The Man of Light

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
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PC Involvement


Back during the Darkness when the World had gone mad, many Gods and Goddesses tried to help the people. One of these was The Man of Light, a son of Lodril and Dorasta who raised a mighty fortress to prevent a Chaos Army from entering Dorastor. He threw molten lava over the Chaos Heroes, stopping them and creating the Bad Rocks which can still be seen today.

The Man of Light performed a few deeds in the Darkness, including giving Orlanth a place to shelter, thus making his fortress a Holy Place of Orlanth. A great Ram used the Fortress to leap into the Rockwoods and onto the Mountains of Jord, establishing some little known Magic Roads in the area.

When the Dawn came, the Man of Light retreated into his fortress and accepted the worship of those close by. As long as they worshipped him he would guard the entrance to Dorastor and would not cover them with lava. It was an amicable agreement which both were happy with.

Then came the Bright Empire. Nysalor gathered many Heroes and Demigods to his court, amongst which was the Man of Light. However, the Man of Light realised that the Golden Empire was not to his liking and returned to his fortress, guarding the lands. When the Destroyer came to smash Dorastor, the Man of Light let him pass and covered an attacking force with molten rock, thus betraying his worshippers and their agreement. For this, he was cursed by Nysalor and bound into his Fortress where he remained.

PC Involvement

The PCs met the Man Of Light because he had several things they wanted and he would not give them up.

This meant that the PCs had to try to take these things from him. However, he was a demigod and they had never attempted anything so daring before.

They tried a full frontal attack and the High Priest (actually the Man of Light himself) summoned an eruption beneath them. This proved the futility of such an attack. They then went away and thought about things really hard. After much planning and plotting they came up with a scheme.

They HeroQuested to Subereís Halls and gained several Items of Power. I honestly cannot remember what they all were but one was a Pool of Darkness, daughter of Styx. They took these to the Man of Light and made an attack. When they reached the Inner Chamber, the Man of Light rose out of a pool of lava and made to throw the lava at them. The PCs then threw the Pool of Darkness upon him and saw a Waterfall of cold, Dark water fall upon him. The two struggled for a while until both were extinguished and were trapped in each otherís embrace. This turned the lava pool into a huge piece of Obsidian.

The PCs were amazed that they had actually defeated a Demigod and that their plan worked. It was the first time that this had happened and was a threshold event. Now they could see that anything in Dorastor could be defeated.

This was my intention. Put them against the weakest Demigod, the one who could be most easily killed, just to prove that they could do it. Then move onto bigger and better things. It worked excellently.

Now, the PCs did something unexpected. They set up a temple to guard the Man of Light and to ensure that he did not return. In fact, they made agreements with the cult of Caladra and Aurelion, the Golden Eagle, Zorak Zoran and Orlanth so that there was a mixed garrison to guard the Temple. They even made pacts and HeroQuested so that the pacts would hold. This was another turning point.

Now the PCs were questing to bring about new things which they did not need but which would tie things up nicely. They were progressing from HeroQuesting for Personal Gain to HeroQuesting for permanent effects. This was a Good Thing and I was quite pleased.

Anyway, that was the Man of Light, important only because he could be killed. Probably the archetypal fate of any NPC.