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Created On 22 February 2001
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Eurmal and the Story of Death This HeroQuest is Eurmal's version of the Story of Death that is told elsewhere from the viewpoints of Orlanth and Humakt. It consists of a series of Stations telling the Story. There is no reward at the end for Eurmal did not do things for reward. There is no moral in this for Eurmal did not do things for morals. There is only action for Eurmal was the Master of Action and did things because he could or because he wanted to see what would happen or simply because he did things.

This version of the Story of Death should tie in with other versions, but is told from the viewpoint of Eurmal. [1]

The Myth [2]

Eurmal was bored. He had seen everything and done most things. Nothing interested him anymore for everything was peaceful and boring. So, Eurmal decided to find out everyone's secrets so that he would have something new to play with. He decided to travel through the Underworld to Hell and start with the Dark Ones for he had been to their realm many times before. On the way he met Grandfather who had been made by the Gods and had many children. Eurmal teased Grandfather because he knew that Grandfather had no special abilities or powers save being Father of Many. He asked Grandfather if he had any new powers and if he wanted Eurmal could find him a new power. To his surprise, Grandfather agreed for he was desperate for a Power that he could call his own. Eurmal continued to Hell and met Subere, the Dark Mother, whom he had met before. "Mother Hag, what secrets do you possess?" he asked. "None to concern you, Little One." she said. Eurmal tried flattery, "Someone as powerful as you must have Secrets" but this did not work. "Well, I have asked Yelm the Emperor and he says that his Light shines throughout the World and will illuminate even your Dark Corners soon, so any Secrets you have will soon be his anyway." Angered, Subere replied "Pah, I have a Secret that is such that it would even lay down mighty Yelm himself if I were to release it to the World." Then she caught herself and left Eurmal. Intrigued, Eurmal followed her and saw that she spoke to a Darkness Deity and sent him away.

Eurmal followed the Deity and saw that he guarded a crevice that was shrouded with curtains of Darkness and difficult to see. "I am on an important mission but I can only tell people who are doing something important" said Eurmal. "I'm doing something important, I am guarding a very important secret of Subere" said Vivamort, for it was he. Then Eurmal used his Trick, "I don't think so, I think you are making it up" he said. "Not at all," said Vivamort, "and I can prove it". He led Eurmal into the Crevice and showed him a place where lay a Secret that only Subere and Vivamort knew of. Eurmal was pleased for he knew that with this new power he could make life interesting and exciting again and was already planning the tricks he could play with it.

Eurmal left Hell and returned to the Surface where he met Humakt. He danced up and down in excitement "I have a Secret, I have a Secret and You don't know it" he crowed. Humakt looked up from sharpening his swords and ignored him. Three times Eurmal made his claim and the last time Humakt grabbed him and hung him upside down as he ran his dagger along the soles of Eurmal's feet. Terrified, Eurmal told Humakt that he knew of a secret, a shiny new sword that nobody possessed. Humakt let him go and forced Eurmal to show him where the secret was.

They entered Hell and travelled to where Vivamort guarded Death and Eurmal told him that Humakt was another important person and needed to see the Secret. Vivamort was not sure and refused, but Eurmal played his tricks and sneaked behind Vivamort while he spoke to Humakt. Eurmal took Death and handed it to Humakt without Vivamort seeing. As they left, Vivamort looked into the Crevice and saw that Death had gone, so he followed the two thieves, being more afraid of Subere than he was of them.

On the Surface the two deities met Grandfather. "Hey there," said Grandfather, "have you found me a power yet?" With a roguish grin, Eurmal asked Humakt if he would like to show Grandfather his new power and maybe give another power to Grandfather, so Humakt swung Death and Grandfather became Grandfather Mortal and began his journey to Hell. Humakt was well pleased with this power and knew that he could become King of the Gods with it.

Back at the Storm Tribe's camp, Eurmal came to Orlanth and told him that he knew a secret. He told Orlanth about Humakt's new power and said that it could help Orlanth in his upcoming Contest of Weapons. Orlanth went to Humakt and asked him for the loan of his new power as Humakt's Friend, but Humakt refused. Orlanth returned and asked Humakt for the new power as Humakt's Brother but again Humakt refused. Finally, Orlanth demanded the power as Humakt's Chief and again he was refused because Humakt was selfish and wanted the power for himself. Eurmal offered to help Orlanth steal the new power and Orlanth agreed, so Eurmal crept up to Humakt while he slept and removed Death, replacing it with an identical sword, even though Humakt had his hand on Death the whole time. Eurmal ran of and gave the sword to Orlanth.

