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Revolution D100>

The Alephtar Games have started a Crowdfunding campaign at Ulule for a new Revolution D100 game and a new version of Merrie England: Robyn Hode has funded.

Thanks to everyone for their support.

This will give Alephtar Games a rules system on which to base their future supplements and neatly sidesteps the licensing issues that have dogged them in the past.

From a personal view, I am pleased that a new version of Merrie England is happening, as it has been through two licenses, MRQ and BRP, so hopefully this will be the final version.

We are planning a Merrie England Companion with more Medieval goodness.

What is this site? What is Glorantha? What is D100? What is RuneQuest? What is BRP?

What is this site?

This is a fan site developed after almost 30 years of roleplaying in the game world of Glorantha. Everyone likes to house rule, to make up new things for the game and I am no exception. As a Games Master (GM), I have tried to add new ideas to the game, to write about new areas and to develop those areas that interest me further.

What is Glorantha?

Glorantha is a game world written and developed by Greg Stafford and by the companies Chaosium Inc, Issaries, Moon Design and many others. It has been expanded on in numerous supplements, fanzines, websites and fan forums to the point that it is a large and exciting place.

What is special about Glorantha? It is a magical place where gods and goddesses exist, where inhuman races walk the world, where magic is common and expected, where technology is rare and distrusted. It is a place where mortals can voyage to the lands of the Gods and interact with them, returning with mighty powers to save their people. It is a place where clan and tribe are more important than individuals, where cult means more than family and where kin means more than anything. It is a place of contradictions, a place where everything is true and where there are many truths.

Above all, it is a place for adventure and excitement like no other.

What is D100?

Unlike the D20 game, there is no D100 gameset. Rather, D100 is a family of similar games which can be used side by side, where rules from one game can fairly easily be used in another game.

I see the D100 family as variations of RuneQuest.

What is RuneQuest?

RuneQuest is a Fantasy Roleplaying Game, developed from the 1970s to the present day. It provides a rules system that allows characters to be developed in am incremental way and a rules resolution system that is simple and quick to use.

Historically, RuneQuest has differentiated itself from the D&D (D20) game, as it has no levels, personal magic and no restrictions on what the character can and cannot do. I do not see this as particularly important. To me, RuneQuest is the best Roleplaying Game that I have ever played. Sure, HeroQuest and BRP are good, but I keep coming back to RuneQuest. I have played D&D and other games, but I keep coming back to RuneQuest. I have even taken a break from roleplaying, but I keep coming back to RuneQuest.

There are several versions of RuneQuest around. I prefer using RQ3, with a lot of house rules, but that's just me. The newer versions are very good indeed and I would recommend anyone who wants a crunchy and fun roleplaying system to look at Legend and the new RuneQuest 6 that is due out in 2012.

What is BRP?

The Basic Role Playing game is a version of Chaosium's game system that was produced alongside their RuneQuest game. Historically, BRP was used for settings that were not based in Glorantha, but which used the D100 resolution mechanism. So, games such as Worlds of Wonder, Stormbringer/Elric, Hawkmoon, Ringworld, Elf Quest and Call of Cthulhu all used various forms of BRP.

Then, a few years ago, Chaosium decided to unite these various versions of the BRP system and brought out a new version of the game that works really well. In fact, it worked so well that I wrote a new version of the Merrie England setting for BRP.

Changes to this Website

Those of you who have used this site before will notice that I have changed the look and feel of the main site. This is because the old site needed refreshing slightly, some things needed taking out and the format needed changing.

I have been trying to get a format that was easy to use and looked good, but never found anything that I liked. But, now I have found a look and feel that I like and is fairly easy to implement, so i have converted the main site. I have moved articles so that they can be found under the various headings on the menustrip at the top of the page. They should be easy to find. However, I have not converted any of the atricles on the site to have the same look and feel. This is because I am lazy and have better things to do than to convert hundreds of web pages to a common look and feel that might change in the future.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the articles on this website as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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