But You Donít Have Chaos Features

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Created On 3 November 1997
Last Updated On 3 November 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

The following was taken from a series of conversations between two Ogres in the land of Sartar.

Ogre 1: "Every time I go near the Storm Bull Temple I get chased and have things thrown at me. If only I didnít have Chaos Features."

Ogre 2: "Why not use Illumination like I do? I go past the Storm Bull Temple every day and nobody ever bothers me."

Ogre 1: "But you donít have Chaos Features!"

Ogre 2, with a shake of his perfect hair, "Exactly!"

Two Weeks Later

Ogre 1: "I tried Illumination like you said and now the Storm Bulls donít bother me!"