Orlanth went to Yelm's Court and began the Contest of Weapons. Yelm stood there in his golden armour with his Invisible Arrow, surrounded by his courtiers. As they prepared for the Contest, Eurmal raised a murmuring among the onlookers that Yelm was frightened and would take the First Blow. As the murmuring grew louder, Yelm said that he had no fear and that the Challenger could take the First Blow and Eurmal smiled. Orlanth swung his new sword and Yelm fell to the ground, his soul bleeding into the earth and leaving for the Underworld. As the Sun went out a great chill crossed the field and everyone shuddered save Eurmal who was well pleased with what had occurred.

Eurmal ran from Yelm's Court and found Humakt. Breathless, he told Humakt what Orlanth had done and Humakt found Orlanth and demanded the return of Death. Orlanth refused and said that Humakt should have given it to Orlanth as he was Humakt's Chief. Enraged, Humakt took his sword and swung it, severing his ties with the Storm Tribe as he did not want to be bound to deceivers and thieves. With this, the Air left his body and he walked away an empty shell with eyes devoid of life and even Eurmal was afraid for he had not expected this, but he soon recovered.

Ironman, who was Mostal's son, saw what had happened and wanted the new power to help him in his fight against Aldrya. He found Eurmal and asked him for his help, reminding Eurmal that he had promised his aid in the past. Eurmal agreed but had a problem for both Orlanth and Humakt had sworn that they would use Death on him if he gave the Sword to anyone else. He thought about this and came up with a plan. When Orlanth was dallying with his concubines Eurmal sneaked into his hut and crept beneath the creaking bed. He reached into Orlanth's scabbard and removed Death, replacing it with another that did the same thing. Remembering Orlanth's words, Eurmal bent the blade and turned the sword into an axe. As Orlanth thundered overhead, Eurmal crept out and returned to Ironman who grabbed the axe and used it against the Aldryami. Eurmal asked Ironman to give him the Axe but Ironman refused and made Eurmal make copies of Death for his followers. Eurmal did so but hid Death down his trousers and fled outside. Because Ironman had annoyed him, Eurmal gave the Axe to High King Elf who was Ironman's enemy and had complained to Eurmal that it was not fair that Ironman had Death but High King Elf did not.

High King Elf used Death to defend the forests against Ironman's Mostali. When he tired, Yelorna offered to help him hold Death and High King Elf handed it to her. As she staggered beneath its weight she was surprised by a sudden attack and swung Death herself, slaying her foes. Yelorna saw what Death had done and was terrified, dropping the Axe onto the earth.

Zorak Zoran was a Darkness Deity and uncle of Subere. He had followed Humakt and Eurmal from Hell as he knew they had stolen a secret from Subere. He had wanted to return Death to Subere, but when he saw its power he wanted the power for himself. He had followed Eurmal as he handed Death to various deities and now saw his chance as Yelorna dropped the axe. He leapt and grabbed the axe, using it to slay Flamal and creating the Great Hunger. High King Elf and Yelorna chased him away and Eurmal made new axes for them to replace the one that Zorak Zoran had stolen, but Yelorna hung hers on a chain and never used it again.

Zorak Zoran left a swathe of blood behind him, using Death against any who opposed him. Eventually he tried to find Ernalda and kill the Mother Earth. He found her and swung the axe against her, but Eurmal had followed close behind and had entered Ernalda's womb. He found Babeester Gor who was hiding there, sheltered from the War that held sway above. Eurmal tickled her awake and warned her that someone was about to hurt her, but said that the weapon he was using had a flaw and had a loose head. When the axe entered Ernalda's womb, Eurmal took of the head and gave it to Babeester Gor. Enraged, she leapt through the wound and chased Zorak Zoran from the field. Since she had known nothing but Death, Babeester Gor used it with impunity against all who offended her or her kind. She killed more people than Zorak Zoran had and filled Healer Valley with blood. Eurmal took pity on her and turned the blood to beer and bade her drink. This she did and fell into a slumber for the first time, finding that peace that had eluded her while Eurmal held her close and stroked her hair with her head resting on his lap.

