The Book of Balazar

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Created On 3 January 2008
Last Updated On 3 January 2008
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2008

We had a long-running campaign that spread from Prax to Dorastor, the Holy Country to Balazar. One of our PCs was Solarus Skywatch, King of Dykene who became King of Balazar, then High King of Balazar. As part of that campaign, Solarus tried to civilise and unite Balazar, following in the hero Balazar's footsteps. Unfortunately, the campaign ended before he could complete his task, something that has always rankled with Andrew, who played Solarus.

So, over the ten years or so since the campaign ended, Andrew has thought a lot about Balazar and how it should have been united. As part of this, he has written up some of his thoughts and has asked me to put them on my website as an extension to our campaign. So, I have put some of the Book of Balazar on my website. These are by Andrew Taylor and have not been edited or changed by me at all, they are word for word what Andrew has written.