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    This was originally included in the article on Dragonewts, but I have moved it to a separate web page so that it can be referenced from the Kralorelan Magic article.
    Beaked Dragonewt Effects
    Brave (Lose Limb) Cowardly (Dragon Armour)
    Energetic (Forced March) Lazy (Growth)
    Loyal Independent (Sprout Wings)
    Merciful (Shed Skin) Cruel (Spit Venom)
    Temperate (Great Swallow) Indulgent (Tattoo Matrix)
    Nervous (Soul Blast) Calm (Utuma)
    Active (Quick Draw) Passive (Scorn Wound)
    Impulsive (First Strike) Cautious (Don Armour)
    Patient (Regrow Limb) Impatient (Heroic Leap)
    Aggressive (Dragon Claw)
    Noble Dragonewt Effects
    Chaste Lustful (Mesmerize)
    Forgiving Vengeful
    Just Partial
    Trusting Suspicious (Swallow Without Harm)
    Stubborn (Dragon Strength)
    Dependant (Sustain Life) Unreliable (Firebreath)
    Optimist (Energy Deflection) Pessimist (Suspend Life)
    Ruler Dragonewt Effects
    Generous Selfish
    Honest Deceitful
    Honourable Dishonourable
    Modest Proud (Dragon Thought)
    Introvert (Attune Landscape) Extrovert (Summon Dream Dragon)

    Dragon Armour (Cowardly)

    Increases Cowardly by 1D6 per use, lasts for one combat. This absorbs damage taken at a rate of 1 MP per point of damage. All damage done (after parrying weapons, armour etc. is taken off) is absorbed, using any MPs needed. MPs can be taken from bound spirits, enchantments, the Dragonewt's Demi Bird and the Dragonewt itself. Once all MPs are used up, the Dragonewt passes out and the spell ends. The Dragonewt cannot stop the spell until the combat ends or until all MPs are used up. This even affects critical hits.

    Dragon Claw (Aggressive)

    This increases Aggressive by 1D6 per use and lasts for one combat. One limb is transformed into a claw doing 2D6 base damage, blocking 12 points when parrying. The attack chance begins at the Manipulation bonus, the parry chance at the Agility bonus, with the skills being improved by experience.

    Dragon Strength (Stubborn)

    Increases Stubborn by 1D6, lasts for one day and increases STR by 50%, dropping fractions. This is often used with Growth.

    Firebreath (Unreliable)

    Increases Unreliable by 1D3 per 1D10 damage done. A cone of fire of length equal to the Dragonewt's POW in metres doing 1D10 general hit point damage per 1D3 Cruel increased is done to all within the cone's are of effect. Armour protects normally but takes 1 point of damage if engulfed.

    Forced March (Energetic)

    This increases Energetic by 1D3 per day travelled. It allows the Dragonewt to continue marching beyond normal limits and increases the distance travelled by 50%.

    Growth (Lazy)

    Increases Lazy by 1D4 per use. This effect lasts for one day and increases SIZ by 6 per use. It may be used over more than one round to further increase SIZ. If SIZ exceeds STRx3 the Dragonewt becomes unable to move by itself

    Scorn Wound (Passive)

    Increases Passive by 1D6 per use. May be used at any time. When used, it creates the potential to cure all damage done by a single wound one round after the damage was done. This may be used to bring the Dragonewt back from the dead, but this increases Passive by a further 1D6, this can even increase a conquered Passive trait. The effect can be saved up over the years and be called on when needed.

    Sprout Wings (Independent)

    This increases Independent by 1D6 per use and lasts for one day. It makes the user sprout wings and allows it to fly at three times normal speed (6 for Warriors, 9 for Nobles and 36 for Rulers). Winged Dragonewts use the same hit locations as Ruler Dragonewts.

     Ruler Dragonewts may use this to allow them to fly on the Spirit Plane or to the Hero Plane if certain other conditions are met.

