Enough of Dorastor

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Created On 22 October 1997
Last Updated On 22 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

Well, I have written around thirty snippets on Dorastor detailing parts of the Campaign. Although there is probably more that could be done, I canít think of them at the moment. Maybe Iíll email Stuart and Andrew and ask them what they think I should include.

I havenít included a Timeline or series of events as I canít honestly remember the order that things happened or even what happened. We played a long time ago, you see, and my mind is Swiss Cheese at the best of times. Maybe Iíll put together a rough Campaign Log, but maybe not.

I havenít detailed how they killed Ralzakark or how they attacked Fort Wrath and took it over, or how they killed Harrek and Argrath as those stories should appear in the Holy Country Campaign.

I shall always fondly remember the Dorastor Campaign for several reasons:

It was the first Campaign that I had sole control of from start to finish.
It was the first Campaign that I had run creatively.
The Characters progressed from Super Rune Lords to would-be Heroes.
The Campaign was Fun.
HeroQuesting played a big part in the Campaign, for all the right reasons.
I could mould the Characters into acting how I thought they should act.
It set the basis for the Holy Country Campaign which would have seen in the Hero Wars.
It had Super NPCs who could be as over the top as I liked as it was Dorastor where anything goes.

Thatís all I am planning to write on the Dorastor Campaign for the moment, but I may well add a few extra things if they spring to mind. I suppose I should detail the Holy Country Campaign. But I need to think about that a fair bit. I will be detailing the land of Balazar and how it progressed in the Holy Country Campaign, as I was impressed with how Solarus ran and developed the country. I will also be detailing how Brankist helped the Lunars by killing Harrek, Argrath and King Brian - after all, they were rivals to him becoming King of Sartar and had to be killed. Brankist saw no allies, only rivals, something which I could use to my advantage all the time.

Let me know what you think of my Dorastor as I am always willing to hear other peopleís ideas. If you have anything you would like to know about Dorastor as I see it, ask me and I will email a reply ASAP. Normally, these emails prompt me to write an article or two and post it on the Web Site, so you would be driving the creative process (or allowing me to purge the crap from my head, one of the two).