Entekos - The Upper Air

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Created On 1 May 2000
Last Updated On 1 May 2000
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When Umath was born, he demanded his rightful place in the world. Aether, his father, refused and, enraged, Umath placed his feet upon his mother and lifted his father away from her. Shargash came to Aether's defence and forced Umath away from the centre and fought with him to the edge of the world. The path that Umath was forced to make was a spiral, the first time the Storm Rune had been seen. Afterwards, Shargash was known as the Thunderer and knew some of Umath's secrets. As Umath lifted Aether and moved beneath him, he rubbed the Sky Dome and where the two deities touched was formed a new deity, a goddess named Entekos.

High and aloof, Entekos was not like the other Storm Deities, nor was she like the Sky Deities. She was more remote than the Storm gods and more approachable than the Sky Gods. When Yelm became so bright that he started to hurt the plants, the people cried out to the Gods but the Storm Gods did not care and the Sky Gods did not listen, but Entekos listened and cared and moved her wispy clouds to shield the plants from Yelm's glare. Her clouds were high and bright, not the low, dark clouds of her kin, and they did not block Yelm's brightness but simply reduced the glare. The people never forgot this and began to worship Entekos.

When the Darkness came and the Sky Deities were defeated, Entekos followed Yelm to the Underworld, where she spoke to her kin, both of Sky and Storm, and helped persuade them to help each other. When she reappeared, Storm became Air and the Bad Times were over. She rose with her children Lokarnos and Vendara, one of the moons. Another son was called Jenarong and was one of the Horse People and became Emperor of the Lands of the Sun.

Entekos is the Upper Air, the High Air, Right Air, Calm Air, Summer Air, Queen of the Air and Mother of Moons. She is the one who sits between Air and Sky, keeping the Sky from being polluted by the Air and keeping the Air from being burned by the Sky. She is clothed with winds and clouds and is a lover of Heler who came to the Sky and is a friend of the Air, in fact his rain falls first through her clouds and is the purest at that time.

The Solar People think of Entekos as a child of the Sky and as the last part of the Sky, nearest the Air but not part of it. They know that Aether is her father.

The Storm People think of Entekos as the Highest Air, closest to the Sky but not part of it. They know that Umath is her father.

Entekos cultists know that she is the Last Sky and the Highest Air and has two fathers and no mother. She is the daughter of both Aether and Umath and has inherited the best of both deities.

She is an intermediary between the aloof Sky Gods and the people. She is also the Peaceful Storm or Right Air, not like her unruly Kin and a servant, and perhaps concubine, of Yelm.

The Storm Peoples say that Entekos is Umath's Mind. They say that when Umath was formed, each part of him became a deity in their own right.