Derak's Darkness HeroQuest

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Created On 31 January 2001
Last Updated On 31 January 2001
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 2001

This was a HeroQuest for Derak the Dark Troll when he wanted to tie himself closer to Darkness. I wrote the HeroQuest early on before I had completely formulated my ideas on HeroQuesting, so it does not conform to the standard HeroQuest format. It is more of a personal Quest in order to gain certain powers. It can still be used as a normal HeroQuest, treat it as though a Hero had performed the Quest before or even that the Questor is building the Quest from fragments.


  1. To tie himself to the Darkness
  2. To mate with Subere
  3. To bind Darkness to him


Enter GodTime

Entry to Hell

Confront the Guardians

Seeking the Goddess

Prove Your Worth to the Goddess

If Fire or Light Powers are used, the Goddess will not be convinced and the Quest has failed

The Questors must demonstrate:

(a) Powers of Darkness

(b) Power over Fire

(c) Willingness to Serve the Darkness

  1. Fumbled - No Boon
  2. Failure - One Boon
  3. Normal Success - Two Boons
  4. Special Success - Three Boons
  5. Critical Success - Four Boons
  6. Special Critical - Five Boons

Asking for Boons [2]

Ascent to the Castle of Lead

Return to Time


Statistics [3]

Dehori Guardian of the Way

This Dehori Spirit is exactly that - a Spirit. It should be of immense POW, maybe 200 or 300 and also have the Fearshock powers of a Shade. If provoked to attack it will attack in Spirit Combat. Using my rules for Spirit Combat and Fearshock this becomes far more dangerous than the normal rules. Giving this a spiritual form prevents the HeroQuestors from attacking it physically.


The Three Guardians


Vast humanoid figure of pure Darkness

Move 200 Fatigue N/A DEX SR 1 Magic Points 200 Hit Points = MP (200)
Hit Points = MP
Fatigue N/A
Weapon SR Attack % Damage Parry % AP
Claw 1 MPx5% MP MPx5% MP
Breath 1 MPx5% MPs expended from General Hits    
The Breath attack does damage to General Hits equal to the MPs expended by the Dehori, this is not stopped by Armour or Magic
Location Melee Missile AP/HP
Body 1-20 1-20 MP/MP

Special Powers

  1. Opponents lose the Dehori's POW in Fatigue Points each round because of the intense cold.
  2. The Dehori has an automatic Fearshock effect on all who are in hand-to-hand combat with it each round.
  3. It is not a shade, is not demoralised by Sunbright or Sunlight, does not take double damage from Fire or any such nonsense.
  4. Fights as a Spirit Warrior, so Armour = HP = MPs



Huge humanoid ice-man carrying a 2 Handed Icicle

STR 100 CON N/A SIZ 100 INT 20 POW 30 DEX 20
Move 200 Fatigue N/A DEX SR 1 Magic Points 200 Hit Points = MP (200)
Ice Points = 200

Fatigue N/A

Weapon SR Attack % Damage Parry % IP
2H Icicle 1 100% 2D10 + 1 + 11 D6 100% 100
Thrown Icicle 1 100% 2D8 + 11D3    
Location Melee Missile IP
Head 19-20 20 67
Left Arm 16-18 18-19 50
Right Arm 13-15 16-17 50
Chest 12 11-15 80
Abdomen 09-11 07-10 67
Left Leg 05-08 04-06 67
Right Leg 01-04 01-03 67

Special Powers

  1. Weapons do damage both to Hit Points and Fatigue Points due to their intense cold
  2. Opponents lose the Hollri's POW in Fatigue Points each round because of the intense cold.
  3. Has a Breath of Cold - match POW vs CON for all within the breath, if succeeds take POW in General Hits damage, otherwise take POW / 2 General Hits damage
  4. Ice Points (IP) work as follows: match damage done to location/weapon Ice Points, a success means the location or weapon shatters, if the damage done is 10 or more below the Ice Points, no damage may be caused.
  5. Fire does double damage (double damage before rolling against Ice Points)



Huge wolf or dog with a mouth dripping saliva

STR 100 CON 100 SIZ 100 INT 10 POW 50 DEX 100
Move 200 Fatigue N/A DEX SR 1 Magic Points 200 Hit Points = MP (200)
Hit Points = 100
Fatigue 200
Weapon SR Attack % Damage Parry % AP
Bite 3 500% 2D10 + 11D6    
  1. Bite has poison POT = damage done by bite, acts instantly against General Hits
  2. Match MP vs MP on Bite: success = Victim loses 1D3 MPs; Special = Victim loses 3 MP; Critical = Victim loses 1D3 POW; Special Critical = Victim loses 3 POW; failure = Hellhound loses 1D3 MP; Fumble = Hellhound loses 1D3 POW
Location Melee Missile AP/HP
Head 17-20 19-20 20/67
LF Leg 14-16 17-18 20/50
RF Leg 11-13 15-16 20/50
FQ 08-10 10-14 20/80
HQ 05-07 05-09 20/80
LH Leg 03-04 03-04 20/50
RH Leg 01-02 01-02 20/50

Special Powers

  1. If a HellHound physically kills an opponent it will continue to attack the spirit, doing damage as if the Spirit was a Spirit Warrior. If the Spirit is reduced to 0 MPs the HellHound has torn it apart and devours the soul. Such devoured souls are permanently and irrecovably lost.


