More Magic Items

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Created On 6 June 1999
Last Updated On 6 June 1999
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1999

These are various minor Magic Items which can be used by almost anyone. They have no history and should be gained as rewards on difficult scenarios. Some of them would be wielded by the enemies, thus making the scenario that much more difficult.

Sling Bullets

These are magical sling bullets. Their properties are one-use unless indicated otherwise and only take effect if they strike a target as a sling shot, i.e. they won't work if thrown. If the shot misses the effects are not used, but if it hits a friend on a fumble the effects will work. The stones do not need to do damage to work and do not need to overcome POWunless stated, are not blocked by Countermagic etc. If the stone has to overcome POW, use the slinger's POW.

To find out what kind of effect the Sling Bullet has, roll 1D10 when created and consult the table below. Once rolled, the effects will not change.

  1. If cast at a Discorporate or Free Spirit this acts as a Bind Ghost spell, binding it to the Sling Shot. The ghost so created will attack anyone who picks up the sling bullet. This must overcome POW.
  2. casts a Free Ghost spell at the target, if cast at a free spirit it returns to the Spirit Plane and does not attack.
  3. casts a Turn Undead spell at the target lasting for 15 minutes and must overcome POW.
  4. Destroys the physical body of an elemental.
  5. Dispels all spells cast on the target.
  6. Blinds the target for 5 minutes, including Darksense and Sonar. Must overcome POW.
  7. Explodes doing 8D6 damage to the location struck, with armour blocking damage.
  8. Salamander-style attack to target for 1 round doing 5D6 heatshock.
  9. Drenches the target in running water for 10 rounds. Must overcome POW.
  10. Roll again but the effect is usable once per day. If 10 is rolled again, roll again and it is usable twice per day, or three times if 10 is rolled again.


These are magical shells with a sticky base. If placed on a non-living surface they stick to it until the user removes it. The shell acts as a Glue 5 spell for the purposes of being removed by others. The shells only work once per week and have various effects which are rolled when the Limpet is created.

  1. Float spell - as the Zola Fel version but lasts until the Limpet is removed.
  2. Sink spell - the reverse of type 1.
  3. Doubles the speed of the target.
  4. Seals the target to make it completely watertight (will not lose Seaworthiness).
  5. Makes the target totally non-watertight - it loses 1 point of Seaworthiness per round (or turn) until the ship sinks.
  6. Will seal up any hole in the surface until the Limpet is removed, in which case the hole opens up again.
  7. Makes a hole in the surface with a SIZ = User's POW.
  8. Totally repairs the target, this effect ends when removed, any damage taken while the Limpet is attached is temporarily ignored (Structure Points are at maximum).
  9. Roll again, adds 1 use per week.

Water Rune Amulet

Made of Aluminium, this enables to give verbal commands to any single sea creature within sight. The user must overcome the creature's POW and be able to speak Seatongue at 30% or more. It will not work on familiars or intelligent creatures. The user cannot command the creature to injure itself. The use may command other sea-creatures only by relinquishing control over the first. When control is ended the caster must roll POWx3% or the sea creature will be hostile towards him and will attack. The wearer will not be attacked by an unintelligent sea creature if he rolls POWx1% on contact, one attempt per creature.

Pharaoh's Sandals

For 10 MPs these swell up to form floats enabling the user to walk on water for 10 rounds. In this form, each sandal is ENC 2 and movement is reduced to one third of normal. If a sandal is damaged it will burst causing the person to fall over, unless the wearer fails a Luck Roll he will overturn and submerge. This fits any humanoid feet and will change size if necessary.

Rainbow Armour

A Suit of armour, normally Iron but may be of any metal, including bronze. The armour glows with all the colours of the rainbow, in a swirling mix of patterns.

Attune the Armour with 1 POW. This activates the armour's powers.

The Armour will change size to fit the person attuned and will only function for the attuned person. It has half the encumbrance of a normal suit of chain armour, has Armour Points = wearer's POW, gives a Shimmer Defence (as per the spell) equal to the users POWx5% and reduces the wearer's Hide chance by POWx5%. So, someone with 15 POW attunes the armour, reducing POW to 14. The armour gives 14 AP, Shimmer Defence of 70% and reduces Hide by 70%.

Stone Head

When asked for advice this will give advice on Kingship and rule. Occasionally it will get things spectacularly wrong but will be able to give advice on how to put things right again. It is cantankerous and is not known for its politeness. If not asked for advice it will remain motionless and will appear as a bust. It is the petrified head of a Lhankor Mhy HeroQuestor who turned himself to stone in order to escape a Thanatari Headhunter.

Spirit Bottles

Clay bottles which can hold a bound spirit. Simply open up the stopper, place the captured spirit into the bottle and close the stopper. The bottle gives access to MPs and INT, thus combining the functions of a POW and Intellect Spirit. Any Spirit with POW and INT can be bound into the Bottle. If the bottle is broken or uncorked the Spirit is released. Anyone holding the bottle has access to the MPs/INT. Normally, these are found in temples where they give their benefits to Temple Guardians.

Various Items

Flawed Breathe Water Potion which does not work on fish of any kind.

Stone which when placed in a sample containing poison reduces the Potency of the poison by 1D6. This only works once per sample.

Stone which when eaten acts as a poison of Potency 4D6 but if the eater survives any poison eaten by the eater has its potency reduced by 1D6.

Stone which acts as a Purify Water spell if placed in a sample of water. Each time it is used there is a 5% chance (96-00) of being destroyed, fouling the water.

Stone which if swallowed changes the eater's Speak Seatongue to his INTx5%.