Orlanth had seen what had happened to the world and knew he had to act to save it. He blamed Eurmal for the state of the world and searched the world for that troublesome imp. When he found Eurmal, Orlanth put a ring through his nose and led him on a string. He threatened to kill Eurmal if he did not help him and together with five friends they travelled to Hell to make amends. After many adventures they reached Hell, bound the Devil and met Humakt. Orlanth made Eurmal make a grovelling apology to Humakt and Orlanth returned Death to Humakt saying that he had had enough of Death and Humakt should own it. Eurmal said that Humakt now owned more Death than anyone else and that he should try it out one last time. He pointed to the Well of Death and taunted him that he could not cut it. Humakt swung Death and broke it in two, allowing the Dead to leave Hell and return to the surface. Yelm and his retinue left, followed by Eurmal and his friends and that ends the Story of Death.

The HeroQuest

There are several stations on this HeroQuest. Most of the stations deal with how Eurmal gave Death to another deity. These stations are normally part of other Quests and are shared. In fact, some people say that the Story of Death is a compound Quest, made up from stations of other Quests. Whatever the case, the Story of Death can be used by Eurmali to gain special powers or just to cause problems in the world.


The Story of Death Quest consists of the following stations:
  There may well be more stations as Eurmal was involved with giving Death to other deities. In fact there are several Eurmali who claim to know of other secret Stations. In Ralios it is said that Eurmal showed Arkat where to find the Unbreakable Sword and that is one of the Stations on the Quest.

The Search Below

Eurmal is bored and decides to find secrets. He begins his journey and travels to the Underworld.

He meets Grandfather [3] and taunts him that he has no powers of his own. The Questor needs to make a Taunt roll and needs to persuade Grandfather that he will accept a new power from Eurmal.

He then travels to Hell and meets Subere. He must trick her into revealing the secret of Death. Normally he uses Fast Talk or some similar skill or spell in order to trick her. He follows Subere and finds out where Vivamort guards Death.

The HeroQuestor may sacrifice 1 POW to gain an increase of 1D4x5% Fast Talk if he succeeds in this Station. Powerful Questors may gain a Fast Talk ability here.

This Station can be Invoked to persuade others to reveal a secret. The Invoker must use Fast Talk or some similar skill and if successful will wheedle the secret out.


Eurmal must persuade Vivamort to admit he is guarding a secret and to reveal the secret to Eurmal. This takes a Fast Talk, Orate or similar roll.

Vivamort then opens the curtains surrounding Death and Eurmal must make a Brave roll in order to enter the Crevice. If this fails then he must make a Curious roll in order to peek in. If both fail then the Quest has failed and he cannot continue and must return to the surface.

The HeroQuestor may sacrifice 1 POW to gain an increase of 1D4x5% Fast Talk if he succeeds in this Station. Powerful Questors may gain a Fast Talk ability here.

This Station can be Invoked to persuade a guard to reveal that which he is guarding. This requires a Fast Talk or similar roll.


Eurmal must persuade Humakt to force the secret out of him. This may require an Act roll and a Fast Talk roll. In any case, Humakt must think that he has forced Eurmal to tell him of Death, otherwise he will not believe the Trickster.

Eurmal must allow himself to be bullied into showing Humakt where Death lies. This also requires a Fast Talk or similar roll.

This Station can be Invoked to give information to another in such a way that the other person believes they have forced the information to be told. It requires an appropriate roll to succeed. This is often used to promote misinformation, to lead people into traps or to make people believe things that they would not otherwise believe.

The Theft of Death

Eurmal must persuade Vivamort to show Humakt the secret. This takes a Fast Talk but if Vivamort rolls beneath his Loyal or Steadfast trait then he will not be convinced.

If Humakt is allowed to see Death then he may take Death himself, although he must make a Brave roll to do so.

If Humakt is not allowed to see Death or fails his Brave roll then Eurmal must sneak past Vivamort, using a Sneak roll, in order to steal Death. He must take Death and return to Vivamort. If he has succeeded in entering the crevice previously, then Eurmal need not make a Brave roll to enter the crevice.

If he takes Death then he may sacrifice for the Strike spell even if that spell is not available to him normally. It is possible to gain this spell Heroically on more powerful Quests.

Eurmal and Humakt must leave Hell and return to the surface.

This Station may Invoked to enable someone to sneak past a guard and to steal something guarded. It causes any distraction to work and requires the use of a distraction and a sneak roll.

Slaying of Grandfather Mortal

Eurmal and Humakt meet Grandfather and Eurmal must persuade him to accept the Gift of Death. He must taunt Grandfather and ask him if he has any powers yet (Taunt skill). He must then persuade Humakt to use his power against Grandfather (Fast Talk/Orate). If Humakt does not agree then the Quest is over and may not continue [4].

