Dormal and the Albatross

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Created On 2 March 2000
Last Updated On 10 September 2000
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Dormal made many journeys to Open the Seas. On each journey he faced and defeated the Terrors of the Oceans. On one journey he was beset by the Wide Waters. This Terror was known by many names and had the effect that those who sailed within could never find land, no matter how long they sailed, and so were doomed to endlessly sail the Wide Waters. Dormal tried many tricks, including looking at the Star Map, trying to Read the Clouds and Smelling the Wind, but nothing worked. In desperation, he called out for help and was heard by the Albatross God. This son of Vrimak and Framanthe was the father of all Albatrosses and spent his life soaring high in the Sky, watching the Seas beneath him. He swooped down and circled Dormal's ship seven times and soared towards the Sky. As he rose, he saw Three Step Island in the far distance and headed towards them. Dormal followed and made landfall that evening, adding the Wide Waters to the Terrors he had overcome.

In gratitude for this help, Dormal promised that the Albatrosses would be protected by his followers - any sailor who kills an albatross would have the protection of the Open Seas withdrawn and would be subject to the Closing whenever they set sail. The Albatross god also gave Dormal the spell of Call Albatross that brings an albatross to assist them by guiding them to the nearest land. Some Dormal worshippers HeroQuest in order to gain albatrosses as familiars or allied spirits, but many sailors can awaken seabirds, so this is nothing special.