    Lose Limb (Brave)

    This allows the user to lose part or all of a limb without losing the hit points associated with such a loss. This is often used to escape from restraints or to recover from shock in combat. The limb cannot be re-attached after this spell is used and must be regrown to be used again. Dragonewts who use this spell and do not use the Regrow Limb spell regain the limb when next reborn. This can also be used to remove appendages such as fingers, eyes, ears, testicles etc. Each use increases Brave by 1D3.

    Regrow Limb (Patient)

    This Effect has the same effect as the Divine Spell Regrow Limb. Each use increases Patient by 1D3 It can be used to regrow limbs lost in combat, through disease or from the Lose Limb Dragon Effect. If used within 10 minutes of the loss of the limb, the spell regrows the limb at 10% per week, otherwise at 10% per month. The GM should roll 1d100 to decide how much of the limb has been lost. (Personally, I use the following guidelines - hand 20%, elbow 60%, whole arm 100%, foot 20%, lower leg 40%, knee 50%, whole leg 100%).

    Spit Venom (Cruel)

    This allows the user to spit venom at an opponent. This venom has a potency of the user's CON and acts as systemic poison. Each use of the spell increases Cruel by 1D3 and gives the user 1 shot of venom with a POWx5% chance to hit. This venom acts on contact with flesh and takes effect within 3 rounds.

    Shed Skin (Merciful)

    This Effect increases Merciful by 1D3 and allows the user to shed all his skin. It normally takes 1D10 rounds to remove the skin cleanly and a DEXx5% roll to remove the skin in one piece. When the skin is removed, all scars, tattoos (except the Tattoo Matrix) and non-birth blemishes are removed with the skin, leaving the new skin fresh and clean. This can be used to change appearance, to remove the effects of skin diseases and to remove the effects of branding or ageing.

    Sustain Life (Dependable)

    This increases the Dependable trait by 1D6 per use and lasts a number of days equal to the caster's CON. The Dragonewt needs no food, drink or rest and negates any fatigue loss for the duration of the spell.

    Tattoo Matrix (Indulgent)

    This increases Indulgent by 1 per point of POW expended. By spending a point of POW, the Dragonewt creates a tattoo on its skin. This may be a spell matrix, a MP store, armouring enchantment or whatever. POW spent is normal for the enchantment but the enchantment is always successful. This enables the Dragonewt to gain the use of other spells than Dragon Magic. It need not know or have access to the enchantment itself in order to create the tattoo. When it is next reborn, it loses all the tattoos on its skin.

    Utuma Skill (Calm)

    This increases Calm by 1D6 per attempt. It has a base chance equal to the Dragonewt's magic Bonus but can be increased by experience. It can only be used if the Dragonewt has an Utuma available. A successful roll means that the Dragonewt kills itself but will not regress to an earlier stage of development, despite being impure. A failed roll kills the user but it may be reborn at an earlier stage. A fumbled roll means that the Dragonewt fails to kill itself and is further dishonoured.

    Attune landscape (Introvert)

    Also called Chameleon, this increases Introvert by 1D6 per use. This allows the Dragonewts achieve oneness with its surroundings. It becomes nearly impossible to see as long as it does not move. Unless a viewer succeeds in a special observation roll he does not see the Dragonewt. If the Dragonewt uses its Hide skill then the viewer must actually know it is there before attempting the roll, otherwise he does not have the chance. This even affects spells such as Find Enemy.

    Don Armour (Cautious)

    This skill is gained through HeroQuest and has a base chance equal to the Dragonewt's Knowledge Bonus. It increases Cautious by 1D4 trait each time it is used. To use the skill, the Dragonewt must don a special set of Dragonbone Armour. The armour is donned in 1D10 + 10 rounds. For each 5% skill rolled, the armour is given 1 point of Armour. So, a Dragonewt with 54% Don Armour would gain 4 points of protection from the armour if it rolled 23 on percentile dice. This is normally used before important journeys and rituals and the effect lasts until the armour is removed. The skill is increasible through experience only. If the roll is failed, the Dragonewt may have the option of removing it and starting again, increasing its Cautious trait even further. If fumbled, the Dragonewt thinks it has succeeded and cannot try again.

