The Broo Legion

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Created On 22 October 1997
Last Updated On 22 October 1997
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My Dorastor always had a Broo Legion, but when Dorastor Land Of Doom came out my ideas changed slightly and so the Broo Legion evolved.

Originally, I knew that Ralzakark had a Humakt Army as it had been mentioned during Conjunction of a Million Spheres, the first of the British RQ Conventions. I used this to build up the Broo Legion, one of the arms of Ralzakarkís Army.

The Broo Legion is made up of Humakt worshipping broos, many of whom are Illuminated and hence are "Blessed by Humakt" many times over. I saw the Broo Legion as being of several parts.

Firstly we have the standard troops. These were bog standard Humakti who happened to be broos, although they sometimes included Ogre officers and the occasional exotic Scorpionman.

Secondly, were The Elite. These were made up of Swords of Humakt and were all Illuminated and played on this at every stage. These were Ralzakarkís shock troops, seasoned fighters and excellent soldiers, good for any battle.

Thirdly, was the Invisible Guard. This was drawn from all the Broos in Humakt with "Invisible until Attacks" or similar Chaos Features and was used with devastating effect in guerrilla warfare. In fact, I often wanted to include the Invisible Guard in the Gloranthan wargames we played but was always outvoted. Pity.

The Broo Legion was originally headed by a Broo Humakti HeroQuestor who, although Iluminated, obeyed all his geases exactly. For instance, he never wore armour on his head or left arm, two locations which were Invulnerable to Attack, and he never accepted Healing but regenerated 6 points in each location each round. This was fully within the Spirit and Rules of the Cult of Humakt. He met Brankist several times and was always challenged to a duel as Brankist hated the idea of Broo Humakti and tried to destroy the Broo Legion several times. Even though he was killed several times, he always came back (we played that Humakti could be resurrected but could not ask Humakt to bring them back to life, members in more than one cult could ask the other gods to take them to a Chalana Arroy temple. The Humakti Broos were members of Thed and sometimes other cults, and would DI back alive. See, they did cheat.) Eventually he was killed permanently, but not by a party member - he died on a HeroQuest.

Then came Dorastor Land of Doom and I rethought some of my ideas. I rewrote the Cult of Humakt as seen and created by Ralzakark. I placed DeathBringer, an Aspect of Ralzakark in charge of the Broo Legion (Ralzakark had by that time come back from Death and had been split into several beings, one of whom was DeathBringer a Humakt HeroQuestor) and I made the Broo Legion more like the Templars in appearance, although one set wore armour like Ralzakarkís on the Land of Doom cover. I introduced the Castrati into play as the Elite of the Legion who were single minded and would not halt in mid battle to take advantage of a fallen foe with skirts raised.

Basically I used the Broo Legion to annoy and irritate Brankist (and Andrew) and also to act as the focus for the PCsí attacks. There was not a lot else I could do with them, apart from to show that some Broos could be very honourable and good worshippers of Humakt. I managed ton oppose the Party on a HeroQuest with the leader of the Broo Legion a couple of times and he always acted as Humakt should, unlike the party members, something which really irritated them.

The Cult of Humakt

Mythos and History

Humakt was the War God, trained at Kargan Torís Court and excelling in the use of the Sword. He was a member of the Storm Tribe and was Ragnaglarís brother and Uncle to the Broos. As such, he later blessed his kinsmen by allowing them to worship him.

One time, Humakt asked Eurmal for a weapon to make him greater than his master. Eurmal knew of such a weapon and agreed to help his friend find it. Together they went to Hell in search of this new Sword. They reached a cave deep in Subereís Kingdom guarded by a God named Vivamort. The two gods spoke to the Guardian and offered him friendship and power if he would show them the Weapon. Vivamort agreed and led them to where it was kept. Humakt took the weapon Death and swung around his head, revelling in its power. Vivamort was now afraid and wished he had never shown Humakt the Power, so he ran off in Terror.

Humakt and Eurmal returned to the Surface, sneaking past the Guardians using magic gained from Vivamort and using Eurmalís tricks and stratagems. They met Mr Man, a God who had fathered many races including the Trolls and the Elves, and Humakt used the Power of Death on him. Mr Man returned to Hell, where Death had come from, to sit at the place from where it had been stolen.

