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Created: 27th November 2010
Last Updated: 7th January 2012

Merrie England is a supplement originally for the RuneQuest game. However, because of the changes to the Mongoose RuneQuest Third Party Licence, Merrie England has been converted to Basic Roleplaying (BRP).

By the very nature of RuneQuest and Basic Roleplaying, it will remain compatible with the RuneQuest system and could be used alongside Stupor Mundi, Val-de-Loupe and Deus Vult.

What does Merrie England consist of?

The first supplement was Merrie England:Age of Eleanor for Mongoose RuneQuest. This covered the period of the Angevin Kings of England, between Henry II and Henry III.

The second supplement is Merrie England:Age of Chivalry and is an extension of Age of Eleanor, covering most of Christendom, descriptions of Heaven and Hell, information on the major Demon Lords, rules on interacting with Angels and Demons, a mini-campaign, information on the Crusades and much more.

You can buy Merrie England through most Friendly Local Games Stores or online by clicking the "Buy It" option above.

Are any future supplements planned?

If Merrie England goes well, I plan to bring out a series supporting it. The planned supplements, in no particular order, are:

I am expecting these to come out at roughly one a year, or one every two years, so it will be slow going.


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