Dorastor's Spirit Plane

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Created On 7 February 2001
Last Updated On 7 February 2001
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I do not believe that the Spirit Plane is the same everywhere. In fact, I believe that the Spirit Plane has different denizens depending on where the Spirit Plane lies. Because of this, I have drawn up what I think the Spirit Plane is like in different areas of Dorastor. I have not yet included Encounter Tables as I do not think they are particularly useful, however if people want Encounter Tables then it will be a simple job for me to draw them up.

Each area will be given a short description of the Spirit Plane for that area together with any special denizens and properties the Spirit Plane may have there. This is not yet a full account of all the places in Dorastor but I will be adding areas as son as I have drawn up denizens etc. for them. Basically, this is what I had drawn up for the important areas of my Dorastor Campaign.

Ghost Dirt Plain

This is full of ghosts that rarely become visible but are always hostile. There is a considerably greater proportion of wraiths and ghosts than would normally be expected. Ghosts are primarily chaotic or are of troll/human/elf stock and it is rare that others are found here. There are many Shamans and Fetches here, some hunting for ghosts, others the ghosts of dead shamans trapped here. There is an unusual type of spirit here - the Ghost Dirt. This has the same properties of the Ghost Dirt but attacks discorporate spirits rather than those touching the dirt.


The Spirit Plane here is stagnant with very little movement. There are many ghosts bound to their rotting corpses; some wraiths stand wailing over their fallen bodies; many disease spirits can also be found here, some bound to certain shrines or holy spots, others free to roam; shamans and fetches can be found here but are normally searching for disease spirits to bind although some shamans died here and found their souls were bound to their corpses and this has not improved their temper.


This is a spiritual desert dominated by the Great Gorp that absorbs any spirit that it touches. Occasionally the spirits of deceased worshippers of the Great Gorp may be found here but this is rare.

Spider Woods

Many spider spirits can be found here, most are unintelligent and can be treated as POW spirits but there are a good number of intelligent spirits and ghosts. Shamans are common here, either hunters from outside or the spirits of the Great Mothers and other shamans among the spiders. There are some spirits present from the surrounding villages but these are relatively uncommon. The ghosts of those unfortunate enough to wander into Spider Woods may also be found here.

Poisonthorn Woods

These are mostly Aldryami Spirits and are usually not chaotic. The occasional chaotic Aldryami can be found but these are the souls of HellWood raiders. There are also unusual spirits such as Jack in the Greens, Pain Spirits, Dryads and Elven Shamans here. Most of the Aldryami Spirits here are hostile to non-Aldryami and hostile to chaos. There are also the spirits of those killed by the Aldryami here but they are quite rare as the Aldryami normally bind or destroy these spirits.


There are several types of spirit here. The descendants of the MoonBurn Aldryami who have remained true to their Aldryami ways have Elven, Dryad and similar spirits but these are hostile to anything that is not Aldryami. Their kinfolk who have taken the powers of Krjalk are also here and have Elven, Dryad and similar spirits that are hostile to anything that is not Aldryami and also have chaotic features and Krjalki powers. As in Poisonthorn Woods there are forest spirits such as Jack in the Greens, Pain Spirits, Dryads and Elven Shamans here. However, there are more of the Dark Forest Spirits here, for instance Wraiths, Disease Spirits, Fear Spirits and Madness Spirits. The spirits of HellWood are normally more insane than those elsewhere and are generally very hostile. There are also many Shamans here, some guarding the Forest others raiding the Forest for spirits or other rewards. Certain areas have their own unique spirit types such as Blood Grove, the Copse of Pain and the Impaling Place but those are too specialized to mention here.


This is full of ghosts, wraiths, ghouls and other undead spirits. Most are bound to certain areas but some can move around. Occasionally vampire spirits can also be found but they are very rare. Certain places in Neverdead have their own spirits such as the Necropolis or the Grain Temple but I will not describe those here. Unlike other places in Dorastor, there is no distinction between denizens and spirits of outsiders slain here - as far as NeverDead is concerned all the Slain are their Slain. There are occasionally shamans to be found here but this is a fairly rare occurrence as most shamans will not risk being attacked by hundreds of the hostile spirits that guard NeverDead.


This is dominated by the Cacodemon Cult and the Dokat Cult and its Spirit Plane is split accordingly. There are many ghosts of Ogres and spirit servants of the Cacodemon Cult including the occasional Fiend. There are also remnants of Dokat's greatness with the Dokat Spirit itself and some ghosts, magic spirits and servant spirits of the Dokat Cult. The ghosts and wraiths of the enemies of the cults are also to be found here wandering aimlessly but bound to the city of Dokat.

Nangtali's Plateau

This is a mixture of spirit types, but there are many Telmori spirits, many Bagogi spirits and also many disease spirits. There are higher proportions of ghosts and wraiths here but nobody knows why.

The Mad Sultan's Camp

Mad Sultan and his entourage carry their own Spirit Plane around with them. The hordes of Greyskins support a large number of ghosts and magic spirits, but the majority of spirits are the Eternal Spirits of the Mad Sultanate. These spirits were the original members of the Mad Sultanate and when they died they remained with the Mad Sultan and waited for new bodies to inhabit. When their new bodies die they return to the Spirit Plane and wait for more bodies. There are many other ghosts, wraiths. Madness Spirits and Lunes floating around here together with the Mad Sultan himself. Some shamans may be found here trying to raid the Mad Sultanate but they rare as the Mad Sultan has a habit of binding intruding Shamans into his Amber Necklace.

Dorastor's Cleft

This special place has a Spirit Plane that is heavily influenced by the Earth. It has Gnomes, Earth Nymphs, Meadow Nymphs, Plant Spirits, the ghosts of worshippers and a few Guardian Spirits. There are also raider spirits here from the chaos cults and also from the darkness and storm cults. This is a good place to pick up Fertility or Earth spell spirits or servant spirits and shamans often come here to bargain for spirits or to capture them.

Ash Flat

The Ghosts of those slain in Ash Flat swarm around the Flat. Many ancient ghosts may be found here from the City of Miracles and even some demigods awake for a short time. Shamans hunt these areas for exotic spirits. There are even Golden Age spirits that sit and answer questions. The Ash Man can also be contacted here and is the most dangerous spirit in this place.

Foul Vale

This is full of Disease Spirits, Ghosts, Wraiths, Ghouls and various Passion Spirits. The Passion Spirits of Foul Vale include some unique types such as Sleeping Spirits, Trance Spirits and Eternal Contemplation Spirits, all of which have the end result that the possessed person stays in the same place staring into space, sleeping or contemplating the universe but eventually dies in Foul Vale. The Ghosts are of those people who fell in Foul Vale and are generally hostile to anyone who passes by.

Miscellaneous Notes

Much of Dorastor has not been described here but as a general rule use the standard Spirit Plane but with a greater proportion of chaotic spirits and passion spirits.

Where two areas overlap there will be differences from that described above. For instance, the edges of Neverdead will be a combination of NeverDEad and HellWood spirits. Truly nasty GMs would have the players roll for both areas to give double trouble.