Uses of Trickster spells

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Created On 17 September 1997
Last Updated On 17 September 1997
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Some Trickster spells can be used in interesting ways, producing unexpected effects. Here are some thoughts I have had in the past.


This can be used in clever ways. For instance, if you are telling the truth but are not believed, this spell is a godsend. Debaters can use this spell to help sway the argument. Telling half-truths with this spell helps them to be believed. Missionaries can use the spell to persuade others to be more responsive to their arguments.


This can be used by assassins in several ways. Firstly, the Kissing Assassin who gives a kiss and swallows the target - usually a beautiful, innocent-looking girl or a handsome man. Secondly, the Gorgorma Assassin - not always in Gorgorma, but normally in an associate cult, this woman uses a combination of Second Mouth and Swallow to surprise their victim at an inconvenient time.

Group Laughter

Useful in defusing dangerous situations. The group of Storm Bulls may not kill you if you tell a load of Yelmalian jokes.

Hide Fire

When cast on a burning house, this will stop the house from burning down for the duration of the spell. I will not, however, prevent the fire from destroying the contents of the house, but can gain some time.


Useful for leaders making rallying speeches - it increases all Communication skills.

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