Sample HeroQuests

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Created On 17 September 1997
Last Updated On 17 September 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

I am in the process of moving my Quests onto the main page for more visibility.

I will retain the links page for other Quests and will try to update this page as often as I can.

My Quests

Orlanth and The Blue Dragon
Fire Maul Quest (Zorak Zoran Hill of Gold Variant)
The Slaying of Ernalda
Flintnail Quest

Quests by David Dunham

These Quests are off-site on David Dunham's Site.

Belovaking Quest
Blue Boar Quest

Quests by Martin Crim

These Quests are off-site on David Dunham's Site.

Starting From Swenstown
Hooves of Fury, or Dances With Bulls
Ducks Are People, Too
Swords In Service of Death

Quests By Nikk Effingham

These Quests are on Nikk's WebSite

Black Fang Quest
Quest for Vaaitharg
Terminus Quest
Healing of Mastakos
Path of Thed

These two are not by Nikk but are hosted on his site

Racoon Quest
Alebard's Quest

Other HeroQuest Rules

Steve maurer's HQ Rules
Nils Weinander's YAHQS
Steve Marsh's HQ Rules

Stephen Martin's Quests

There are a number of Quests here worth looking at

Other Quests

The Thumb Quest (For Morokanth)

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I will be adding more HeroQuests here when I get the chance. If you have seen HeroQuests on the Web that I could link to, please send me an email and I will add the link. Also, if you have a HeroQuest but no Website to put it on, send it to me and I'll post it here with full acknowledgement.