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Created On 17 March 2001
Last Updated On 17 March 2001
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Lightning Spear Quest

The Mythos

Stromvass [1] was a godling of mixed parentage, his father was a Dark Cloud and his mother was an Amber Woman from the Sky Tribe. They met and embraced and the result was a beautiful son who was loved by both tribes. He lived with his mother in the Sky but desired to visit with his father but the Sky King would not allow it.

Orlanth heard of his plight and decided to rescue him. He stripped naked and painted himself with Woad, arming himself with his thunderbolts and strongest winds, and climbed the World Mountain and crossed the Sky, facing and overcoming Angels, Griffins and Sky People. He found where Stromvass was being held and entered the Sky Village. Orlanth fought the guards and freed Stromvass and together they jumped from the Sky back to the Storm Tribe. When Stromvass realized that he was with his father's people he rejoiced and embraced Orlanth as a brother. In gratitude he gave Orlanth the Lightning Spear that he carried and taught him how to use it. From that day onwards, Orlanth and Lightning Boy were firm friends.

The HeroQuest [2]

This HeroQuest has the following Stations:

Entering the Sky

Orlanth must set out to rescue Stromvass. He climbs the World Mountain (Climb) and passes the Guardians of the Sky whom he must fight. He must then cross the Sky until he finds the village that holds Stromvass (Scout Sky World, Scout Plains, Tracking, Map Making). He will encounter the denizens of the Sky who will try to defeat him.

This Station may be Invoked to find somebody held captive by Solar cultists. It is often used when raiding Dara Happa. It causes the Invoker to find the person searched for but also causes him to be treated as an invader by the denizens.

Rescuing Lightning Boy

Orlanth must defeat the guards in combat and must find Lightning Boy. Together they must defeat the remaining guards and leave the Sky World.

This Station may be Invoked to effect a rescue. The rescue will succeed as long as the guards are defeated.

The Return

Stromvass and Orlanth return to the Storm Tribe. Stromvass gives the Lightning Spear to Orlanth and Orlanth pledges his friendship to Stromvass, who is known hereafter as Lightning Boy, and promises to protect him from harm. Success in this Quest enables the Questor to sacrifice for Lightning and also to join the Lightning Spear subcult. If the Questor is an Acolyte or Priest of Orlanth then he gains the Lightning spell reusably.

This Station may be Invoked to act as a Lightning spell.


1. Stromvass was the name that we had in our campaign for Lightning Boy. We did not use the Lightning Spear subcult as someone had run a HeroQuest before I joined the campaign that gave the use of Lightning to a couple of PCs and the players protected this ability jealously and vetoed any attempts to use the Lightning Spear cult. However, I always thought that Stromvass was an excellent name for the Lightning God.

2. This is quite a short, simple Magic Weapon Quest. It is simply a rescue Quest with the reward of a Lightning spell. If anyone has any ideas of how to beef it up a bit, could they let me know?