Hell Wood

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

An Account by First Son, one of the Hell Wood Ancient Trees, son of the Great Tree and grandson of Aldrya.

Deep in the heart of Dorastor lies a Wood so vast that it stretches into the Otherworld. Even though one can stand on the RockWood Mountains and see the whole Forest, that is merely a part of what is there. Only the Aldryami know of the rest, and only the Strong Ones may access it.

Many years ago, there was a War between the Bright Emperor and the Dark Conqueror. The Bright Emperor loved the Aldryami for he loved their Lord Yelmalio. The Dark Emperor loved the Aldryami for he had been raised and taught by them as a child. When the War came, the Aldryami of the land took no part, retreating into their Forest Strongholds. Some bands came and fought for the Bright Emperor in the early days, but no Aldryami resisted the Dark Conqueror when he destroyed the land.

When the Bright Emperor was killed and his pieces placed in jars for safe keeping, the Dark Conqueror gave the Aldryami two jars to guard and keep from harm. When the Dark Conqueror salted the land and raped the Goddess, the Aldryami stood by for it was not their Goddess being hurt. When the Land turned to Dust, the Dust stopped at the edges of the Forests, hurting them and driving them back, but not destroying them.

Thus the Adlryami survived.

Then, many years after, a DemiGod(1) came and awakened the forces of Chaos in the Land, healing that which had been blasted, mending that which had been broken and breaking that which had survived. He stretched out his hand to the Forests and fought against the Aldryami. Those in the West resisted, those in the East were weak and their Great Tree was infected with a sickness and a Corruption which blighted the Forest and hurt the Aldryami.

The Western and Eastern Aldryami looked to each other for a cure but could not break the Curse. Then the Others came.

A War had occurred in the North and one tribe had burnt a Forest to the ground.(2) Those who remained had uprooted themselves and carried the Aldryami away to the South. They came and settled in the Great Forest, carrying their wounded trees, their walking Forests and their children with them. These hated those not of their kind with a vengeance. When they were offered assistance they settled and took root. When they were asked to help cure the Great Tree, they saw a weapon they could use and instead embraced the Curse that the DemiGod had placed on the Forest.

Thus, they became the Strong Ones.(3)

The Strong Ones still worshipped Mother Aldrya but also worshipped Evil Forces and perverted the lands nearby. They twisted our little brothers and sisters and made mockeries and abominations. They became Strong and Evil. They made Pain Trees and Spirit Groves, Blood Vines and Eaters. Anyone not green was captured and tortured, especially those from the North. They fought several wars against us and our Western Friends until they crushed us entirely and took over the Council.

For many years we struggled underground, building our forces and making attacks, trying to Cure the Curse.

Then the Dark One(4) came to us. He was of the Dark Conqueror’s kind yet was like the Dark Conqueror and liked the Aldryami. He took his Spirit and spoke to the Great Tree, soothing and easing its Pain. Then he sucked the Curse from the Great Tree and took it within himself where great Demons fought and devoured the Curse. Thus our Great Tree was cured and we could begin to fight the Strong Ones.


[1] Obviously Ralzakark.

[2] Sky Burn.

[3] Krjalki

[4] Derak the Dark Troll