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Created On 17 September 1997
Last Updated On 17 September 1997
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The characters in this campaign started in 1983 as part of a loose, multi-GM campaign which began by covering the RQ supplements of Borderlands, Griffin Mountain, Trollpack, Pavis and the Big Rubble. I joined the campaign in 1985 when the campaign had become high-level, playing several characters until the campaign broke up when most of the players left the area.

In 1990, I restarted the campaign, using the main characters of the few players left. As I had developed many ideas in Dorastor and had run a few Dorastoran scenarios in the old campaign, we agreed that Dorastor would be a good setting for the new campaign.

So, the characters, all Rune Lords and Rune Priests of considerable power, travelled to Dorastor to recover several artefacts that their deities had told them were held by creatures of Chaos and began to systematically take Dorastor apart.

As I like to run a high-level campaign where the players can take control of their destiny, it soon became apparent that the PCs could actually change things - they killed Bolthor Brighteyes and made another Orlanthi King of Bilini, for instance. This was a new experience for them, as the previous GMs had stuck to the timeline and would not allow major changes. Emboldened by this, the players tried their hands at changing small things at first, then moving on to larger and larger things, until they devised a plan for slaying Ralzakark.

This they did. This worried them, as it made them look dangerous and caused people to look very carefully at them.

The campaign then moved, in theory, to the Holy Country or, rather, to Dragon Pass in general. The PCs played a part in creating the new Pharaoh, ensuring that Lunar plans to disrupt the Tournament of Luck and Death failed. Balazar was reunited under a PC king, a Temple of the Reaching Moon was built in Balazar, Bilini was shrouded in a protective mist and the PCs decided that the Hero Wars had to be stopped, or at least delayed until they were ready to participate fully. Having identified several people as key components in the Hero Wars, the PCs started to "take them out". So, Harrek was bound in a Lunar Hell by an Orlanthi PC, Argrath was slain and sacrificed to the Black Eater by the same PC, the Bronze Sworded Prophet was befriended by the PCs, alliances were made with Pent and the Empire, and everyone seems happy - for the moment, anyway.

At the moment, the PCs are preparing to kill King Bryan of Whitewall - one PC because he is an enemy of the Lunars, another because he may be a rival as King of Sartar and another because he can.

The Hero Wars are about to begin - Pent is going to fight the Temple of the Reaching Moon in Balazar, Aggar will rise up against the Lunars, with Bilini and Talastar following, Sartar will rebel, yet again, and the PCs will be sucked in on both sides of the conflict.