Big Rubble Locations

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Created On 12 March 2017
Last Updated On 17 October 2020
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The Big Rubble is one of the most famous places in Glorantha. Created centuries ago by the demigod Pavis, the Big Rubble was supposed to be a utopia of Harmony, where the peoples of Glorantha could co-exist in a Green Age bliss. However, things did not go as intended. Pavis himself became lost or trapped in the Green Age and his city was attached by waves of enemies, from Praxian Nomads to Trolls. Sealed for centuries, under troll domination, the city of Pavis became a ruined and desolate place, full of ruined cities and lost dreams, until the seals on Wyvern gate were blasted open by the Dragonewt Dream and the Big Rubble was opened once again. Now under the domination of the Lunar Empire, Adventurers are allowed into the Big Rubble to try and find treasures in the ruins, even though most have been picked clean by previous parties.

Whereas the Big Rubble has always been mapped fairly well, there is no map containing the detail within. I have included areas originally detailed by Ian Thomson in the excellent P&BRC series, as well as areas covered in various Chaosium supplements, showing more detail in one place then I have seen before. Clint Staples has been beavering away creating maps in the Big Rubble, so it would have been a shame not to include them.

I understand that the information in these supplements are copyrighted and have no wish to challenge those copyrights, but I feel that the information could be presented in an easier way to understand, read and access.

This is my attempt to do so.


City Gate - The main ceremonial gate into the Big Rubble, used by dignitaries of Pavis
New Pavis - Pavis Outside the Walls, founded by Duke Dorasor, this vibrant town is a gateway to the Big Rubble
Old Gate - The most common entrance to the Big Rubble, Old Gate is guarded by the Lunars who only let approved adventurers into the Big Rubble
Zebraside - Full of pens, corrals and fields, Zebraside is protected by the nearby Zebra Fort and is the home of the Zebra People of Pavis
Real City - The least ruined part of the Big Rubble, the Real City is the home of true Pavisites, those who never left the Big Rubble during the Troll Domination
The Arm of Pavis - A tall tower, formerly used for air defence, this becomes the base of a sorcerer in Strangers in Prax
Small Quarry - This contains some arm and leg stones and a few other organstones
Twin Hills - Two hills, very close together, each containing forts, one ruined and one very much active
Old Walls - The ruins of a fort, this is often occupied by bandits ready to raid Manside
Mani's Fort - An old hillfort, Mani's Fort has been developed into a fortified base for Mani's Clan, who survied the Troll Domination intact and in the open
Mani's Hill - One of the Twin Hills, this is notable for having Mani's Fort on its top
Wyvern Gate - Smashed by the dragonewt Dream, this has not been repaired and is open for anyone to enter, although it is covered by frequent Lunar patrols
Yelorna Temple - A converted manor house, this is politically aligned to nearby Zebra Fort
Zebra Fort - A well-maintained fort, originally the home of the Pavis Royal Guard, this is now the home of Lunar-loving Zebra Bandits.
Insula of the Waning Moon - A ruined city block, more information can be found at Jonstown Compendium - Insula of the Waning Moon.
River Gate (North) West Tower
River Gate (North) East Tower
River Gate (North)
Pavis Old Mint
Central Bridge

Big Grazing

Dragonewt Temple - Established soon after the Dragonewt Dream, the dragonewts here are not reborn at this temple but must return from other Dragonewt Cities
Yelmalio Hill - The ruins on top are sacred to Yelmalio, but the nearby trolls discourage Yelamlians from consecrating the shrines there
Great Basher
Salt Mines
Ogre Island

The Garden

The stronghold of the elves of the Big Rubble, this is covered by overgrown vegetation and any intruders are likely to become pin cushions before being questioned by the elves

Green Hill - The centre of The Garden, the walls of The Big Rubble run over Green Hill and both sides are controlled by elves
Hippogrif Gate West Tower - Covered in vegetation, this tower is used by elves to see what is going on nearby
Hippogrif Gate East Tower - Covered in vegetation, this tower is used by elves to see what is going on nearby
Hippogrif Gate - Part of The Garden, only elf-friends are allowed to enter or leave the Big Rubble by this gate and the paths to the gate from the outside are long and winding, guarded by plants
River Gate (South) West Tower - The western tower of the Southern River Gate is guarded by Lunars and Elves, partly within the Garden and partly without, it is not a favoured guard location.
River Gate (South) - The southern River Gate, this allows water traffic to leave the Big Rubble and head downstream towards Sun County, the Grantlands and Corflu. It is guarded by Lunars who charge tolls on any craft that passes by.
River Gate (South) East Tower - The eastern tower of the Southern River Gate is guarded by Lunars who collect tolls and check for Adventurers trying to sneak into the Big Rubble

Troll Stronglands

This part of the Big Rubble is ruled by trolls. Not all of the Troll Stronglands have trolls living in all the buildings, but they are near enough to bother any pesky Adventurers who enter their lands.

