Elven Culture

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Created On 6 June 1999
Last Updated On 6 June 1999
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These are notes on Elven Culture. They have not been arranged into a full article as yet and are really only bullet-points at the moment. These notes are not all-inclusive and are only sketches of certain parts of Elven Culture, but I hope they are interesting and can spark ideas off in your campaigns.

I will address the following areas:

Cultivators of the Forests

Genetic Engineers


Yellow Elves should be disadvantaged in cold or dry climates - look at the effect on Agimori for example. Other elves would be affected depending on their type - Green Elves from Pine Forests would be quite happy in cold climates - Fronela has skiing elves, for example; Eucalyptus Elves would prefer a warmer climate; Brown Elves sleep through the winter and would be sluggish in a clod climate. It all depends on the type of forest.

Murder Forests

Elven Wars

All within a forest compete for dominance. This results in Elf Wars, often quite nasty. Occasionally this involves combat but often growing competitions suffice. The idea that elves live in some incredibly nice forest where everything thinks the same way and is in harmony is a foolish one. Elves are as aggressive as any other race descended from Grandfather Mortal and Dryads, Runners and other Aldryami have their own agendas.

Elven Culture