The Golden Egg

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Created On 09 October 1999
Last Updated On 09 October 1999
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1999

This is a tale told by the Ostrich People of Prax when asked "Where did you come from?".

Once, a long time ago when the world was different, the Sun rolled across the sky wherever it wished. Many thought the Sun was a ball or a body, but we know that it was a great Golden Egg covered in Fire. A Great and cruel God named Orlanth came and knocked the Egg from the Sky, splitting it open as you or I would split an egg with a knife. The Golden Egg fell to the ground and cracked open. Vrimak burst from the Egg and flew to the Skies for the first time. The Golden Yolk soared and became Antirius who the Sun Worshippers count as a great god, but we only know of through this story. The Egg White ran through cracks in the ground and flowed to the Underworld where its White light defeated the trolls and it was known as Bijiif. The Red Blood was the source of Life and became BernEel Arashagern who is only known to the People of Gold from the West. The Shell burst into flames as it had always been surrounded by Fire and was collected by a forgotten Fire God. What was left behind was nothing, a Shadow, a black Fire that was wanted by nobody.

Vrimak went his own way and knew many Gods and Goddesses. With Sky Gods he made the Hawks and Eagles, with Water Gods he made Gulls and the birds of the Sea, with Dark Gods he made Owls, Ravens and other birds of the night. He nested in the dry soil of Genert's Garden and rolled in the dirt to clean his feathers. When he left there was a huge egg which hatched and Mother Ostrich stepped forth. She was beautiful, her wings were broad and strong, her legs were long and deadly, her beak was large and sharp and her heart was of fire and earth. She flew high into the Sky with her bothers and sisters, but always came back to the Earth that was her home. During the Gods' War she fought bravely until an Air God broke her wings and forced her back to the Earth. The Air God came to kill her but had not counted on her strong legs and mighty beak and she was victorious. That is why we can throw the boomerang which was taken from the body of this Air god.

Mother Ostrich laid many eggs and they were good and fertile and gave her many Ostriches as children, but when the Earth was crying out in pain her eggs became different and hatched into people who were also her children. Thos people were the Ostrich People, our Tribe. We were born because of the Earth's Pain and must always strive to lessen the pain. We helped Waha when he was born by hiding him in a Shell so that the Bad Gods would not see him. We helped guard the Paps when none were left to stand. We even showed others how to escape the Fury of the Dreadful Sight by hiding our heads beneath the ground. We lived with honour and never forgot our heritage as Sky People.

When the world was put to rights and the Sun returned to the Sky, we knew that it was only the Yolk and the White, not the whole Egg but we still rejoiced. Then we heard of a new Egg that was to be put into the Sky and we gave some of our secrets to those from far away in the West, but that Egg was a Bad Egg for it had lain forgotten for too long and nothing good came of it. We heard that it started a war many days from here and many were killed fighting, but we did not join in the battles.

When the Dragon People came they befriended us with their False Words and said that their Egg would bring about a new World. We believed them and helped them, once again telling them our secrets, but then we found that their Egg was not like our Egg and was a trick, so our Braves went to the West to wipe the Dragons from the face of the Earth. But the Dragons had one final trick to play and not one of our Braves returned from that day. Since then, we have kept out of other people's wars and problems, even when the Lunars came to Prax. Now we wait for a sign that we should act and once again take up arms in defence of the Earth.