This Station may be Invoked to allow the use to persuade someone to give a gift to another, requiring a Fast Talk or Orate to succeed. It may also be used to force someone to execute another.


Eurmal must tell Orlanth of Humakt's new power and persuade him to use the weapon in the Contest of Weapons. This takes an Orate roll to succeed.

Orlanth must ask Humakt for Death as his Friend, Brother and Chieftain but each time Humakt will refuse (roll against Selfish trait to ignore requests).

Eurmal must then persuade Orlanth to ask him for help (Fast Talk roll) and must try to steal Death.

When Humakt is asleep, Eurmal must sneak into his hut and steal Death. As Humakt sleeps holding his scabbard, this requires a Sneak and a Pick Pockets or Sleight skill roll. If Humakt succeeds in a Listen roll then he will awaken and slay Eurmal. If Humakt feels the sword being taken then he will awaken and slay Eurmal.

Success in this Station will allow Eurmal to sacrifice for the spell of Crafty Thief [5].

This Station may be Invoked to steal something that is being held in the grasp of another. The user must succeed in a Sneak and Sleight or Pick Pockets skill to take the object even if it is held in the hands of another.

Slaying of Yelm

This includes the Contest of Weapons between Orlanth and Yelm.

Eurmal must claim Orlanth's right to strike the first blow, otherwise Yelm will strike him down with his Invisible Arrow. This requires an Orate/Act/Bribery or similar roll.

Orlanth then attacks and slays Yelm.

Eurmal must now tell Humakt what Orlanth has done, this normally takes a Fast Talk or Convince roll to persuade Humakt that Orlanth has behaved dishonourably.

Humakt demands the sword from Orlanth and is refused, so Humakt uses his sword to sever ties with the Storm Tribe. This can be used by Humakti to sever family ties.

Success in this gives Eurmal an increase in Fast Talk, Convince or Orate of 1D3x1D6%.

This Station may be Invoked either to claim a right under an existing law or to tell someone of a truth that they would prefer not to believe. In either case an appropriate roll must be made, but where the attempt would perhaps not normally be believed, this Station ensures that the right is granted or the truth is believed. Normally this automatically fails if the right is not valid or the truth is actually false, it is used to reinforce Truth and Justice, two typically Eurmali traits, ho, ho.


Ironman (or Mostal) asks Eurmal for help in gaining Death.

Orlanth celebrates his defeat of Yelm by spending the night with one or more of his concubines. Eurmal must steal Death from beneath Orlanth's bed as he romps with his concubines. This involves a combination of Hide, Sneak and Sleight/Pick Pockets rolls or whatever strategy the GM sees fit or the player tries out. Traditionally, Eurmal times his escape from beneath the Heaving Bed to coincide with the culmination or Great Thundering but this is not strictly necessary, although it does mean that Orlanth will be at his least observant. Since both Orlanth and Humakt promised to kill Eurmal if he stole the sword, Eurmal must use an axe to hold Death.

Eurmal gives the axe to Ironman who uses it against the Aldryami. This is often used in Mostali disputes with the Aldryami.

Ironman asks Eurmal to make many copies of the axe for his followers. This either involves creating Illusions or simply making many axes.

Success in this gives Eurmal an increase in Hide, Sneak, Pick Pockets or whatever skills were used of 1D4x1D6%.

This Station may be Invoked to perform a similar theft, sneaking into a bedroom and stealing something from under the nose of the sleeper. If all rolls succeed then the theft succeeds without a chance of being noticed.

High King Elf

Once Ironman attacks the Aldryami with Death, High King Elf complains to Eurmal that it is not fair that Ironman has Death but not him and asks Eurmal for help.

Eurmal takes Death from Ironman's axes and gives an axe to High King Elf. This involves distracting Ironman in some way and making a switch of the axes.

High King Elf uses Death against the Mostali. This is often performed by the Aldryami to give them benefits in their disputes against the Mostali.

Success in this increases the skills used by 1D4x1D6%.

This Station is Invoked to allow something to be switched for an identical version while someone is watching. Once again this will succeed if the rolls are made, even if the attempt would seem preposterous on the face of it.


When High King Elf tires of using the axe, Yelorna offers to hold it for her friend. She is attacked and must use the axe to defend herself.

Eurmal makes Yelorna see the horror of what she has done, this is normally through a Scare roll, a Panic spell or Fear spell, and she drops the axe, maybe because of a Slippery Fingers spell [6].

