Brother Bee

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Created On 10 November 1999
Last Updated On 10 November 1999
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This son of Gorakiki Bee fought Votank when both were young. Votank won and was about to kill him when Brother Bee offered Votank a new food in return for his life. Votank refused so Brother Bee offered him something he could use to keep darkness away. Again Votank refused, so in desperation Brother Bee promised that his mother's children would not harm Votank's children in return for his life. Finally Votank agreed and the two swore friendship and smoked a pipe together and Brother Bee became sleepy and forgot to sting Votank.

Brother Bee can be contacted by Shamans of Votank. He grants them use of the spell of Command Bee Swarm. Brother Bee also grants the skills of Beekeeping and Calm Bees to initiates of his Votanki Subcult and to members of his Grandmother Sky subcult.

Beekeeping (Knowledge, Base 0%)

This is the skill of keeping wild bees. It identifies where a hive may be, when the best time for getting the honey and how to extract the honey and beeswax safely.

Calm Bees (Manipulation, Base 0%)

This skill allows the user to build a fire beneath a bee hive and use the smoke to calm the bees. Success means the bees are calm and will not attack. Failure means the bees will act normally. A fumble means the bees will attack the user as an Insect Swarm.

Command BeeSwarm (2 point, Reusable, Temporal, Non-Stackable)

This allows the user to command a swarm of bees as if it was a single creature. The swarm can be commanded as if under a normal command spell, so it can be commanded to attack others, to fly away or whatever. It cannot be split up but it can be commanded to fly into water or a fire to be destroyed. Normally a command spell only affects single creatures, so this is an unusual spell.

Balazar once performed a HeroQuest and befriended Brother Bee, unleashing swarms of bees against troll foes. Since then, Balazar cultists can perform the Quest and gain the Command BeeSwarm as can certain troll clans in the Troll Hills.


Brother Bee is an important spirit to the hunter gatherers of Balazar. They gather honey to eat and beeswax to make candles to scare away the darkness. Without his worship, they could be badly stung when gathering these commodities. With his gifts, a valuable resource can be used.