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This is a companion site to the AlternateEarthRQ Yahoo Group. Whilst the Yahoo Group will, I hope, be used to develop ideas and to discuss Alternate Earth, this site will be used to host links, files and articles on RuneQuest Alternate Earth.

Alternate Earth is the fantasy or mythological version of ancient earth. It is the earth where Robin Hood and Ivanhoe existed side by side, where the Greek Gods were worshipped and where adventurers can travel the known world and interact with Ancient Greece, Ancient Israel, the early Celts, Egyptians and even the lost people of Atlantis.

RuneQuest is a Fantasy Roleplaying Game from the seventies, eighties and nineties, with a new 6th edition, that was originally based in the world of Glorantha but started using a world called Alternate Earth for RQ3.

Basic Roleplaying is a roleplaying game produced by Chaosium. It is similar to RuneQuest, being derived from the same source, but the two games have diverged somewhat. There are several Alternate Earth settings for BRP that are compatible with the ones for RuneQuest.

Legend is a roleplaying game produced by Mongoose Publishing. It is based on their version of RuneQuest, but has been modified slightly and is produced under the Open Games Licence (OGL). There are several Alternate Earth settings for Legend and Mongoose RuneQuest that are compatible with the ones for RuneQuest.

OpenQuest is a roleplaying game produced by D101 Games. It is based on the OGL Mongoose RuneQuest and, like all the versions, is broadly compatible. There are some Alternate Earth supplements coming for OpenQuest, including a modern-rules version.

All of these games are compatible enough to use any scenario from any game with any other game. Some things might be odd and you might have to rejig some of the attributes, but most of the stats can be used easily for all of the games. The background in the supplements can be used in any of the games, as background is game-system indepedent.

Many people like the idea of Alternate Earths, in other words earth where certain events have been changed. Examples include earth where Alexander the Great did not die in his thirties, or where the Nazis did not lose, or where the Aztec and Incan Empires were not conquered by the Conquistadors. These have nice ideas, especially when using Michael Moorcock's ideas from the Eternal Champion books. However, I am not so interested in these. If anyone wants to write things up for alternate earths then I will happily put them here.

Against my better judgement, I have included several links to several historical Cthulhu monographs and have split off Cthulhu Dark Ages and Cthulhu Invictus as separate areas. The blurbs seem to indicate that these have semi-historical writeups so could fit in with the Alternate Earth motif. However, I haven't bought them, even as PDFs, because I still remember being burned by Mysteries of Hungary which stated that Vlad the Impaler was an acolyte of Cthulhu or some such nonsense. If Chaosium have another sale and these are brought down to a reasonable price (around $12 for a PDF seems a lot to me) then I might buy them. If so, I'll read them and may well remove them in a fit of disgust. I have downloaded a few Cthulhu Invictus free PDFs and they seem to be borderline OK, with a lot of Cthulhu rubbish but some useful Roman material.

At the moment, this has not a great deal available, but I hope to be adding material on Hyperborea, Arthurian Britain and Pantheons in the near future.


The Alternate Earth setting is woefully underused, especially when compared with the gargantuan world that is Glorantha. Although I have little spare time, I have written a Merrie England supplement for RQ Medieval Europe, but haven't been able to write much for other eras of Alternate Earth. Having said that, there are an awful lot of people who have written things for RuneQuest campaigns set in Alternate Earth and it would be great if you could send me anything you have so that I can add them to this site.

I am interested in RuneQuest writeups for things set in a form of Earth, whether ancient, modern or future based. It would be easier for me if things were in HTML format, but I can work with different formats if necessary. I do not mind what form the articles take, scenarios, monster writeups, cults and culture backgrounds are the traditional RQ fare, but anything would be good.

Please send any ideas to or join the AlternateEarthRQ group and post any articles to the Website folder.