Simon Phipp - RuneQuest/D100/Glorantha - Places

As we have developed out RuneQuest campaigns over the years, we have been to places that are either on the map but not described or or not even on the map of Glorantha. Where possible, I have tried to map out these places and add extra information to make those places accessible and interesting.


The Son of Thed
Micro Broos
Ragnaglar's Breath
Dragonewt of Storm
Twelve Heads Are Better Than One
The Golden Eagle
Thunder Mountain
Feather (Lost Storm)
The God Contest
The Man of Light
It Had Two Heads
The Great Queen
The Seven Hills
The Barrier
The Fog Bank
Castle Kartolin
PoisonThorn Woods
The Tower of Lead
Arkat's Last Tower
The Sultan of Vanch
The Doomed Man
The Broo Legion
Encounter Tables
The Wind Riders
Map of Dorastor
Blood Grove
Cacodemon Temples in Dorastor
Dorastor's Spirit Plane
Arkat's Black Pool
Spider Men 
Fort Wrath 

Enough of Dorastor


Tornado Spirit
Brother Bee
Social Status in Balazar
Strelite - God of the Bachelor Hunt
Cults of Balazar
Yinkin in Votanki Mythos
Places of Balazar
The Book of Balazar
The Land of Balazar Website (A. Taylor)
Land For Service (A. Taylor)
Slavery in Balazar (A. Taylor)
Justice in Balazar (A. Taylor)
The Citadel Kings of Balazar (A. Taylor)
The Sevenwall Fleet of Foot (A. Taylor)
The Polaris Guard (A. Taylor)
Zig Zag's Bar and Grill (A. Taylor)
Civilising the Natives (A. Taylor)
Waystations (A. Taylor)
The Cult of Skystrider Griffin-Friend (A. Taylor)
The Cult of Rip Claw the Defender (A. Taylor)
The Rip Claw Temple (A. Taylor)
The Story of Skystrider and Elodora (A. Taylor)


The Golden Egg
Arroin's Joy
Praxian Shamans
Sacred Societies
Sword Brothers
Ahmal, the Seducer who Lies
The Golden Girl
Parts of the Statue
Pavic Story Arc
Image Map of New Pavis
Image Map of The Big Rubble
Places of Prax

Dragon Pass/NG



Including Balazar
Dragon Pass/Nomad Gods Link Page
DP/NG Crib Sheet
The Liberation of Prax
Dragon Pass Spirits
Pentian Demons
Four Horsemen
Black Cliffs
Gopher Cult
The Gord'Un
The World of Glorantha
Gods of Glorantha
The Monomyth
Pantheons of Glorantha

The Spirit World

The Spirit Plane
Fetish Items
New Rules
Vision Quests
Shamanic Traditions
Spirit Plane Encounters
Balazar Shamans 
Sartarite Shamans