Magic Items

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Created On 1 June 1998
Last Updated On 1 June 1998
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Glorantha is an extremely magical place. Everyone can use magic and most people do. It is surprising, therefore, that there are not more magic items around than hinted at in the published supplements. Certainly, in our campaign there were many minor magic items which had unusual and occasionally useful magical powers. Hopefully these magic items can be used in other people's campaigns and will ensure that everyone walks around with a big pack of cards, each detailing a number of items. (At the last count, my major PC had a stack around an inch thick).

Pretty Stone

This supplies all the magic points needed to power a single spell per day up to the user's POWx5. Once it has been used, it cannot be reused until Dawn the following day. Anybody may use it - there is no attuning roll, the user must simply touch the stone and cast the spell. For Spirit Magic or Sorcery this stone will power the spell, providing 10 MPs to cast Protection 10, Spirit Resistance 10 or Damage Boosting 5 Duration 5. When cast with Divine Magic which require Magic Points to be used with the spell, this provides all the required magic points. So, an Issaries merchant may use the stone to power his Lock spell, if he has POW 14 then the stone will provide up to 70 MPs to use in the Lock spell. A Babeester Gor cultist may use the spell to power her Axe Trance, if she has 16 POW then she could put 80 MPs into Axe Trance, increasing her Axe skills by 400%.

Silver Amulet of a bat with a pin through its eyes

This must be attuned with a POW of 5, costing 1 POW. It makes the attuner invisible to bats as long as the amulet is worn. This includes Vampires, Bat Hsunchen and initiates or above of the Crimson Bat cult.

Gold Javelin

Has double the range of a normal javelin and no range penalties. All attacks are powered, normal hits become impales, impales become criticals, fubles become misses etc. This costs 1 POW to attune to be used.

Crystalline Spectacles

These are spectacles, completely opaque made from some kind of crystal. When worn, halves the time taken to read a scroll or written source. Gives the user a blinding headache - after the spectacles are taken off, the user's Visual Perception skills are halved for the same time the spectacles were worn. So, if it takes 6 hours to read a scroll normally, using the spectacles would reduce that time to 3 hours, but all Visual Perception skills would be reduced by half for three hours afterwards.

Powered Crystal, POW 1D8

When the user casts a spell, the Gem adds its POW in magic points for the purposes of pushing through defensive spells.

Golden Bridle

When placed over the head of a creature, this allows the beast to be ridden, whether the beast is willing or not. The rider need not make a riding roll while using the bridle. Intelligent beasts thus ridden will not be able to resist the ride but may be annoyed afterwards.


To use this gem, put n POW into the gem and then attune the gem with your reduced POW, the gem having POW equal to the POW put into it. So, a POW 15 PC can dump 6 POW into the gem and can attune the gem at POW 6 with his reduced POW of 9. When the attuned character is killed, his spirit will remain with the body for the gem's POW in SR after death. During this time, if the body is healed so the character would be alive then the character will not be dead. It also reduces the chance of Discorporation by POWx5% and increases the cost of remaining discorporate by POW in MP per hour. So, a shaman attuned tothe gem at POW 4 has his discorporation chance reduced by 20% and it costs him 5 MP per hour to remain discorporate rather than the normal 1 MP per hour. If killed, he has an extra 4 MP to be healed before his spirit leaves his body.

Orlanth's Mantle

A red cloak, Orlanth's mantle is used by a Wind Lord in the Elder Wilds. Orlanth's Mantle is a cloak dyed with the juice of theberries of the WindBerry plant. When worn in an Orlanth Holy Place, Temple or Sacred Spot, including Sanctified areas, the wearer will have POWx5% Shimmer defence if he is an initiate or better of Orlanth. This efect is cumulative with other shimmer magics such as Shimmer or Impede Chaos and is compatible with Protection and the like. So, a Wind Lord with POW 14 wearing Orlanth's Mantle in a Temple of Orlanth would have 70% shimmer defence, as if he had a Shimmer 14 cast on him.