Spirit Weapons

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Created On 1 June 1998
Last Updated On 1 June 1998
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Spirit Weapons are typically small versions of real weapons, maybe a painted shield or ceremonial spear. They are often decorated with tassels, feathers, stones or engravings, carvings or painting. They may well take the form of non-weapons, such as musical instruments or images of powerful people.



Daka Fal, Shamanic cults


Common, Shamanic.


The Horned Man gave his children many weapons in order to protect against Spirits. The secret of how to make them was passed down amongst the shamans until every shaman in the world knew.


Spirit Weapons are made by shamans who know the ritual to make them. This ritual may be a Spirit Magic spell or a HeroQuest spell, depending on he individual GM's preferences. The Shaman makes a Spirit Weapon using the techniques that his culture uses to create Medicine Bundles in general. So, elven shamans will use plants and stones in the manufacture whereas praxian shamans may use bones, feathers and cloth, troll shamans may use bones, hair, cloth and polished stones and so on.

The cost of creating a Spirit Weapon depends on the ritual used and the powers gained, but is typically 1-3 POW.


Spirit Weapons must be used correctly for their powers to work. Thus, drums must be played, rattles must be shaken, pipes blown, spears and shields wielded. They are, of course, designed to look silly while being used.

While the user performs the activity he gains the benefits of the Spirit Weapon. If he stops then the abilities are lost until the activities start up again. A Shaman will use these weapons during his Discorporation ritual and can then use them while discorporate, as long as he continues to perform the required activity.

Spirit Weapons have varying effects when used, depending on the powers of the individual items.

Some sample weapons are listed below:

Spear - Increases Spirit Combat Damage (by a variable amount, e.g. 1D6, 2D6, or a fixed amount e.g. 10, 20, POW)

Shield - Increases Spirit Combat Defence (by a variable amount, e.g. 1D6, 2D6, or a fixed amount e.g. 10, 20, POW)

Rattle - Adds the user's POW to his Spirit Combat skill (Shamans include their fetch's POW).

Drums - Add user's POW to all friend's Spirit Combat skill within earshot

Pipes - All unintelligent Spirits within earshot will try to move towards the player to listen to the music.

Net - When thrown over a Discorporate Spirit in Spirit Combat, prevents the spirit from disengaging. The combat can only end with the spirit bound or the opponent reduced to 0 MPs and possessed or captured.

Rattle - Doubles damage inflicted on Disease Spirits fought.

Bull Roarer - Doubles the user's POW for the purposes of determining Spirit Combat results


Spirit Weapons have variable powers and this determines their value. Weapons with minor effects may be worth 1000L, those with major powers anything up to 10,000L. Weapons which affect groups or areas are worth more than those which affect individuals.