Best Chaotic Features

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

As a GM for many years, I have had to generate an awful lot of Chaos Features. After a while, this gets tedious and you start to use veriations on standard Chaos Features or even start inventing your own.

Here are some I have had fun with over the years.

Hit Me

This Chaot has a tendency to run into combat wearing no armour and begin fighting the toughest character there - the one who does most damage. His Chaos Feature is "Reflect all physical damage done to the causer." This means that any damage which gets through armour is done direct (ignoring armour/spells) to the inflicter. This chaot may only be killed by missile or spells so is quite safe in normal combat. Put him against a berserk troll and see what happens - the Berserker cannot stop hitting him!

Bowel Scream

This is a POW 40 Scream/Howl which causes all those within 40m to lose control of their bowels, incapacitating them for 1 round. I have used this twice - once against a high level party which only overcame Solarus' POW and caused him to charge after the Howler, ignoring everything else, until he had killed it. The other time was against a party with a couple of Rune Lords which were all affected and which roleplayed to a tee the effects, including having a silly look on the face and walking in a squelchy manner. Both times were incredibly effective. Try it sometime.

Is Extremely Dangerous

Forget about "Appears", this "Is". This gives the GM a licence to include anything he wants in a Chaot. Great fun it is too.

Blowing things Up

I had a group of broos with 2 "Explodes on Death" and one "Highly Inflammable". I put them together and attacked the party with them. The party killed one, it exploded, set of the inflammable broo which blew up and killed the third broo which exploded. This did 3x3D6 General HP damage to the nearby party members and killed one of them. Three broos for one PC - I can live with those odds. A devastating tactic when it works.

Unrinates Wine

This Chaos Feature is highly sought after in Dorastor. Ralzakark has a number of broos who can do this and are kept within Fort Wrath to produce supplies which he gives to guests or sells to parties passing through. An inexhaustible commodity.


This looks like one of the PCs in the party. Actually, it takes the form of something it fights. It has all the AP, HP, skills and damage of the thing affected but not the spells. As such, it should lose, but only just. It also really annoys the PC affected.

My Favourite "Sound Extremely Dangerous"

This Broo walked up to the party in Dorastor and said "Hiya Derak, how's things? It;s a good job the Lord General of Death made you his Inquisitor as you killed all your political rivals. Brankist, what's it like being a Hero of Thanatar? made any more Krarsht HeroQuests recently? Solarus - uuggh!" The party realised what was happening and put an end to its ramblings as each one knew that there was far more information it could reveal. by the way, it could only speak Chaos Speech and hadn't a clue what it was saying.

Urinates Acid

Need I say more? Good for hosing down party members from the back. Unpleasant and dangerous.

Damaged By.....

This Chaot can only be damaged by certain weapons or metals. Normally, damaged by spears or swords, or rune metals. Sometimes more exotic - adamant, feathers, urine. Good for Demons, although try to be reasonable - having a demon only damaged by feathers is a bit harsh when it is creaming the party.

Vunerable Location

This feature is sometimes difficult to keep track of, but it is worth it. Each round, the GM rolls for a location - that is the only location which can be damaged. All other damaged locations are healed (as they can't be damaged). Any hits to other locations are ignored (with a loud "PING" for dramatic and annoying effect). If the Chaot is killed by taking damage to a vital and vunerable location then fair enough, otherwise it will cary on attacking the party. Another good one for demons.
I hope you enjoyed them, I certainly did when I ran the games which include them.