If Eurmal succeeds in making Yelorna drop the axe he may sacrifice for the Panic or Slippery Fingers spells.

This Station may be Invoked to cause a person to drop an object in horror. It is a combination of Panic and Slippery Fingers spells.

Zorak Zoran

Zorak Zoran has followed Eurmal throughout his tricks and now sees his chance to pick up Death. He must dive to Yelorna and take the axe, but Eurmal makes a distraction enabling this theft. The form of the distraction is up to the player/GM but often takes the form of grabbing Yelorna to console her, shouting "Oh no, what's that?" and pointing into the woods or even sneezing very loudly (Look at Me!).

Zorak Zoran uses Death to kill Flamal and embarks on a destructive frenzy, killing many people.

Eurmal follows Zorak Zoran because even he is a little shocked at the extent of Zorak Zoran's rages.

Success in this gives Eurmal an increase in the skill used to distract Yelorna.

This Station may be Invoked to cause a distraction that automatically succeeds. It must be used with an actual distraction.

Babeester Gor

Zorak Zoran finds Ernalda and prepares to use the axe on her.

Eurmal feels pity and goes to where Babeester Gor sleeps within Ernalda's womb. He tickles her awake and tells her that Death is loose and can be taken.

When Zorak Zoran uses Death against Ernalda, Eurmal uses the Clever Twist [7] and pulls the axe head off, giving it to Babeester Gor who uses it to chase Zorak Zoran away.

Babeester Gor embarks on a killing spree that makes Zorak Zoran's look like a picnic. This culminates in her filling Healer Valley with blood.

Eurmal changes the blood into beer and Babeester Gor drinks this and falls into a slumber. Eurmal protects her at this time.

Success in this station can give Eurmal a choice of rewards. He can sacrifice for Clever Twist, Change Blood into Beer and Calm Berserker [8]. More powerful Quests may make these Heroic Castings or abilities instead of divine spells.

This Station may be Invoked as Clever Twist, Change Blood into Beer or Calm Berserker as required.

Lightbringers' Quest

This is perhaps the woolliest of the Stations of this Quest as the Lightbringers' Quest is a long series of Quests in itself. However, this is condensed here into a single station as it is abstracted for the purposes of the HeroQuest [9].

Eurmal sees the destruction that has been wrought and is well pleased. But now he wants to show how powerful he is and tries to put things back to how they once were.

He allows Orlanth to find and tame him, making Orlanth think that he is in charge and allowing Orlanth to put him in chains and lead the way. This normally involves an Act or Fast Talk roll to make Orlanth think he is in charge.

After many adventures they reach Hell. Eurmal takes the lead and is involved in defeating each and every obstacle here. It is at the GM's discretion as to which parts of the Lightbringers' Quest are included here, I would normally use a journey and a descent.

Success in this gives Eurmal skill increases in whatever skills are used here, normally increases are 1D4x1D6%.

This Station may be Invoked to force someone to do something in such a way that he thinks it his own wish.

To be honest, this is the weakest Station on the Quest and I think it needs fleshing out and firming up a bit. Any ideas, anyone?


Eurmal meets Humakt and must make him a grovelling apology. Use whatever skills necessary, some Eurmali learn the Grovelling Apology [10] from this Quest.

Orlanth must return Death to Humakt and give up any ties he has to Death, including any Truesword or Sever Spirit spells obtained from Death.

Success in this allows the Eurmali to increase the skills used by 1D4x1D6%.

This Station may be Invoked to obtain the Grovelling Apology skill or to increase the skills used in an apology by Personal Magic Points expended x 5%.

Breaking the Well of Death

Eurmal must convince Humakt to attack the Well of Death, perhaps using Fast Talk, Orate or Goad skills.

Humakt must strike the Well of Death and break it in two. This allows those held by Death to return to the surface.

Success in this station gives Eurmal an increase in the skills used in the Quest by 1D4x1D6%.

This Station may be Invoked to persuade another to try and destroy an object with success in the skill used meaning that the attempt will be successful.

Rewards of the Quest

Each Station has its own rewards. Often the rewards involve the gaining of a new skill or the possibility of sacrificing for a new Divine Spell. If the Quest is a powerful Quest, perhaps a Other Place or Other Side Quest, the Questor may gain Heroic Castings of his spells. Don't forget that Eurmali automatically gain their spells reusably as if they were Priests of the cult.