Minor Opponents

I have not given stats for these minor opponents as I dislike pages and pages of meaningless stats. However, I have given guidelines as to what the stats should be based on. It should only take 5 minutes or so to knock up stats for each encounter here, especially if the same stats are resused for diferent types of Demon. The important things to remeber is that if this is a Solo HeroQuest the HeroQuestor should stand a chance in combat, make these almost as powerful as he is; if, on the other hand, this is a group HeroQuest, make these more powerful than individuals as this forces the group to act together and to co-operate.


This Chaos is normally Darkness based. It can include Vivamorti (rarely Vampires unless before the Styx), Scorpion Men, Thanatari and Demons. These are normally Rune Level parties either on HeroQuest or passing through. Sometimes the Chaos will be denizens of this realm and will be naturally powerful.

The Dead

These take the form of Undead or Spirits. Undead will grab the HeroQuestors and try to drag them down with them. They should not be a threat. Spirits may be more of a threat as they can attack in Spirit Combat and wear down the HeroQuestors.


These hate everything and are part of the Underworld or Hell. Use the stats of Sembraki if you have them or maybe use Fiend statistics with a few modifications.

Hell Hounds

These are basically copies of the Guardian but with lesser characteristics. Normally a SIZ, CON and STR of 40 or 50 suffices, especially when they attack in packs. If you want to be really mean, give them the Howl of a Barguest to demoralise the HeroQuestors as they attack, especially when in packs.

Demons of Darkness

For these, use the stats of Spirit Warriors, but make sure their POW is high enough that a single blow will penertrate a parrying weapon, armour and take a limb negative. This means that they will be very dangerous in combat. It also means that the HeroQuestor will have to change his combat techniques to fight it and will have to rely on a good dodge and scoring critical hits or attacking it in Spirit Combat.

Demons of Fire

Use the statistics of Angels for these. Angels may be Spirit Warriors, the equivalent of Sembraki or use Agimori with Heatshock and long, pointy spears. There are statistics for an Angelic Lord from White Dwarf that are quite good, he uses Heroic Casting of spells and has a permanent Damage Resistance and Spell Resistsance effect = POW.

Enemy Trolls

These will be of cults opposed to the HeroQuestor's cult. Quite often they will be trolls known to the HeroQuestor and the GM will already have stats for them. If not, use the troll Rune Levels from the Sazdorf Clan or even the trolls from the Lord of Terror or Dorastor Packs as they are quite high level.

Enemy HeroQuestors

Once again, these will be known to the HeroQuestors and the GM will have stats for them. These will be the HeroQuestors that the PCs have faced before but have not completely defeated. It may even include those HeroQuestors that the PCs have defeated but have come back in Death to attack them.

Darkness Minions

These include Hags, Hellions, Ghouls, Zombies, Mummies, Shades, Wraiths and Dehori.

All spirit based foes should be of sufficient POW or MPs to absolutely terrify the HeroQuestors. Wraiths in particular should be powerful enough that the PCs must pepper them with magic and missiles to avoid being toasted. Use Giant Mummies or Great Troll Mummies, especially reanimated Death Lords. Zombies should be really strong and mean. Dehori should be similar to the two examples. Hags should have Divine Magic to liberally cast at the HeroQuestors and the POW to easily overcome the HeroQuestors. Make these as tough as you can. After all, this is a dangerous HeroQuest.


1. Since I set this in GodTime, all skills were divided by 5. This meant that the more powerful HeroQuestors and foes are numbed slightly in combat. It also meant that any skills ticked gained 5D6% not 1D6%. If you don't want to set this in GodTime then feel free to use the full statistics. I would actually prefer to have this an Other Place not an Other Side Quest as in my new rules an Other Side Quest actually sets up a new Myth or HeroPath which is not what I originally intended.

2. These Boons can be pretty anything the Questor wants, within reason. I think that Derak had two bons and asked to increase his Darkness Ties (we were using the Runic Ties at the time) and to mate with Subere (he had a belief that the more goddesses he mated with the more powerful he would become). Basically, this can give the ability to sacrifice for extra Divine Magic, Heroic Casting of certain spells, the gaining of Darkness Powers (Animate Shadow, Hide in Darkness, Fear Shock, Command Shade, Resistance to Cold and so on).

3. Statistics? Yes, for this HeroQuest I have included the statistics I used when I ran the HeroQuest. This breaks my normal rules on statless HeroQuests so the HeroQuest may be used at all levels. However, this HeroQuest was a one-off intended to be run at a certain level. The stats are for a High Level HeroQuest where the HeroQuestor is at what some might call Super Rune Level, i.e. very high percentages and a good deal of magic, armour points and hit points.