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Created On 22 January 2001
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Balazar/Elder Wilds Battalia

The Dragon Pass/Nomad Gods game is limited by the fact that only two areas have been covered for the game - Prax and Dragon Pass. However, it can fairly easily be extended into the lands of Balazar and the Elder Wilds.

The map that came with the Griffin Mountain supplement is the same scale as the map of the Dragon Pass game and also the new version of Nomad Gods. If these maps are copied and laid out side by side they actually interlink, which is very handy. In order to do this, try to get a early paper map from the Dragon Pass game rather than the later card map with does not copy easily. Then photocopy the Dragon Pass, Nomad Gods and Griffin Mountain maps onto plan A2/A1 paper. The Griffin Mountain maps each fit onto an A1 sheet and must be cut and pasted in order to join together. The southern portion of the map of Balazar fits neatly on the northern portion of the Dragon Pass map, use the numbered Dragonewt Cities to line the maps up. It may be worth recopying the maps together to get a new map of the whole region.

Now that we have a map of the Balazar area, we need to do some work in order to make the map properly workable. What I did was to fill in the areas of the Elf Sea so that we know the shoreline and can leave the Elf Sea itself blank water. The mountains between Balazar and Prax can be filled in using the maps from the Trollpak supplement, this allows the inclusion of Dagori Inkarth in the scheme, although there is nothing really useful in that area for the Dragon Pass game. Now that the map is ready, we need some rules for the Balazar game.

We can use some rules from the other two games fairly easily. First, the Balazar culture is shamanic in nature, much like the Praxian culture, they also have Citadels and Hunter Hearths which are the centres of their religious lives. I would make each citadel and hearth a sacred site, with similar rules to Praxian Oases, allowing people to summon the spirits of Balazar at these sites. Since the Balazar tribesmen do not have Great Shamans or Khans, the rules for summoning spirits are different. I would give each clan a Medicine Bundle which can be used to summon a spirit - each turn a medicine bundle is stacked with a Balazaring clan on a Sacred Site their is a 1 in 6 (1 on a D6) chance of summoning a Balazaring Spirit. Otherwise, the spirit summoning and controlling rules are the same as the Nomad Gods game.

Fire Point may only be used to summon Fire/Sky spirits, Festering Island and the Cacodemon Place may only be used to summon Chaotic spirits.

People of Balazar

Hunter Clans

Each Hunter Clan of Balazar and the Elder Wilds has a counter of its own, normally each counter starts on a clan hearth, with many hearths having more than one clan starting there. Some of the citadels will also have clan counters.

Citadel Clans are good fighters but have lost their skill in movement arround Balazar. Other Hunter Clans are poor fighters but do have missile capability.

Hunter Clans are famed for their hit and run style of combat and ease of movement through the lands they know. This is reflected in their special Movement ability - Hunter Clans gain +1 MF when in Balazar or the Elder Wilds and treat all Forest, Wood and Hills Hexes as Clear Hexes for Movement purposes only, when in Balazar or the Elder Wilds. [1]

Sun Domers

The Sun Domers of Balazar are the equivalent of the Sun Domers of Dragon Pass and Prax, so those counters may be used here without problems. Don Findlayson suggests that these are cavalry, but I disagree as Balazarings do not use horses. They may well use dogs, though. The Hawk Riders are also used at Dykene and are useful scouts.


The Lunars are in power in Elkoi, so that citadel has a garrison of Lunar soldiers. In the Balazar game, war is in the air, so there are more Lunars in the area than would otherwise be the case. The Lunars would be at Elkoi and along the Black Eel river. If each Town had a Lunar Garrison, this would not be unreasonable.


Balazar and the Elder Wilds are home for a number of Elven communities. I would put elves in each of the forests, normally 2 or 3 counters per forest, each counter either being excellent missile users (**) and poor in combat, or poor missile users (*) and reasonable in combat. This gives the elves a little more variety than would otherwise be expected. I would give the Elder Wilds a Great Tree and each Forest a Dryad counter which was useless in combat but strong magically.