    First Strike Skill (Impulsive)

    This increases Impulsive by 1D4 and the effects last for one combat. It has a base chance equal to the manipulation bonus and is increased by experience alone. It is the skill of Quickdraw, allowing the Dragonewt to pull a weapon from a scabbard and strike with one fluid movement. On a critical success the attack occurs on the DEX SR, cannot be parried or dodged and automatically hits even if the attack roll is failed or fumbled. On a special success, the attack occurs on the DEX SR and cannot be parried or dodged. A success means that the attack occurs on DEX SR. A failure means that the attack occurs normally. A fumble means that the weapon is thrown away 1D6 meters in a random direction.

    Heroic Leap (Impatient)

    This costs 1D3 Impatience per use. It allows a Dragonewt to leap up to half its STR in metres. If the Dragonewt fails a Jump roll it lands badly and must make a DEXx5 roll or take 1D6 falling damage. This is used to scale walls, cross obstacles or to surprise a foe in combat.

    Mesmerize (Lustful)

    This allows the user to mesmerize or hypnotize another. Each use increases Lustful by 1D3 and allows the user to conquer the will of another. The user must be able to see the victim's eyes and vice versa. The user must roll POW vs POW and the victim may save on a roll of INTx1%. If the rolls succeeds and the victim does not save then the victim is mesmerized and cannot act. This is similar to the vampire mesmerize ability.

    Soul Blast (Nervous)

    This increases Nervous by 1D4 per use. If the Dragonewt overcomes the target in a MP vs MP roll, the target loses 2D6 Magic Points per use. This may be stacked for greater effect.

    Energy Deflection (Optimist)

    This increases Optimist by 1D6 per use and lasts for 1 day. The skill allows the Dragonewt to parry incoming missiles and spells with a successful Parry with a Dragonbone weapon. On a successful parry the weapon's armour points will block damage before getting through to the Dragonewt. Any spell parried will affect the weapon rather than the Dragonewt, often this results in no effect from spells such as Sever Spirit or Mindblast.

    Summon Dream Dragon (Extrovert)

    This increases Extrovert by 2D6 per use. The Dragonewt must meditate for 6 hours first, then roll under its POW to succeed. It causes a dream dragon to be summoned within 60m of the Dragonewt. This dragon must be rolled randomly each time used and comes from the Dragonewt's personality. Once summoned, the Dragon will stay for an hour and be subject to the Dragonewt's commands. Since it is a product of the Dragonewt's imagination, any commands given take no time to be transferred and can be as complex as required.

    Dragon Thought (Proud)

    This allows the user to shape reality with a single thought. It is effectively one point of Godunya's Divine Magic and acts as 20 points of Free INT's worth of sorcery as the user requires. Each use increases Proud by 1D3 and more than one use may be stacked together for greater effect, so an effect matching 60 points of Free INT costs 3D3 Proud.

    Great Swallow (Temperate)

    This allows the Dragonewt to swallow things far larger than normally possible. The jaws open as a snake's would. Attempting to swallow an object increases Temperate by 1D3 for each SIZ/2 of the Dragonewt and sleeps for the swallowed object's SIZ in hours. For instance, Eyes of Jade is SIZ 22 and tries to swallow a slain foe, SIZ 10, in order to hide the evidence, so it gains 1D3 Temperate and sleeps for 10 hours. If the foe had been SIZ 12 it would have increased Temperate by 2D3 and would sleep for 12 hours.

    Suspend Life (Pessimist)

    This allows the Dragonewt to enter a meditative state and suspends all bodily functions as if dead. This increases Pessimist by 1 per day spent in this state. While in this state the Dragonewt will not be affected by hunger, thirst, poison or disease, it is as if time had stopped for the Dragonewt. The Dragonewt may leave this state and reawaken at any time and is fully aware of his surroundings.

    Swallow Without Harm (Suspicious)

    This allows the Dragonewt to swallow things without doing harm to it. Each attempt causes an increase of 1D3 Suspicious. This enables the Dragonewt to ingest things such as acid, poison, disease without being affected. Of course, it has to consciously do this in order to gain the benefits.