Big Rubble Map

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Created On 12 March 2017
Last Updated On 2 February 2019
Web Page and Image Map Copyright © 2017 Simon E. Phipp
BigRubbleMap1.jpg Copyright © 2017 Simon E. Phipp, but based on copyrighted Chaosium originals.
All maps of the Big Rubble are based on Chaosium originals and no challenge to their copyright is implied nor intended.
Some of the detail are based on maps copyrighted by Ian Thomson, again no challenge to their copyright is implied nor intended.

Below is a map of the Big Rubble, based on Chaosium originals. There is an image map behind the map, so move your mouse over a building to get a description of what is in the building. Click on an area to go to the Big Rubble Locations Page.

City Gate New Pavis Zebraside People's Gate Pavis Temple Main Gate Real Inn Flintnail Mansions Sculpture Garden Jolanti Heights Riverview Apartments South View Rubble Runners' Rest Law Courts Entrance to the Drainage Tunnels Watch HeadQuarters Old Town Hall Rubble Museum Old Traders' Hall Market Transients' Shelter Tower of Alchemy Sisko's Stables Werrick's Store Lightbringer Shrines Watchpost Old Jail Drill Hall Grey Company House Real City The Arm of Pavis Small Quarry Chief's House Tower Work Barn Residence Block Shrine Community Hall Stables Guard Office Gatehouse City Well Guests' Residence Mani's Fort Mani's Hill Old Walls Twin Hills Wyvern Gate Dragonewt Temple Yelmalio Shrine Solar Shrine Yelorna Shrine Old Jrusteli Embassy Big House Ruin Old Tavern Angle Fort Yelmalio Hill Green Hill Hippogrif Gate West Tower Hippogrif Gate East Tower Hippogrif Gate River Gate South West Tower River Gate South East Tower River Gate South The Trolling Post Ambush Scatter The Shades Bug Land Troll Lane Bargain Street Trollkin Wallow Flesh Market Xaragang Way Krang's Stronghold Xaragang Troll Warren Karak's Stronghold Grak's Stronghold Neutral/Unclaimed Collapsed Ruin Krang's Domain Karak's Domain Grak's Domain Troll Break Troll Market Troll Town Tower of Kruuzig Ogg Old Flintnail Temple Argan Argar Shrine Chalana Arroy Shrine Ernalda Shrine Kyger Litor Shrine Eiritha Shrine Waha Shrine Zola Fel Shrine Daka Fal Shrine Lhankor Mhy Shrine Aldrya Shrine Unknown Shrine Issaries Shrine Unknown Shrine Yelmalio Shrine Yelm Shrine Sun Dragon Shrine Unknown Shrine Donandar Shrine Mastakos Shrine Orlanth Shrine Unknown Shrine Humakt Shrine Queen Gerralyn's Residence House of Vantalgaz Karrg's House Gorakiki and Xiola Umbar Building Gorakiki Temple Gatehouse Market Place Opili's Fort Temple Hill Main Quarry Ruined Inn Yelmalio Shrine Sun Dragon Shrine Dragon Building Old Flintnail Fort Blind King's Castle Blind King's Hill Griffin Gate West Tower Griffin Gate East Tower Griffin Gate Market Mall Balastor's Barracks Balastor's Parade Ground Griffin Park Gargas Gang Lair Flintnail Temple North Quarry Bad Hill Old Canal Yelorna Temple Zebra Bridge Main Gates Menial Quarters Guard Barracks Tower Tavern Lunar Barracks Zebra Patrol Barracks Stables Corral Zebra Fort River Gate (North) West Tower River Gate (North) East Tower River Gate (North) Lunar Bridge Meat Street River Gate Pavis Old Mint Central Bridge Great Basher Salt Mines Ogre Island Keelmarsh Puzzle Canal Furner Fields Griffin Ruins Riverside Grasslands Ruined Issaries Temple Ruined Uleria Temple Ruined Granaries Ruined Tavern Ruined Tavern Ruined Tavern Ruined Old Issaries Inn Ruined Treasury Building Old Market Place Insula of the Waning Moon Devil's Playground Zebra Ruins Main Ruins Old Town Smalltown Manside Huntland Big Grazing Troll Stronglands The Garden