Merrie England Sources

There are numerous websites around covering life in the Middle Ages, Medieval England and Medieval Europe. When researching Merrie England, I relied heavily on many of these websites, for information and inspiration.

Even though these can be uncovered by simple Google searches, that is time-consuming and boring - believe me, I know!. So, I have put together a list of websites that can help colour a Medieval campaign. If you know of any websites that relate to Merrie England or the Medieval period in general then please let me know.

Thanks to Miss Abby Brendese and her Social Studies class for suggesting the link to Feudalism in the Middle Ages which provides a wealth of information, also to Amelia Folsom, who pointed out that a link is broken and gave me a link to The Ultimate Guide to History Resources has some useful Medieval links.



Medieval Documents and Texts

Medieval Life



Medieval Castles

Medieval Gaming