Varam the Hurler

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Created On 20 May 1998
Last Updated On 20 May 1998
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Varam was a son of Valind, son of Vadrus, son of Umath. Born on the Icy Glacier, Varam yearned to see what the rest of the world was like. He saw a Cloud Castle soar past him and leaped onto its back. Carried by the clouds, he swept over the land and joined in the deeds of destruction of his kinfolk. When he was happy, his cloud was of the purest white. When he was angry, the cloud was as black as death and he hurled blocks of ice at his enemies, for the Hailstorm was his power.

He came to our land and saw the goddess of the land and was filled with desire for her. However, she feared his violence and denied him. Again and again he returned, each time flattening her crops with his ice and slaying the good people of the land. Then a young man called Baram came across the goddess weeping over the spoilt crops and corpses. He fell in love with her and vowed to help her. Far and wide he sought aid until he found the Earth Shield and did Babeester Gor a terrible favour so that he could hold it. He returned and fashioned a shield of his own which he held when Varam next came calling. The Hailstones bounced harmlessly against the shield, keeping the crops safe. Enraged, Varam left, leaving Baram to claim his prize. Each time Varam returned Baram was there to protect the land.

Varam had a sister named Inora who heard of her brother's defeat. She came down from the mountains and spread her icy cloak over the land, killing the crops and freezing the people. Baram's wife called for help and Baram left to search for a cure. Once again he travelled far and wide, eventually reaching the lands of Fire to the South, where he found Caladra's Shield. He befriended the fiery goddess and did her a more pleasant favour, allowing him to hold the Shield. Afterwards, he returned home and fashioned another shield which he spread across the land when Inora next cast out her Icy Cloak. The Shield protected the land against the Frosts and Cold and his love rewarded him once more.

One time, a giant came to cause harm and Baram lifted a shield to help. The Giant's club came down three times. Baram! He was forced into the ground up to his waist. Baram! He was forced in to his neck. Baram! He was smashed far into the earth where he now rests in the arms of his wife.

This is the story of Baram Three Shields who protected the lands when nobody else would. From his home beneath the earth he can grant the spells of Hail Shield and Frost Shield. His enemy Varam grants the spells of Hailstorm and Throw Ice.

Hail Shield (1 pt, stackable, reusable, duration 1 day)

This spell covers the same area as a Bless crops spell and protects against the effects of a Hailstorm. Each point of Hail Shield adds 1 to the defensive strength of the area.

Frost Shield (1 point, stackable, reusable, duration 1 day)

This spell covers the same area as a Bless crops spell and protects against the effects of Frost. Each point of the spell prevents the temperature falling by 1 degree centigrade.

Throw Ice (Variable, temporal)

This creates an icicle which may be thrown for 1 D6 + missile damage bonus damage. Each additional pint adds another icicle which is thrown at the same target. These icicles may not impale but may critical.

Hail Storm (1 pt, stackable)

This causes any precipitation to fall as Hail, not rain or snow. This may damage crops or structures. Match the number of points in the spell against the structure points of the area affected. If the roll fails, no damage is done. If the roll succeeds the number of points of the spell are deducted from the structure points of the area. If the area's structure points are reduced to zero or less it is damaged.

As a rule of thumb, crops have structure points between 1 and 3, depending on hardiness.