The trolls from the Troll Hills and surrounding mountains are very strong. I have based the stats on these trolls from Stephen Martin's excellent Shadows Dance (SD) stats, but tailored for the description of the Elder Wilds trolls in the Book of Drastic Resolutions (Volume Darkness).

Each region of the trolls has its own units, although most of the forces are fairly standard trolls or trollkin. The Great Mothers follow the rules given in SD, so I won't detail the rules again here.


Trilius has a couple of Adventurer Counters, use the best of the Sartarite army for these. Adventurers have the special ability that they are disrupted for one round after taking a fortified settlement as they try to loot the settlement. They will also not give up any Treasures in their possession.


Festering Island can mount a couple of counters of Broos and maybe one or two other Chaotic counters, use the Nomad Gods Chaos counters, although there are no Bullsitch or Gas here. The Cacodemon Holy Ground has a single counter of Ogres.


There are many herds in the Elder Wilds, including Dinosaur Herds, Bison Herds, Sable Herds, Antelope Herds and Wild Cattle Herds. The Citadels each have a herd of pigs. These behave in the same way as herds in Nomad Gods or Dragon Pass.

Pentian Nations

Pentian tribes come from the North, use variants of the Grazelander or Barbarian Horde for these. Solar Pentians are like the Grazelanders, Storm Tribes are like the Barbarian Horde. Each Pentian Solar Tribe will have a Shaman counter the same as the Praxian Nations. The Storm Tribes also have Shamans but do not have the Magic Units of the Barbarian Horde.

Apparently, Pentian Nations have two shamans each, but I think this is too powerful and have given them a Shaman and a Magician, for Storm Nations, and a Shaman and Elemental Magician for Solar Nations.


The Mostali of Greatway have a few dwarven units which can be brought into play. They have the same stats as the Flintnail dwarves of Nomad Gods or the dwarves in Dragon Pass and there are 3 counters in Greatway. The Mostali begin with the Tin Cans as their Treasure. There are far more Mostali than these in Greatway, but the majority of their forces are not deployed in anything other than the defence of Greatway.


The Elder Wilds had its share of Dragonewts until Balzar came at the end of the Empire of the Wyrms' Friends and used his new Dragon-Slaying powers to drive them out. During these evil times, the Dragonewts are making a comeback to the Elder Wilds.

Each Dragonewt City has a number of Dragonewts allied to it that come from the City. Dragonewts are not reborn in this game as they can only be allied for one lifetime when the Inhuman King is not in play.

For a more interesting use of Dragonewts, use a number of Mobile Nests, on the backs of Dinosaurs, and allow rebirth to the appropriate Nest. In my opinion, this is what the Dragonewts are aiming for eventually - the recreation of their Mobile Nests.

Tusk Riders

These creatures of the Stinking Forest are based around the Ivory Plinth and can be allied as the Dragon Pass rules. However, they come with their ancient leader, Aram-Ya-Udram.

Spider Valley

Spider Valley has a number of spiders here - treat the area as having a number of webs scattered around.


Personally, I do not think that the lush plains of Balazar and the Elder Wilds need support rules. However, Don Finlayson, for one, thinks they do. With this in mind, here is a compromise.

Units native to Balazar and the Elder Wilds do not need support whilst in the lands that they know well. This means that the Hunter Clans do not need support. This also means that everything else does, including Lunars, Sun Domers, Pentians, Adventurers and Mostali. I would also suggest that Giants would not need support as they could live off the land fairly easily.

Troll Hunters do not need support as they can live off the land, however, other troll units require support. Many troll areas have herds of Beetles or trollkin, trolls can also steal herds from other players or can pick up non-aligned herds. Water trolls are supported by the Rivers up to their MF in hexes.

Pentians have their own support in their herds, Lunars may well be able to support themselves with Caravans, Sun Domers and Adventurers are supported by friendly Citadels, and so on.

Citadels can support an unlimited number of units, up to the units' MF in hexes.

Hunter Hearths can support up to three units, up to the units' MF in hexes.

