Arroin’s Joy

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Created On 22 October 1997
Last Updated On 22 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997

Once, Arroin, God of Healing, was journeying through the north of Prax when he saw a beautiful Earth Nymph and pursued her. As he grew closer, his ardour grew too much and with a great shudder he spilled his essence onto the ground. Where the god’s seed fell a new plant sprang up with medicinal properties.

Arroin’s Joy has a woody root, about 6" - 8" long, bulb at the end just below the ground from which comes a number of thin green stems upon the ends of which are globular milky-white flowers. It is found in the north of Prax, east of the Giant Mountains, and also coming down as far as the Pavis Road. It is occasionally found further south in the oases and sometimes in small clumps along the Zola Fel River. The elves in the Rubble Garden have a plentiful supply of Arroin’s Joy which they may trade if carefully approached. For some reason the trolls in the Rubble also have access to the Joy of Arroin which they will trade only the root and will cheerfully ask in the marketplace a few days later if the plant helped the buyer "get it up".

The flowers aid fertility - if consumed by a male his fertility is increased by 10%/POT, decreasing by 5% per hour. If consumed by a woman, the increase is 5%/POT, decreasing by 5% per hour. If sexual intercourse takes place while the flowers’ effects can still be felt the chance of conceiving is improved by the fertility increase. So, a man eating a POT 5 flower will have a 50% chance of conceiving if he has sex immediately, reducing by 5% per hour. If his mate also eats the flowers, her chance of conceiving is increased by 25% giving a total chance of conception of 75%, reduced by 10% per hour (because both reduce by 5%). If there was already a chance of conception, the Joy of Arroin flowers will add to it.

The root increase virility in males and sexual desire in females. Each POT of the root temporarily adds 5% to a female’s Lust Personality Trait, the effect wearing off at 10% per hour. A male eating the root has his Lust increased by 10% per point of Potency and also increases his stamina, reduces the chance of impotence and increases the pleasure obtained through sexual intercourse.


Flower POT

Root POT

Sacred Time18 18
Once removed from the ground, the POT of both root and flower is reduced by 1 per hour. Even when the potency is gone, the root may still be used as a tasty vegetable and the flowers as seasoning.

The root is sought out by Herd Beasts in the rutting season, with bulls gouging them out of the ground and eating them prior to mating with their cows. HeroQuestors also like to use the root and flowers in certain HeroQuests where sexual behaviour is required.