Yinkin in Votanki Mythos [1]

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Simon E. Phipp
Created On 23 February 2001
Last Updated On 23 February 2001
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A great deal of Votanki Mythos centres around the Hearth and the homelife of the gods, as if they were normal clan members. Many of the tales act as prototypes of family life for the people to follow.

Part of the mythos concerns Yinkin, who once sat in Votank's Hearth, and can be split into two sections - Yinkin in Votank's Hearth and Yinkin in Exile.

Yinkin in Votank's Hearth

Most of the tales that mention Yinkin give him certain consistent character traits. These are explained below in note form. Yinkin is always thought of as a friend of Votank who always turns against his chief and betrays the Hearth.





Yinkin in Exile

Eventually Yinkin is exiled from the Hearth. When is exile he performs many deeds that hurt Votank and his people. However, he is often treated as a friend or is invited into the Hearth again, perhaps Votank forgets or perhaps he cannot see how wicked Yinkin is. This shows how cunning Yinkin is.




The distrust of Yinkin by the Votanki hunters partially explains why the Lightbringers never really made any inroads into the area, being accompanied by Shadow Cats.

Possible Myth Fragments

These are not full myths but are in note form. I am planning to write up a few myths with Yinkin as the chief enemy or playing a part in the myth. One such myth is found in the story of Yelmalio's hunting dogs, where Yinkin is driven away from Votank's Hearth for trying to steal the breath of an infant.

Catching Mice

Treacherous Friend


1. These are only notes about Yinkin in Votanki Myth. I intend to expand these into actual myths or stories and possibly even HeroQuests, but this will take quite some time. I need to arrange my thoughts and draw up some myth cycles first.