New Pavis Map

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Created On 13 July 2007
Last Updated On 13 July 2007
Copyright © 2014 Simon E. Phipp

Below ysed to be a map of New Pavis, taken from the map sections in River of Cradles.

I joined them together as best I can, corrected some mistakes and filled in some gaps.

There was an image map behind the map that allowed you to move your mouse over a building to get a description of what is in the building or allowed you to click on a building to go to the New Pavis Locations Page.

However, this map has now been taken fown, following instructions from Moon Design. If I have the time to make a new image map for the proposed image, then I might do so. However, this would take several days and would assume that the map is not removed. Given Moon Design's track record regarding removing files, this is not an assumption that I would like to make.

The email that I received is shown below. I make no judgement over the email, but have complied with its wishes.

From: Jeff Richard 
To: Simon Phipp  
Cc: Rick Meints ; Neil Robinson  
Sent: Friday, 7 March 2014, 16:48
Subject: New Pavis map

Simon -

Re: the New Pavis map you have up at:

We've got a pretty laid back Fan Policy, but we do ask people to please comply with it:
You may reference the names of Glorantha things, institutions, places, people, deities, and concepts from our published products, provided you make it clear that these are our marks.
You may reference plots, storylines, language, and events from our published products in campaign journals, play-by-post or play-by-email games, internet discussion groups, or your own blog or website.
You may use text or artwork published on the Glorantha website at, unless a page specifically states that the text or artwork is not to be used. You may not use artwork, including maps, that have not been published on the website, although you may create your own interpretations of material presented in our artwork and maps (as long as these are original interpretations and not simple copies).
You may use those maps located at the Gloranthan Community Map Page. 
You may use the covers of any of our products. Product covers may not be cropped, color adjusted, edited, distorted, or modified.

Putting up the Pavis map from the RQ2 Pavis Book (the rights to which are owned by Moon Design) and then putting your copyright on it is not exactly complying with the spirit or the letter of the Fan Policy. 

Please take down the map you have up at and instead use the map that we have put up on the website for just that purpose (along with a statement that the map is copyright of Moon Design):

I know you put that up on your website a long time ago, but let's make this comply with the policy (especially since it is not very hard to do).

Thanks in advance -


Jeffery A. Richard
Creative Director
Moon Design Publications

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