The Fog Bank

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

After the Barrier exploded in a Sea of Fish, Brankist looked to other ways of policing the border at no cost. Every way had huge logical flaws and could not be implemented. Then came a surprise - he managed to open the way to Brithos and steered a Dragonship to the Hidden Isle.

This act enamoured him to the Brithini and Zzabur himself offered boons to those involved. Derak asked for his standard "Friendship" Boon (that meant that he could call Zzabur a personal friend and thus improve his standing). Brankist thought long and hard and asked about the Barrier of Fog which surrounded Brithos. He managed to persuade Zzabur to create one around Bilini. That would keep the Chaos out.

Unfortunately, Zzabur will twist things to harm you if he can, like all Immortal Sorcerer, and he put a little twist into the Barrier.

True enough, during Sacred Time a Wall of Fog surrounded Bilini (I didnít show Zzabur chanting the Charm of Making with smoke coming from his mouth, but I thought about it at the time). This meant that only certain people could enter and leave Bilini. Unfortunately, Zzabur neglected to tell Brankist how to cross the Barrier himself. This meant that Brankistís Ring of Heroes had to find a way through the Mist. This they did using the Scarf of Mist and several HeroQuests. The Lunars, under the leadership of Jar-An who had done some preliminary work in Fronela, managed to Quest through the other side and open up a limited trade route for powerful HeroQuestors. Those with access to Guided Teleport could cross the Barrier to their Mastakos Temples, although Divine Intervention did not work to cross the Barrier.

Then the Wall of Fog became a Dome of Fog and cut off the Sun. This stopped people flying in. It also stopped people tunnelling under as the Dome spread underground to be a sphere. Bilini acted as a cloudy day forever. This played havoc with the crop yields, as Brankist found out in Earth Season as Biliniís harvest failed. It also played havoc with trade as only HeroQuestors could make their way through in caravans.

Brankist was still trying to figure a way out of the situation when the Campaign stopped. Possible solutions were - a Huge Cloud Call; a HeroQuest to oppose Storm and bring through the Sun; HeroQuests to Orlanth to move the Clouds; HeroQuests against Zzabur for tricking Brankist; sailing a Dragonship into Bilini and so on. Itís funny watching players squirm.

So much for the Fog Bank, not as annoying or as eventful as the Barrier, but has the potential to cripple Bilini like Chaos never could. Tee Hee!