Simon Phipp - RuneQuest/D100/Glorantha - HeroQuesting

HeroQuesting is a big part of Gloranthan gaming, but many people have skipped over it or don't want to give it a try. This is a shame, as HeroQuesting can be a very rewarding aspect of Gloranthan gaming. From a powergaming point of view, HeroQuesting is a quick and easy way of gaining new spells/abilities or of gaining higher skills. From a roleplaying point of view, your character is itself playing a role, that of a Hero or Deity, and can change the world. From a Gloranthan point of view, HeroQuesting is the life blood of Glorantha, without which the myths would die.

Mongoose produced some interesting variants on HeroQuesting in their Second Age Glorantha supplements. Some things would work really well, others not so well. I have deliberately steered clear of using Mongoose HeroQuesting here, as it is not covered by the OGL. However, now that Mongoose have stopped producing material for Glorantha/RuneQuest, it might be worth looking at their ideas again, especially as RuneQuest is going to make another appearance in a Gloranthan form.

I have been running HeroQuests, in some form, for almost 30 years and have picked up what works for me and what doesn't work. Obviously, the same things won't necessarily work for everyone, so my ideas are merely suggestions for you to use, not use or change. So, please look at these ideas on HeroQuesting and start using HeroQuests in your Gloranthan games - you will enjoy them!


Rules Summary
Other HeroQuest Rules
Gaining Rune Magic
Using Magic on HeroQuests
Groovy HeroPaths
The Sunset Leap Comments
Stations as HeroQuests
Magical Weapons Quests
HeroQuesting Rules for Hero Wars


Water Quests

Earth Quests

Fire/Sky Quests

CleansedOne Quest
Rocking the Cradle
Birth of Babeester Gor The Cleansing Fire
The Lava Spear
The Invisible Spear
The Invisible Arrow
The Meteor Bow

Pavis/Prax Quests

Miscellaneous Quests

Magic Roads

The Unicorn Quest
Flintnail Quest
Four Nests Quest
The Holy Fire
The Emperor's Pentian Quest
Eurmal's Story of Death
Marriage Quests
The Forest King's Daughter
Humakt Gains Death
Styx Swords Quest
Winter Come
Magic Roads Overview
The Rainbow Bridge
Ronance Quests
The Devil's Claws
Riding the Red Worm
The Dark Waters

Darkness Quests

Fire Maul Quest
The Slaying of Ernalda
Styx Shore
The Web Quest
Derak's Darkness Quest
The Chaining of Lodril

Orlanthi HeroQuests

Magic Weapon Quests

Slaying of Worcha

LightBringers' Quest

Scarf of Mist Quest
Sandals of Darkness Quest
Lightning Spear Quest
Shield of Arran Quest
The Gaining of Woad
The Slaying of Worcha
The Drowning of Mavorela
The Tunnel of Wind
Trembling Shore
LightBringers' Quest

Miscellaneous Quests

Orlanth and the Blue Dragon
Orlanth's Ram
The Four Contests
The Wooing of Ernalda
The Contest of Weapons
The Baths of Nelat
Raising Stormwalk Mountains
The Story of Death

The Hill of Gold

Hill of Gold (Overview)
Hill of Gold (Orlanth)
Hill of Gold (Zorak Zoran)
Hill of Gold (Yelmalio)
Hill of Gold (Elven Yelmalio)
Hill of Gold (Hellwood Elven Yelmalio)
Hill of Gold (Inora)
Hill of Gold (Elmal)