Simon Phipp - RuneQuest/Glorantha Link Page

This is a quick list of the links I have found useful.

Links to Link Pages

Other people have more extensive links, especially Kim Englund, Loren Miller and David Dunham, so I am including their link pages.

For general Gloranthan and BRP Links:

The Gloranthan Link List has a very complete set of links
Basic Roleplaying Links

For Mongoose RQ:

Mongoose RQ Downloads
Mongoose RQ Products
Mongoose RQ Forums

For BRP/D100:

BRP Central
BRP Central Forum
The Unofficial D100 Website

Links to Sites

I don't know how many of these are still alive. The GBC's links are very complete and are a good place to start.

Delecti's Upland Marsh
Nikk Effingham
Chaosium's Glorantha Pages
Nick Brooke
David Dunham
Philip Hibbs
Peter Michael (loads of trickster stuff and stories)
Loren Miller
James Revell (Trotsky) - good Hsunchen material and he named the Gord-Un
James Rose - Digest Search Engine, never tried it but it sounds good
Jane Williams - a lot of good stuff
James Frusetta's Wonderhome - the best Gloranthan site I've seen so far
Telmor's Forest
The new GloranthaBoard Yahoo Group

HeroQuest Links


Steve Marsh
Steve Martin
Steve Maurer - on Nikk Effingham's Site
Nils Weinander


Nikk Effingham has a number of excellent HeroQuests on his pages

Link Page

This is a page containing all the pages with the words "Hero Quest" or "HeroQuest". I am not sure how accurate it is, but take a look anyway.

People who have linked to my Web Site

The following links are those that I could find where a link to my Web Site exists or my name is mentioned.

As a courtesy, I am linking them back as we can't have too many links to/from our sites.

Sergio's Pages in Spanish/English
Nikk Effingham's RuneQuest Page
Pekka Savola's Site
Jane Williams' RQ Links
Kim Englund's Links
David Dunham's Gloranthan Site
Jayson Wilburg - RPGs / RQ
Ian Thompson
Visitor's Book
Lewis Jardine's Site
Stephen Watson's Gloranthan Cult Write-ups
Bob's Pages
Kaoru Moriyama (Caro)'s Site
xavi's Role Playing
Tim Ellis' Home Page
Marko Savolainen's Pages
Ken Haswell
Loren Miller's Fabulous Glorantha Links
Paul Honigmann's RPG Links
Robert McArthur
Games Links
Brian Babyok
RuneQuest Realms
A Second Age Clan Tula that looks good
A Gloranthan RuneQuest Campaign
MetaMythos - RPG Campaign and World Design
The Unofficial Site of Basic Roleplaying, the Chaosium d100 system
Ultimate RuneQuest Resources


There are many sites out there which provide tools for RolePlaying in general and Glorantha/RuneQuest in particular.

When I see a good tool site I will add it here.

Chris Pound's Name Generation Page
Brian Maloney's Runes
Brian Maloney's Calendar
Stephen Watson's Rune Font
Runes by Matti Järvinen
Character Generator by Matti Järvinen
Character Generator by Matti Järvinen
Peter keel's RPG Software
Philip Hibbs has a few tools on his site