Duck Masks

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Created On 20 May 1998
Last Updated On 20 May 1998
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Full-sized masks in the form of Duck faces, made of various materials and of various degrees of realism.


Delecti's Horde


Common amongst ducks and Delecti's forces, uncommon elsewhere.


When Delecti created the Upland Marsh he extended his protection to all the inhabitants of the area. These included Ducks who lived in harmony and safety within Delecti's Realm. All of Delecti's army were programmed not to attack Ducks unless they were specifically ordered to. This meant that the Ducks were safe from all the mindless zombies and skeletons of the army. When the Lismelder tribe became duck friends some tried to live in the Upland Marsh but were attacked by Delecti's patrols. A wise duck craftsman found the solution when he created the first Duck Masks. The secret has been handed down amongst the Ducks and those Lismelder tribes people living in the Upland Marsh.


Make a mask out of wood, metal, cloth or any other available material. Paint it to look like a Duck and put it on.


A Duck Mask allows the wearer to pretend to be a Duck, allowing them free passage through the Upland Marsh. This works because zombies, skeletons and other undead do not recognise the difference between real ducks and people wearing Duck Masks. It is known that Vampires and Mummies do not attack people wearing Duck Masks, but nobody knows whether the masks work against them or whether they are just humouring the silly mortals. What is known is that people wearing Duck Masks who ambush Delecti's patrols often disappear.

People wearing Duck Masks can pass the Humakti defences of any Duck Tower without a problem, unless they are Undead. Delecti uses this property to explore Duck Towers with hired flunkies.

Although there exist elaborate masks which are very lifelike, the Ducks know that extremely primitive masks still work. Therefore, even simply carved wooden masks painted in a Duck face will protect the wearer from Delecti's Hordes.


A Duck Mask is typically worth 200L to travellers within the Upland Marsh. However, enterprising Ducks may be able to charge a lot more for a more realistic Mask .

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