Parts of the Statue

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Created On 5 April 2001
Last Updated On 5 April 2001
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Deep in the heart of Prax there is a wondrous city named Pavis that was created many centuries ago by Lord Pavis himself. One of Lord Pavis' companions was a living mountain known to us now as the Faceless Statue. After helping Lord Pavis defeat the Giants who opposed him, the Faceless Statue sacrificed himself as Lord Pavis' first offering. From that day forth, many of us have quarried from within the Statue and have created many magical things from his gifts to us. Here, I will describe but a few in order that you may see how powerful we are. [1]

Knuckle Stones

The Statue fell to the ground and his weight was such that he sank into the soft earth, turning to one side so that his left arm was trapped beneath his body and beneath the earth. We found his right arm and took each of the knucklebones, shaping them with our skills so that they became soldiers of great might and power. We chanted Master Flintnail's songs over them and they came alive, just as we Mostali came alive aeons ago. Each knucklebone became a single soldier, so we presented Lord Pavis with 19 [2] new soldiers to guard his city. Even now, we search for where the Statue's left hand lays so that we may create more soldiers for Lord Pavis. [3]

Nail Shields

We took the nails from the fingers and toes of the Statue and made shields for the warriors that guard the walls of our great city. These shields are lighter that iron, yet are thicker and are unbreakable. Those who know their secrets may command the shields to rise up and fight on their own. I had one, but I gave it away to a soldier who would have more need of it. [4]

Eye Stones

Even though the Statue has no face, we know that it has eyes, a nose, a mouth, a moustache and a beard concealed behind the blank exterior. As it fell, the Statue cracked its head and allowed us entry to what lay behind the mask. We could access one eye and its mouth.

From the eye, we took several pieces of Eye Stone and carved them into magnificent eyes to fit the other statues that dot the walls of Pavis. Each Eye Stone may be awakened by one who knows Flintnail's Songs and this enables the Singer to see through the Eye Stone as if it were his own eyes. However, we normally do this over a polished piece of metal, a mirror or a bowl of water so that others may see. [5]

Teeth Stones

When we entered the Statue's mouth we took the teeth that we found there. Some had been broken in its fights and others had been lost when it fell, but we managed to retrieve 30 whole teeth and parts of 20 more [6]. We carved the whole teeth into Ivory Warriors that we gave to Lord Pavis to guard his city. The shattered parts we made into spears, arrows and also Ivory Servants who guard our temples. We hope to find the rest of the Statue's teeth and make more Ivory Warriors for Lord Pavis. [7]

Long Stones

These are one of the Secrets of the Statue. We carved them into useful tools and told nobody of their powers. When placed in water and rubbed, these stretch to three or four times their original size. We use them for ladders, climbing poles, temporary supports and so on. Nobody but us knows where they came from, and we could not tell them for shame.

Kidney Stones

We took these and carved them into bowls, cups and goblets. Anyone eating or drinking from these will be protected from any poison that the food or drink contains. I, myself, have a lunchbox made from Kidney Stone and I feel that I will be glad of it in future times.

Vein Stones

We made these to carry water around our city. Water will only travel one way through these Vein Stones and we can use it to trick the unwary and to impress the foolish.


1. This document was found by Lhankor Mhy scribes searching the Rubble. It seems to be an early document, written by a Flintnail Stonecarver, and it seems that the document was lost before the troll occupation of Pavis.

2. The fact that the Statue had 19 knucklebones on its left hand implies that it had an extra joint on its fingers. Pictures of the Faceless Statue show it to have long fingers and this may be the reason.

3. Only five of these Knuckle Soldiers survive, all of them in the Big Rubble. They appear to be granite soldiers, carved in the style of soldiers of the EWF, and are armed with swords, shields and axes. They range in size from 2 metres up to 5 metres tall. It is said that they once moved to defend Pavis, but that troll priestesses attacked them with mighty magics and they froze in place and have not moved since. Two guard Zorak Zoran temples in the Rubble, one looks across Opili's Fort and was frozen attacking the Kaggroka Clan, another stands on Ogre Island and animates when touched only to kill its attackers and freeze again, the last stands guard at the gates of the Old Pavis Temple. Divinations to Pavis have revealed that none of the statues have been destroyed, but Pavis can only say that all reside "Within my walls".

4. Nobody knows where these shields are, but there would appear to be 15 of them hidden in the Rubble. Pavis once again confirms that these shields have survived "Within my walls".

5. Some priests of the Pavis Cult are believed to have the secret of how to awaken these Eye Stones and can use them to spy on certain parts of the Rubble. We have recently checked all the statues in the Lhankor Mhy temples and have removed several to deep cellars where their eyes may reveal no secrets.

6. We do not know how many teeth the Faceless Statue had, but clearly it had more than we do.

7. Several of these weapons and arrows survive and are used by the families of Pavis. They have the property that the arrows never miss, are true even in wind and rain and travel as far as the eye can see. The axes and swords can be commanded to fight for themselves and bite deep. Pavis has confirmed that only 20 Ivory Warriors survive and "All stand guard around waters deep, dark and dangerous".