Micro Broos

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Created On 1 October 1997
Last Updated On 1 October 1997
Copyright (c) Simon E. Phipp 1997


These were created in my campaign as a by-product of a Fertility Ritual designed to provide a new body for Ralzakark.

When they were created, the Micro Broos ran amok, attacking and overwhelming all those nearby, including a group of observers sent to keep watch over the Son of Thed. These observers were swarmed over by hundreds of tiny broos who took pleasure in raping each and every orifice the observers had. What happened within a couple of hours was even worse when tiny Micro Broos burst out from mouths, ears, nostrils and al other orifices, tearing holes in the observers but not killing them. As they sat in shock, the new Micro Broos turned on them and not only raped the orifices but also the wounds. Apparently, this was deeply unpleasant.

As the Micro Broos could mate with anything, they ran amongst the animals and plants, creating tiny tree broos, rock broos, dung broos as well as hybrids of all the creatures they encountered. They began to swarm and to devour everything around them, leaving a wasteland in their wake. Many creatures of chaos came to feast on the micro broos only to act as breeding stock and to further the population. This was a time of plenty for all concerned.

A group of Ogres bought all the cattle for sale in Bilini and drove them towards Dorastor where the Micro Broos were swarming. They sent on a few cattle at a time to entice the Micro Broos to go towards the Herd. When they met the Herd, the Micro Broos began breeding and eating, booming in numbers and burst forth towards Bilini where they knew there was more food.

Brankist led an alliance of forces against the Micro Broos. He knew that simple force of arms could not destroy them - as you hit one with your sword, one has climbed up to your mouth, another is at each ear, another is up your trouser leg and more are trying to climb around you. Brankist summoned forth the powers of Thunder Mountain, was helped by Solarus and his Magic Regiment, a few Angels, wielders of Thunder, Demons of Darkness and various other magical friends. The Micro Broos were hit by barrage after barrage of Fire, Cold, Darkness and Storm magics, burning and destroying them en masse. In addition, they were attacked by swooping birds, spirits, and people with great nets. Only a few escaped, not enough to cause many problems as they were only powerful in large groups.

Brankist had defeated them by forming an alliance with friends and allies - something previously unheard of in his tactics.


Micro Broos were formed when the Son of Thedís semen splashed on the ground and onto bystanders. Everywhere a drop landed sprang forth a single Micro Broo, thousands in total.

A Micro Broo is a tiny (SIZ 1) broo with all the lust and aggression of his larger cousins. The life span of a Micro Broo is about a day, but they fit a lot in that day.

Micro Broos have the ability to mate with anything, living or dead, animate or inanimate. This they use to the full, attacking rocks, plants, running water, living creatures and corpses. All they need is an orifice, an opening or a crack to have a go at. Sex takes a couple of seconds and is often not noticed by large creatures. However, they repeat it again and again which becomes annoying. They can have sex again after a minute or so and have an inexhaustible sex drive. Each mating is always successful and will produce another Micro Broo in the normal broo fashion. Gestation is around half an hour when a Micro Broo bursts from the orifice, causing a point of damage. One broo is produced per mating, so someone repeatedly attacked will have many Micro Broos bursting forth, tearing holes in the flesh. This is often fatal. At birth, Micro Broos are able to walk, eat and fend for themselves. They can also mate immediately upon birth.

Individually, Micro Broos are worthless in combat. They only have 1 HP each and do 1 point of damage on a successful attack. However, put them in a horde of a hundred or so and they will swarm over their foes, raping and hurting. Then half an hour later the victim, if it survived the attack, is ripped apart by the many offspring. In hordes of a thousand or more, Micro Broos are virtually unstoppable.

Ecologically speaking, Micro Broos are excellent news because they can produce organic matter from nothing, turning rocks and mud into living creatures. This means that in times of famine they can be used to produce a never ending supply of meat - put them in a pit and throw bits of rock at them and they will breed and breed. In fact, some broos keep a supply of Micro Broos for exactly that - a parlour of readily available food. It is dangerous, of course, if any get out there can be trouble, also if the broo accidentally falls into the pit then he can look forward to an hour of absolute hell before being torn apart.

Move 8AP 0HP 1
Bite (1) 5%
1% Chance of a Chaos Feature