Mostali are supported solely by their Tin Cans and lose support benefits if the Tin Cans are lost. Mostali cannot eat normal food as it makes them ill.

Aldryami Forests can support friendly units up to the units' MF in hexes.

Aldryami do not require support while in or near the forests, but once beyond their MF in hexes from the forest, they require support.

Heroes of Balazar

Blue Face

Blue Face is the only Great Shaman in Balazar. Treat him as a normal shaman, the equivalent of the Shamans of Prax.

Grey Runner Runefang

This is a Sabre-tooth Tiger which is an ally of Blue Face.


This Troll Hero is the same as in the Dragon Pass game and lives on the edge of Balazar.

Red Emperor

This Lunar Hero will come to Balazar in the case of major problems. Otherwise he is the same as in the Dragon Pass game.

Yara Aranis

This is the Horse Eater and is summoned from the Empire in the event of a Pentian Invasion. She has the ability of destroying a variable number of horse units each round depending on the phase of the moon. She has to be in contact with these units and they are removed before combat with her occurs. In the Dark/Dying Moon, she removes none, in the Half Moon she removes 1, in the Full Moon, she removes 2. She automatically disrupts any horse units in adjacent hexes, whether they are friendly or hostile to her. Horse units are those that Ironhoof can affect.

The Crimson bat

This Lunar Demon is the same as in the Dragon Pass game.

Gonn Orta

This Giant is the King of the Giants. He has the magical properties of a Dragon and can protect up to 3 units in the same way as a Dragon or Super Hero. Any Giant within Gonn Orta's ZOC comes under his control, even if originally allied to another player. Gonn Orta ignores terrain features and any defensive benefits, although when in defence, he gains defensive advantage within Citadels and Forts.

Kings of Balazar

There are three kings of Balazar, all of whom count as Heroes and, for the purposes of these games, have identical statistics. They are poor in combat and poor magically, but have leadership abilities. I would be tempted to say that giving them a CF of 1 is generous.


Balazar has access to many different spirits, some of which are worshipped elsewhere, some of which are unique to Balazar. These spirit are:

Fire/Sky Spirits:

Grandmother Sky

Ancestress of the Votanki, this spirit is a benevolent one but may be summoned to help the clans when they are in need.


Founder of the country of Balazar, this spirit may be summoned and incarnated in a warrior to lead the troops of Balazar in battle.

Golden Bow

This god of archers is known by the Pentians and the Balazaring natives. When Golden Bow is stacked with units, those units gain an extra Missile Factor each. This can take the Missile Factor to 3 in special cases. Disembodied Spirits, Herds and most treasures are not given this extra factor, but Heroes are.


The Balazar equivalent of Oakfed, Firshala has similar properties - use the Oakfed counter from Nomad Gods.


This Spirit is worshipped by the Hawk Riders of Dykene and can be summoned by them in times of crisis.

Morning Star

This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.

Evening Star

This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.

Pole Star

This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.

Horga the Hot

This Pentian Spirit/Demon is a deity of the hot, dry Steppe. He has the special ability of making river hexes within his ZOC into dry land while he is present. This allows others to cross the river at no penalty.

Water Spirits

Elf Sea

The Spirit of the Elf Sea, this spirit is a Great Spirit and can be summoned only by a Shaman. She has the same statistics as Zola Fel, but can only flood hexes adjacent to the Elf Sea.

Black Eel

The Spirit of the Black Eel River, this has the same statistics as Zola Fel.

Rainbow Girl

This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.

Grandfather Turtle

This spirit can carry units stacked with it across water. It can carry a number of units equal to its STR rating. This allows the crossing of the Elf Sea where that is normally impossible.

Earth Spirits

Rigitana (Hunting Nymph)

Mistress of the Animals of Balazar and the Elder Wilds, Rigitana can control the movement of any Beast Counter for one whole turn once in the game - this is a major ability and must be declared in the exotic magic phase. She can also automatically destroy any single beast unit she is attacking before combat, the unit is merely removed from play.

Brother Dog

This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.


This is the same as the Praxian Foundchild counter.

