Map of Dorastor

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Created On 24 October 2000
Last Updated On 24 October 2000
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2000

This map is taken from my Map of Central Genertela and contains the land of Dorastor and surrounding areas.

As you can see, the map is quite detailed in the Dorastor area but is sadly lacking in any detail in the Ralios, Brolia, Talastar, Skanthi and Lunar areas. If anyone could enlighten me on what else is in those areas, I would be very grateful. I am particularly interested in fleshing out the northern wilds of Ralios and the borders of the Lunar Empire, south of the Palace of Flowers.

The map is also an image-map, which means that you can move your mouse over certain areas of the map and click on the area and a related web page will be opened up for you as if by magic. As long as this map is opened into a window that is not called "dormap", the related page should open up in a different window to the map, allowing you to read the description while having the map available.

I am told that most modern browsers support client-side image maps, so you should all be able to use this particular trick. If not, then get thee hence to Microsoft's site and download the Jewel that is Internet Explorer, then it'll all be OK.

If you can't get it to work, don't fret, everything is on the Home Page in standard format, just not as magical.

By the way, even though the map is displayed as 600 by 440, to fit nicely on a single screen width, it is actually A4 size when saved off, so should hopefully print properly and a little larger. Having said that, I've never tried this so I am only guessing.

The Hold Slimestone Thunder Mountain Neverdead Tower of Lead Arkat's Last Tower Castle Kartolin The Hold Fort Wrath Takel (?) Palace of Flowers Cannot read this Oxhead Cannot read this Dokat Hazard Fort Wolf Fort Bloodstone Fort Dorastor Inn Dorastor's Cleft Dorastor Shrine Kendhall Fort Seven Hills PLateau of Wrath Poisonthorn Woods Ralios Charg (Under the Ban) Brolia Tobros Mountains Ash Flat Rotground Hellwood Nangtali's Plateau The Rockwoods Copperbark Woods Copper Woods Strange Wood Mountains Woods Spider Woods Oilstream River Hellwood River Sweetwater River Sludgestream River Erinflarth River Muddy Creek Frog River

I hope you enjoyed the map. Coming soon will be similar maps of Prax, Balazar, the Elder Wilds and Sartar when I get around to making the image maps. They have already been scanned in but are quite large.