The Little Black Dog(1)

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Simon E. Phipp
Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

There was once a ship, a mighty ship.
With Captain Anaxial(2) and his Great Whip(3).
A long time ago.

And on the ship were all our Beasts.
And some of them were never at Peace.
A long time ago.

The Bull and the cow,
They started to row.
A long time ago.

Anaxial said, with a flick of the Whip,
"Come stop the row or I'll scuttle the ship."
A long time ago.

The Bull stuck its horn through the side of the Ark,
And The Little Black Dog, it started to bark.
A long time ago.

Anaxial took the dog and stuck its nose in the hole.
And to this day, a dog's nose is wet and cold.
A long time ago.

A very long time ago.


(1)Based on an English Folk Song "The Noah's Ark Shanty".

(2)Anaxial sailed a Great Ark when Dara Happa was flooded. This is clearly a Folk Memory of that event.

(3)Anaxial is not always remembered kindly. Although he was a Great Hero, he also had to be a stern and harsh leader. The Whip symbolises this and he is often remembered as wielding his Whip.