Brother Bear

This kindly spirit has the ability to bring one unit within its ZOC out of disruption.

The Sow Mother

This spirit allows the peasants of the Citadels to herd pigs. She was introduced by Balazar to replace the pigs lost to the region when the Trolls ate the Earth Mother's pigs during the Darkness. When aroused she can be a worthy foe.

Great Tree

This is the Great Tree of the Aldryami Forest. It can move through Forests normally, although it cannot leave the Forest Hexes. The Great Tree is able to prevent all movement by hostile troops in forests for three whole turns, this must be declared in the Exotic Magic phase.

River Weed

This spirit was a servant of the Aldryami of the Elf Sea and was used to fight the trolls of the Seronde river. She can be summoned by the elves and the hunters of Balazar. She can produce a number of Weed counters that add 1 to the Movement Cost of moving through the water hex that they are in. The Fisher Trolls and any units stacked with Kaakko the Swimmer ignore this weed, but all other units are affetced.

Water Snakes

These can be summoned by the elves and people of Balazar. When manifested, they cause a concentration of poisonous water snakes that are normally the enemies of the trolls. However, they can be used to attack any units. These water snakes can only travel through water hexes and if forced onto dry land they are disrupted and cannot move.


The Goddess of the Hungry Earth is typically summoned by the Pentians.She leads her Skeleton Horde and her army grows in strength. Every unit killed by Dagorma or the Skeleton Horde becomes a Skeleton which acts in the same way as Delecti's Zombies, although they are a little weaker.

Storm Spirits

Lightning Boy

This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.


This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game. It can be summoned by the Pentian Shamans.

Tornado Spirit

This is the Spirit of the Tornadoes of Balazar, it is a physical spirit which attacks in the same way as the Sylphs in the Dragon Pass game.

Darkness Spirits

Spider Mother

This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.

Troll Spirits

There are several spirits worshipped by the trolls of the Elder Wilds. Each troll group has its own patron spirit that can be incarnated by the Great Mother of the group and when incarnated, the spirit counter replaces that of the Great Mother on the board. This spirit can only be incarnated once per game and when eliminated, the Great Mother reappears on the board in the same hex as the spirit once was. Other spirits can be summoned by the Great Mother when on the board using the normalsummoning rules.

Haakko the Swimmer

This troll Hero is the patron of the Elf Sea Trolls and can be incarnated by their Great Mother. Any units stacked with him treat water hexes as normal and can move along and across rivers without penalty. Haakko can swim across the Elf Sea but units stacked with him cannot.

Jeset the Boatman

This troll hero can carry up to three units across water, even across the Elf Sea. If he is eliminated while on the Elf Sea, all units stacked with him are also eliminated. Any unit stacked with him, except Spirits, Heroes and Super Heroes only use half their Combat Factor when determining offensive capability, to relfect the difficulties in fighting onboard ship.


This troll invented the game of Trollball and can be summoned by the Mavern Hills trolls in particular. He cannot be attacked by Giants.


This troll hero is worshipped by the Cholherk and provides defence against Dinosaurs. Any dinosaur unit attacking him is immediately disrupted.


This hero is the patron spirit of the Troll Hills and can be incarnated by their Great Mother. She is a warrior deity and has her own war cult in the region. She is a stealthy deity and can enter a fortification without being seen and can also be automatically retreated without penalty.

Bina Bang

This Hero of the Blue Moon is worshipped amongst the Moon Lovers of the Troll Hills but can be summoned by any troll Great Mother.

Herka the Bonegnasher

This deity is the patron of the Greater Wilds and can be incarnated by their Great Mother. He is a warrior spirit and cannot be retreated in combat.


This troll hunter is the patron of the North Plain trolls and can be summoned by their Great Mother. He is a hunter deity and has the same properties as Foundchild or Votank.

Gorakiki Mantis

She can be summoned by any troll unit,but is normally favoured by the Mantis Clan of the North Plain.


The Worm Mother can be summoned by any clan but is the favoured of the Worm Eaters. She can travel through water as if normal land, even across the Elf Sea.