Well pleased with what he had done, Humakt went to his brothers and told them of the new Power. Ragnaglar was not interested in Death but told his Kin to look carefully and listen to what their Uncle was saying. Thus the Broos were Humaktís first followers. Orlanth also listened and asked his brother if he could use Death to fight Yelm the Emperor. As Humakt had no love for Yelm his Uncle, he agreed and lent Orlanth Death. Orlanth used Death to slay the Emperor and sent the world into Darkness. Eurmal then gave Death to many other Gods as it was too powerful to be held by one or two. Thus, Death spread amongst the Gods, although Humakt always had the biggest and best portion and his followers the Broos remembered what he had taught them.

Humakt strode through the Darkness, using Death on all and sundry, participating in an Orgy of Violence until he met the Twisted Ones. These were Gods and Goddesses who had come from afar or had taken on new Powers, much as Humakt had done. They had come into the World on the Path forged by Death and were as much his followers as the Broos. Humakt spoke to the Twisted Ones and realised that although he had caused them to come into the World, he could not be like them as they were only intent on Destruction. He halted his Orgy of Violence and began to act in an honourable way, putting rules and regulations in place on how to wage war. Those who followed him listened carefully and heeded what he said. The Broos in particular halted their destructive ways and became like Humakt again, following him in every way.

After many battles, including the slaying of his brother Ragnaglar to stop his Pain and delivering him to Ikadz for Purification, Humakt regained Death and destroyed the Well of Death, allowing the world to Live once more.

Worship of Humakt amongst the Broos declined after the Dawning as the Broos became a Peaceful race once more. In Nysalorís Bright Empire, more Broos turned to their Ancient Lord to protect the Empire. When Ralzakark was awakened, he brought back knowledge of Humakt to the Broos of Dorastor and they have worshipped Humakt ever since.

Likes and Dislikes

Humakt is friendly with Eurmal who gave him the Weapon he desired. He is also friendly to Orlanth and Ragnaglar, his brothers. Vivamort is a friend as he helped Humakt gain Death. Thed is a friend as she is the Mother of Humaktís oldest and truest followers.

Urox is Humaktís unruly brother who fought against him in the Darkness. For this reason, Humakt is no friend of Urox. He also fought Zorak Zoran and does not like the troll god.

Humakt admires those who fight, even those who fight after Death. Humaktís Temples are often guarded by the corpses of those who had fallen in Battle, brought back by his kinsman Cacodemon.

Lay Membership

This is the same as the standard cult of Humakt.


Requirements to Join

Those wishing to become Initiates of Humakt must have a Sword Attack and Sword/Shield Parry of 50% and must be willing to join the Broo Legion.

They must pass the normal Test (POWx3% or roll Three of Humaktís Virtues).

Requirements to Belong

Initiates must follow the restrictions of Humakt. They must also follow the orders set down by their Officers.

Broos who are undisciplined may be transferred to other parts of the Broo Legion, as Guards or Trainers, for instance, or may be ordered to join the Ranks of the Castrati, depending on the extent of their indiscipline.

Initiates must take a Gift and Geas from Humakt. Those who follow Nysalorís Teachings need not take the Geas as they walk a more spiritual and disciplined Path, although they may take the Geas if they wish. If one of Nysalorís Humakti takes a Geas he must obey its restrictions and will be punished if he breaks it.

Initiates may learn Cult Spirit magic and may sacrifice for cult and associate Divine Magic on a one-use basis.


These are Acolytes of Humakt. They must satisfy the normal rules for becoming Daggers and gain the normal benefits. They are the NCOs of the Broo Legion.

They must take a Gift and Geas with the same qualifications as for Initiates.


These are the Priests of the Cult of Humakt. They are the officers of the Broo Legion and report to Ralzakark directly.

Requirements for Sword Status are as normal, except that Ralzakark himself must approve the promotion.

They must take a Gift and Geas with the same qualifications as for Initiates.

They may sacrifice for cult and associate cult Divine Magic reusably as priests.

Divine Magic

As the standard Humakt cult.

Sub Cults

Humkat in Dorastor only gets access to the Sub Cults popular in Central Genrtela, so they gain access to the Parry Spell, for instance.

Associate Cults

Thed grants the Patron of her Children the Fumble spell.

Eurmal grants his friend the Strike spell.

Cacodemon grants Create Zombie so that Humakti may fight on after Death.

Ikadz grants Pain Blow in thanks for the souls that Humakt has sent to him.

Vivamort grants no spells to Humakt as he fled from him, but treats Humakt as a friend. Humakt took the Dark Walk spell from Vivamort in Hell.