Simon Phipp - RuneQuest/D100/Glorantha - Contributing

A Cry for Help

I am running out of ideas for articles and things to include on the website. When I have finished off the HeroQuests, Scenarios and other articles that I have pencilled in then I have nothing more to add to the site.
If anyone has any ideas of what kinds of things I should include, or if anyone wants any requests or wants to co-author anything with me then please let me know otherwise I will have to stop adding things to the site.


Matti Järvinen has very kindly translated some articles into Finnish for me and is hosting them on his web site. He has been a very busy boy and has many translations there. Many thanks, Matti. I have put a Finnish Flag  beside the articles that have been translated into Finnish with a link to the articles on Matti's Site where there are a number of articles and tools. He has changed his site, so I may have to change the link.
Jerome Blondel has also very kindly translated some of my articles into French and is hosting them on his web site. Thanks Jerome. I have put a French Flag  beside the articles that have been translated into French with a link to the articles on Jerome's Site where there is a write up for Dormal amongst other things.
By the way, if anyone else would like to translate any of these articles then please go ahead. Just send me an email letting me know your name, the article translated, the web address of the translated article, the language of the translation and the address of the home page. Could you also put in a link to the English version of the article as part of the translated page? I'll put in a note of thanks here together with a link to the translated pages.

Contributions from other Authors

It can be very difficult to keep producing articles for the website, especially when other things intrude. I would very much like to be able to include contributions from other people here. The first of these contributions is by Mark Lawson and is a nifty magic item. The second is from Ian Martin and is a collection of magic items from Pavis.
If anyone wants to send me articles to include here, please Email Me and I will try to put the article onto the site as soon as I can.