Chaos Spirits


This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.


This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.

Granny Keeneye

This is a chaotic spirit which is native to Balazar. It can be summoned at any Chaotic Holy Place and gives the summoning player Bad Luck, in the same way as Mallia or Thed.


This spirit is the same as in the Nomad Gods game.

The Vampire of Gork Hills

Even though he is supposed to be dead, this is too good a person to waste. He can be summoned in the Elder Wilds by any unit. He takes double damage from Fire Spirits (treat as half CF defensively) and cannot enter a fortification unless invited. He cannot travel across a river unless carried.

Super Heroes

There is no real place for Super Heroes in this game, although if the players wish to introduce them, Jar-Eel would be balanced by Sheng Seleris.

Sheng Seleris

This chief of Pentian Gods can be treated as a Super Hero for the purposes of this game.He would only be available for the Pentian Invasion and would be balanced by Jar-Eel. I cannot see how Sheng Seleris has a Best Friend, but if one is required, simply choose one of the Pentian Khans.


Don Finlayson and Stephen Martin have pointed out that if the trolls need a SuperHero, then Yurrg would be the one. This would change his stats to be identical to the rest of the Super Heroes and presumably would mean that he had one of the other troll Heroes as a Best Friend, probably Herka the Bonecrusher. However, I still think that the trolls do not really need a Super Hero, if only for game balance.


Ring of Elkoi This ring allows the bearer to control any giants within his ZOC. Control of the Giant passes to the player controlling the ring. This even affects Giants who would normally be in combat with the bearer. Giants within the ZOC of the Ring of Elkoi and Gonn Orta are controlled by Gonn Orta. If the Giant leaves the ZOC of the Ring of Elkoi, it reverts to the control of the player who originally allied the Giant.

Wind Sword This gives the bearer +1 CF or +2 CF when fighting a Chaos Foe.

Wind Berry Staff This allows one unit to fly with the Movement Factor of the Staff. This is instead of its normal movement.

Axis Mundi Each Pentian Nation has its own Axis Mundi that acts as a Sacred Site for the Pentians. The Pentians can summon their own spirits at an Axis Mundi, although it can not have moved in the turn that the Summoning takes place. An Axis Mundi works equally well for the other people of the area if captured.

Tin Cans

The Mostali rarely leave their Greatway stronghold, but when they do they like to be prepared. One of the gifts they carry is the Tin Cans that provide support for all Mostali units that travel with them. The Tin Cans can provide support for other units if captured, except Aldryami.

Special Locations

There are several places in Balazar and the Elder Wilds that are not on the map. These are the Secret or Hidden Places and, for the purposes of this game, are randomly placed during the course of the game. Each place may be rolled as a Special Event or may be pulled from the Spirit Pool. Depending on what has been agreed at the start of the game, Special Locations may be placed either at random by closing the eyes and tossing the piece into the air, leaving it in the hex where it falls, or by another player placing the counter on the map. The first method is more random, but the second has more chance for mischief.

When placed, Special Locations rolled as Random Events are placed alternatively by the players. Those pulled from the Spirit Pool are placed by the previous player. All the Special Locations must be placed within the Elder Wilds and, once placed, cannot be moved. Some of the Special Locations have further rules where they can be placed.

Festering Island

This must be placed on the River of the Damned, in the North of the Elder Wilds. If Stone Crab Island or Web Spire Island have already been placed on the River, Festering Island must be placed upstream of them. Once on the board, there is a 1 in 6 chance each turn of a Chaos manifestation coming from the Island.

Stone Crab Island

This must be placed on the River of the Damned, downstream from Festering Island if that has been placed on the River. This contains the Stone Crabs that will join the first force that defeats them in combat.

Web Spire Island

This must be placed on the River of the Damned, downstream from Festering Island if that has been placed on the River. This contains a Web that can be picked up and used by the first unit that comes to the Island.

Lost Hearth

This can be placed anywhere in the Elder Wilds. It contains the Lost Tribe that can be allied using the Diplomacy Point system.