Troll Break - The biggest break in the walls of the Big Rubble, anyone can enter here, as long as they can evade the Lunar patrols outside and the troll patrols inside
The Trolling Post - A 30 feet tall weathered stone dolmen, carved into the head of Gerak Kag, Conquerer of Pavis.
Ambush Scatter - A jumbled mess of great walls, boulders and smashed ruins, the map here may not be accurate. Trolls and trollkin lurk here to ambush unwary visitors.
The Shades - Several sections of the fallen wall are here, with other ruins, providing a welcome shelter for trolls in the daytime.
Troll Lane - A poorly maintained road, this leads to Troll Town.
Bargain Street - This short pathway has a number of stalls and tents pitched alongside and trolls here are happy to trade with whoever braves the market.
Trollkin Wallow - A fetid mud pool, covered with small insects and trollkin. Sometimes giant insects can be found here. A large and hungry river eel can also be found here.
Flesh Market - Here can be found insect meat, herd beasts and other flesh, Morocanth slavers, live beasts, trollkin and humans, all destined for the pot.
Xaragang Way - This road leads to the Xaragang clan's home, but hovels, warrens and shops line its street in the market, dominated by the Xaragang Clan. Here can be found all manner of insect parts as well as goods from faraway places such as Dagori Inkarth, Sartar and the Lunar Empire. The far end heads off across Huntland.
Bug Land - This complex of houses, ruins and paddocks house an insect farm, run by Bitriol and her husbands.
Troll Market - The area nearest to Troll Break is a trollish market, run by the Xaragang Clan, by Clint Staples
Troll Town - Ruins of various states, most of the buildings here are inhabited by trolls and have been repaired to create reasonbly comfortable buildings.
Krang's Domain - Domain of a medium sized troll clan, led by Krang.
Krang's Stronghold - A type A building, fortified and inhabited by troll warriors.
Karak's Domain - Domain of a small troll clan, allied through fear to Krang.
Karak's Stronghold - A type A building, fortified and inhabited by troll warriors.
Grak's Domain - Domain of a small troll clan, allied through fear to Krang.
Grak's Stronghold - A type A building, fortified and inhabited by troll warriors.
Tower of Kruuzig Ogg - Similar to the Arm of Pavis, this is an old aerial defence platform, but is bigger than the Arm. Kruuzig of the Clan Ogg makes his base here.
Xaragang Troll Warren - Gorakiki-Dragonfly stronghold with the Dark Troll priestess, Bitriol, by Clint Staples
A Collapsed Ruin - A collapsed ruin, containing necromancers and other fun things, by Clint Staples
Old Flintnail Temple - The original Flintnail Temple, this was flooded by the Dwarves of Flintnail and abandonded when the trolls invaded
Temple Hill - Within the walls atop this hill are the temples and shrines to many deities. The trolls discourage anyone from attending these temples, except for the troll deities
Main Quarry - The main quarry used by the Flintnail dwarves to mine the pieces of the faceless Statue, this has largely been abandonded as being too close to the Troll Stronglands, but enterprising Adventurers might be able to find pieces of the Faceless Statue here.


Blind King's Castle - Atop Blind King's Hill
Old Flintnail Fort - A fort, once manned by Flintnail Dwarves, this is too close to troll territory to be allowed to be permanently manned by anyone. Clint Staples has written this up here.
Blind King's Hill - Blind King's Castle sits atop this hill, both named after the Blind King who ruled from here, but nobody remembers his name. Clint Staples has a scenario set in caves below Blind King's Hill.
Griffin Gate West Tower - Ruined
Griffin Gate East Tower - Windwhistler's Aerie
Griffin Gate -
Market Mall - A disused market square, the flagstones are cracked and uneven and the places for the stalls are hidden by rubble, but this is still recognisable as a market place
Balastor's Barracks - Barracks and headquarters of Balastor, the last Rune Lord of Pavis
Balastor's Parade Ground - The Parade Ground for Balastor's soldiers
Griffin Park - One of the old Parks of Pavis, this has expanded and become overgrown, not to the extent of The Garden, but is kept alive and vibrant by ancient Aldryami magic. Bandits have made their home here.
Gargaras Gang Lair - Home of a Chaos Gang called Gargaras, by Clint Staples
Flintnail Temple - The Flintnail Great Temple
North Quarry -
Bad Hill
Old Canal - Long filled in, this used to carry parts of the Faceless Statue from the Quarry

Outside Pavis

Lunar Bridge
Meat Street

New Pavis

River Gate
People's Gate - The main gate between New Pavis and the Big Rubble, this enters into Zebraside, where the Zebra Folk live