Quite a few of the Stations give an increase in the skills used in the Quest. I fully admit that this is a bit of a cop-out as I cannot think of any rewards or benefits that are appropriate.

It is quite possible that Eurmali do not get rewards from these Stations as action is its own reward. I don't see this going down well with players, though.

If anyone can think of better rewards for these Stations then please let me know and I will try and include them in this HeroQuest description.

Some people may think that the amount of skill increase is disproportionate to the amount of danger involved. However, I would disagree. At any stage of the Quest, if Eurmal is found out he will be killed. Being caught stealing from Orlanth, Humakt or any of the others is dangerous. Trying to pull the axe head from Zorak Zoran's axe is quite a dangerous act. Giving a berserk Babeester Gor a mug of beer is extraordinary folly. Don't forget that Eurmal is not known for his combat abilities and would be sliced in two by any of these people.


This Quest is an excellent place for Eurmali to strut their stuff. It is a place for outlandish behaviour, stupid tricks that work, comic book or slapstick strategies that always come off and a jolly good time. Where else would the "What's that in the woods?" and pointing strategy succeed?

Eurmali could use this to gain personal abilities and skills and also to cause destruction and trouble in the world. It is also used to cause people to act in certain ways and to control people's behaviour, which is what Eurmali want to do. Some Eurmali simply want to cause trouble and strife.


1. Being told from Eurmal's Viewpoint does not mean putting on silly accents or jumping around like a Fool. It means telling the story as Eurmal would have seen it. I am a firm believer in telling things in a neutral fashion, that way everyone can understand what is being said.

2. This Myth is taken from a number of myths previously published. I have heard that there is a new version of the Sword Story or Story of Death in the Gloranthan computer game, but I have not seen that. Perhaps that has more insights into the Story of Death. If I get a glimpse of it then I may well amend this version of the Quest.

3. Grandfather is normally played by a Daka Fal Questor, but any Ancestor worshipper will suffice. Quite often this is a Forced part where the Questor is not in the Quest willingly. However, some Daka Fali use this Quest to enter the Underworld and to sit in the Halls of the Slain.

4. It is very rare for the Quest to end here as most Humakti on the Quest treat it as their ritual duty to slay Grandfather here. However, it has been known for Humakti to throw the Quest simply to mess it up for the Eurmali. Also, Grandfather may choose not to receive the Gift of Death.

5. Crafty Thief (Divine Spell, 3 points, Reusable, Instant)

This spell allows the caster to steal something that is held by another. If he rolls a Pick Pockets or Sleight then the person holding the object will not feel it being removed even if it is in contact with his skin.

6. Slippery Fingers (Divine Spell, 1 point, Reusable, Instant)

This spell must overcome POW vs POW, if the roll succeeds the target will drop whatever is held in the hands. If it fails it has no effect. It is similar to a specialized Fumble spell.

7. The Clever Twist (Divine Spell, 3 points, Reusable, Instant)

This allows the user to grab something that cannot be grabbed and remove it. It is commonly used to disarm an opponent or to disable a weapon. A large amount of GM discretion should be used to determine what should and should not be allowed with this spell.

8. Calm Berserker (Divine Spell, 2 points, Reusable, Instant)

This allows the user to calm one who is berserk. It does not require a POW vs POW roll but does involve a calming action. In this case the action is normally the drinking of beer but it may also involve a calming song, stroking of hair or even a kiss.

9. This is a typical state of affairs for compound HeroQuests where those Stations that are HeroQuests in their own right are condensed down to a single abstracted Station. Other examples are the Westfaring which is itself an abstracted Station of the Lightbringers' Quest and the Crossing of the Oceans which is an abstracted Station of the Westfaring. Some may say that these are not real Stations at all but are game constructs but I would disagree. The important thing about the Lightbringers' Quest here is that it enables Eurmal to confront Humakt in Hell and the means of this are not important. The Westfaring is a way of crossing to the Gates of Dusk and the Crossing of the Oceans is a way of doing exactly that. It is not necessary to complete the entire Quest for each Station and this is one of the things that Investigative HeroQuestors soon learned, something that gave them immense power and flexibility.

10. Grovelling Apology (Base 5%, Communication)

This allows the user to make a grovelling apology over something that he has done wrong. This will appear to be convincing to the person being apologized to and to onlookers, but the person making the apology does not really mean it and this fact can be determined using Detect Truth or similar spells. This does confuse Truth telling skills such as Sense Truth, however, and is often used by snivelling Eurmali.