Cacodemon Holy Place

This can be placed anywhere in the Elder Wilds. It contains a unit of Ogres and Cacodemon. Cacodemon and the Ogres are allied by sending a unit to be sacrificed. Use the Emissary rules to decide whether Cacodemon accepts the sacrifice. The unit dies in any case.

Elsewhere Hex

This can be placed anywhere in the Elder Wilds. Any unit pasing through the Hex is transported 2D6 hexes in a random direction. Units that are moved off the board are eliminated. Units in a stack can be moved to different hexes. SuperHeroes are immune, if they wish to be, and can protect units as normal.

Dead Ship

This can be placed anywhere within the Elder Wilds. Any unit entering the Hex cannot leave. Super Heroes can ignore this and can protect 3 units from this effect. Heroes can attempt a Heroic Escape each turn in order to escape from the Hex.

Firshala's Prison

This can be placed anywhere in the Elder Wilds and contains Firshala if she has not been summoned previously. Firshala will join the first unit that stops in the Hex and will be allied to the player controlling the unit.

Spirit Summoning

Unlike the people of Prax, the people involved in this game do not share a common heritage. This means that they each have their own Spirits and Demons. This makes for complex rules for Spirit Summoning.

The simplest solution is to have all Spirits in a single Pool that can be summoned by everyone. This has the advantage of simplicity but the disadvantage of allowing Balazring Citadel Dwellers summon Pentian Demons.

A more complex solution is to split the spirits into groups, of which each group can only be summoned by certain people. Thus, Pentians may only summon Pentian Spirits, Hunters may only summon Hunter Spirits and so on. This is also fairly simple and realistic. It does have problems when two similar people try to summon spirits, so can Elves summon Dagorma, for instance?

Votanki Spirits

Holy Places: Any Hunter Hearth

Spirits: Votank, Grandmother Sky, Rigitania, Firshala, Brother Dog, Brother Bear, Tornado Spirit.

Balazaring Spirits

Holy Places: Balazar Citadels.

Spirits: Balazar, Sow Mother, Vrimak.

Pentian Spirits

Holy Places: Pentian Axis Mundi, Firepoint (not Dagorma,Gagarth, Lightning Boy)

Spirits: Morning Star, Evening Star, Golden Bow, Pole Star, Horga the Hot, Gagarth, Lightning Boy, Dagorma.

Elven Spirits

The Elves either start with their spirits on the board or cannot summon their spirits.

Troll Spirits

Holy Places: Location of Great Mother.

Spirits: Whichever spirits from Shadows Dance are thought appropriate.

Chaos Spirits

Holy Places: Festering Island, Cacodemon Holy Place.

Spirits: Thed, Mallia, Granny Keeneye, Cacodemon.

Other Spirits

Blue Face and GreyRunner RuneFang are always together and are allied with the Hunters.

Grandfather Turtle is allied at Turtle Landing and is always the first spirit summoned there.

Elf Sea is allied by sending a unit into the Elf Sea as an Emissary. Standard Emissary rules apply. If the Emissary is not slain it is placed on the last hex of its move before the Elf Sea.

Black Eel is summoned by an Emissary entering the Black Eel. Otherwise as the Elf Sea.


Use the standard Dragon Pass diplomacy rules to ally NPC types in Balazar.

Shamans can ally with the Greater Gods as in Nomad Gods.

Chaos may be allied at Festering Island or the Cacodemon Holy Place by using an Emissary as the normal rules.

The costs for each force is given below. All costs are in Diplomacy Points (DP) and repesent the margin of victory needed to ally a force.

Unit DP Cost
Dragonewts 10
Trolls 60
Elves 65
Dykene 10
Trilius 10
Elkoi 10
Greatway 10
Giantland 30
Hunters 25

Special Rules for Diplomacy


Each Giant counter may be bought for 5DP independantly. However, if Gonn Orta is allied then any giants within his ZOC become allied permanently with him.

If using emissaries, roll as normal. If the emissary is succesful then Gonn Orta and his forces join the player's side. If unsuccesful, they join the opposing side. Emissaries are only used with two player games in this context.

The Scenarios

There are several scenarios that can be used with the Balazar setting.

Two Player Games

Pentian Invasion

Here, a number of Pentian clans come down from the north and attack the Lunar Empire.

The Pentian Player starts with 2 Pentian Nations and can set up anywhere in the northernmost two hexes of the Elder Wilds.

The Lunars begin with the Red Emperor, Yara Aranis, the Citadel of Elkoi and the garrisons of the other fortifications. They set up within their controlled towns.

Turns: This scenario lasts for 15 turns.

Victory Conditions: Ownership of the most Sacred Sites.


Each player gains 50DP the first turn and 40DP each subsequent turn.

The trolls and elves are not allied en masse but must be allied by tribe or by forest.

The Hunters are allied as single clans and must start on their own Clan Hearth. Blue Face is available as part of the Spirit Pool and can be summoned as a Votanki Spirit.

If the Lunars try to ally the Moon Lovers then any Diplomacy Points assigned to them by the Pentian player are ignored. However, if the Pentians ally the Moon Lovers first and succeed the Moon Lovers will join them.


Pentians can summon their spirits at their Axis Mundi.

Balzarings can summon their spirits at the Citadels.

Votanki Spirits can be summoned from any Hearth by any Hero, Super Hero, Shaman, Great Mother or Votanki Clan.

Fire Spirits can be summoned at FirePoint or at Pentian Axis Mundi.

Troll Spirits can be summoned by the Great Mothers.

Elven Spirits can be summoned by Heroes while in the Forests.

Elven Uprising

The Elves decide that they do not want humans in Balazar and rise up against them.

The Elven player starts off with all the Elven forces and can set the forces up within their particular forests.

The human player starts off with the Lunars, Citadel Dwellers, Yelmalians, Hunters and Orlanthi and can set up in the Citadels, Hearths and Towns.

Victory conditions are defeat of the other side.

Turns: This game lasts for 15 turns.


Each side receives 30 DP per turn.

Troll tribes are allied independently.

All others can be allied as normal, except that the Pentians take no part in this game.

Three Player Games

All Out War

Pentian Player -As Pentian Invasion

Lunar Player - As Pentian Invasion

Inhuman Player - Elves, Trolls

Turns: This game lasts 20 turns.

Victory is the side that holds the mot sacred sites.


Each side gains 40 DP per turn.

If the Lunars try to ally the Moon Lovers then any Diplomacy Points assigned to them by the Pentian player are ignored. However, if the Pentians ally the Moon Lovers first and succeed the Moon Lovers will join them.

The Hunters are allied as single clans and msu start on their own Clan Hearth. Blue Face is available as part of the Spirit Pool and can be summoned as a Votanki Spirit.

The Man Who Would be King

The Kings of Balazar attempt to gain control of the whole kingdom at the expense of their fellows.

Each player begins with his own Citadel and all forces are within the Citadel.

Victory Conditions: Control all the Citadels at the end of the game, if not then the player controlling the most Sacred Sites wins the game.

Turns: This game lasts 20 turns.


Each player gains 20 DP per turn.

Each troll tribe, Elven forest and Lunar City can be allied independantly.

All other forces are available except the Pentians.


Pentian Spirits can be summoned at Fire Point.

Balzarings can summon their spirits at the Citadels.

Votanki Spirits can be summoned from any Hearth by any Hero, Super Hero, Shaman, Great Mother or Votanki Clan.

Troll Spirits can be summoned by the Great Mothers.

Elven Spirits can be summoned by Heroes while in the Forests.

Other Scenarios

Balazar may be used in conjunction with the other games. The Pentians may try to raid into the Empire itself, with the goal of taking Glamour. This would act as an extra player in the Full Game of the Dragon Pass game.

A Pentian Nation may be used in the Nomad Gods game as another Great Tribe, but able to summon their own deities.

Balazaring counters may be used to move into the Dragon Pass or Praxian games as extra counters to spice things up a bit.


[1] Thanks to Don Finlayson for the Movement Ability of the Hunter Clans.