New Pavis Map

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Created On 12 March 2017
Last Updated On 12 March 2017
Web Page and Image Map Copyright © 2017 Simon E. Phipp
NewPavis2.jpg Copyright © 2017 Simon E. Phipp, but based on copyrighted Chaosium originals.
All maps of New Pavis are based on Chaosium originals and no challenge to their copyright is implied nor intended.

Below is a map of New Pavis, based on Chaosium originals. Where possible, I have corrected filled in some gaps. you might want to Zoom to 250% to see more detail.

There is an image map behind the map, so move your mouse over a building to get a description of what is in the building. Click on a building to go to the New Pavis Locations Page.

Locations marked with four diamonds ❖ symbol are Wealthy Residents, potentially of interest to thieves and edventuring parties. This was suggested by Byll on

Here is a copy of the map without numbers.

D-1 ❖Count's Palace D-2 D-3 Lunar Barracks D-4 Hoplite's Home D-5 D-6 Magan Grey's Mercenary Cavalry Regiment D-7 D-8 D-9 Barrel o' Brew D-10 Heartland Imports D-11 D-12 D-13 D-14 D-15 Reed Inn D-16 D-17 D-18 D-19 Moonlighters' Inn D-20 Sable Horn Inn D-21 D-22 D-23 ❖ D-24 ❖ D-25 Eskos' Stables D-26 ❖ D-27 ❖ D-28 D-29 D-30 D-31 D-32 D-33 ❖Shared by Jorjar the Quick, Jotaran Longsword and Derenx the Handsome D-34 ❖Rone Manor D-35 Silk 'n' Plume Inn D-36 ❖ D-37 Erigios' Inn D-38 ❖ D-39 D-40 D-41 D-42 D-43 D-44 D-45 D-46 ❖ D-47 D-48 D-49 D-50 D-51 D-52 D-53 D-54 D-55 D-56 D-57 D-58 Destroyed by fire D-59 Destroyed by fire D-60 D-61 Marollo's Escort Services D-62 D-63 D-64 D-65 D-66 Friendly Stables F-1 Eiritha and Waha Temple F-2 Mother's Beasts F-3 F-4 F-5 Bow weaponmaster F-6 F-7 F-8 F-9 F-10 F-11 F-12 Storm Bull Temple F-13 Butan's Birds F-14 F-15 F-16 F-17 F-18 F-19 F-20 F-21 F-22 Stomp and Brew F-23 F-24 Bob's Bisonburgers F-25 F-26 People's Gate Offices F-27 F-28 F-29 F-30 Salty Stables F-31 F-32 F-33 Transients welcome, very low quality F-34 F-35 F-36 F-37 F-38 F-39 F-40 F-41 F-42 F-43 Beleaguered Buffalo F-44 F-45 F-46 F-47 F-48 F-49 F-50 ❖Commander of Lunar Antelope Lancers Regiment F-51 F-52 F-53 Garreth Sharpsword teaches sword and shield F-54 F-55 F-56 F-57 F-58 Bison Bones F-59 F-60 F-61 ❖ F-62 F-63 F-64 F-65 Animals Sales F-66 Saddler by the Well F-67 F-68 F-69 F-70 F-71 F-72 Humakt Temple F-73 F-74 F-75 F-76 F-77 Sir Holburn's Axemen, Longspear Slayers and Jordan's Scouts F-78 H-1 H-2 H-3 H-4 H-5 H-6 H-7 H-8 H-9 H-10 H-11 H-12 H-13 H-14 Holfar's Movement School H-15 H-16 H-17 H-18 H-19 ❖ H-20 H-21 H-22 H-23 H-24 H-25 H-26 ❖Kost the Tracker H-27 H-28 H-29 ❖ H-30 H-31 H-32 H-33 H-34 ❖ H-35 H-36 H-37 H-38 Serena Jonglure H-39 H-40 ❖ H-41 ❖ H-42 H-43 H-44 H-45 ❖ H-46 ❖ H-47 H-48 H-49 ❖ H-50 H-51 H-52 ❖ H-53 ❖ H-54 H-55 ❖Malava Patroma, Lunar Landholders H-56 Indagos Clan and Old Rubble Survivor Family H-57 H-58 H-59 H-60 H-61 ❖Gorovan, Garhound Family, Influential Sartarite Colonists H-62 ❖Indagos Hearth (Javan) H-63 ❖Governor's Residence H-64 H-65 ❖ H-66 M-1 Dwarf Offices and Clearing House M-2 Constabulary and Guardpost M-3 Constable's HQ M-4 Mostali Mall M-5 Metal Fabricator M-6 Bronzesmith M-7 Silver and Gold Smiths M-8 Alchemist's Shop M-9 Living Quarters M-10 Living Quarters M-11 Living Quarters O-1 ❖Captain of Lunar Silver Shields Regiment O-2 O-3 Silibar's Fancies O-4 Magic Needle O-5 O-6 O-7 O-8 O-9 O-10 O-11 O-12 O-13 ❖ O-14 Jareen's O-15 O-16 O-17 O-18 O-19 Moonlighters O-20 O-21 O-22 O-23 O-24 O-25 Geo's O-26 O-27 O-28 O-29 Loud Lilina's O-30 O-31 O-32 O-33 ❖ O-34 Salt Agency O-35 O-36 O-37 O-38 O-39 O-40 Gimpy's O-41 O-42 P-1 Market Administration Building P-2 Honest Kolli's P-3 Various Shops P-4 Lokarnos Temple P-5 Various Shops P-6 Various Shops P-7 Various Shops P-8 Various Shops P-9 Guild Hall P-10 Various Shops, incl Derek's Polearms, Honest Hermosius' Used Weapons P-11 The Bristle Inn P-12 The Dorasar Building P-13 Various Shops, incl Goram's Sturdy Weapons, Bison-Hide Leathers P-14 Seven Mothers Temple P-15 Trade Temple P-16 Argan Argar Temple P-17 Rent-A-Shrine P-18 Rent-A-Shrine P-19 Healing Hall P-20 Ernalda Temple P-21 Air Temple P-22 Knowledge Temple P-23 Irrippi Ontor Annex P-24 Storehouse P-25 Public Food Office P-26 Granaries P-27 Granaries P-28 Public Mean Warehouse P-29 ❖Mayor's House P-30 City Administration Building P-31 Pavis Temple P-32 Vinga Temple P-33 Irrip Ontor Temple R-1 Fish Legs R-2 R-3 R-4 R-5 R-6 R-7 R-8 R-9 R-10 R-11 R-12 R-13 R-14 R-15 R-16 R-17 ❖ R-18 R-19 R-20 R-21 R-22 R-23 R-24 R-25 R-26 R-27 R-28 R-29 R-30 R-31 R-32 R-33 R-34 R-35 R-36 R-37 R-38 R-39 R-40 R-41 Homar's Fish R-42 R-43 R-44 R-45 R-46 R-47 R-48 R-49 R-50 R-51 R-52 R-53 R-54 R-55 Filbar's Fine Swordsmanship R-56 R-57 Includes Hanafel's Magic Goods R-58 R-59 R-60 R-61 R-62 R-63 R-64 R-65 Esparikondos' School of Speech R-66 R-67 ❖ R-68 R-69 R-70 R-71 R-72 R-73 R-74 R-75 R-76 R-77 R-78 R-79 Teelo Norri Temple R-80 R-81 Churchak the Quick R-82 R-83 R-84 R-85 R-86 R-87 Goldfang's Grotto R-88 R-89 Scharman's Academy R-90 R-91 ❖ R-92 R-93 R-94 Teelo Norri Poorhouse R-95 R-96 R-97 R-98 R-99 R-100 Soup Kitchen R-101 R-102 R-103 R-104 R-105 ❖Ingilli's Outer House R-106 ❖Ingilli's Great House R-107 Ingilli's Workhouse R-108 R-109 R-110 R-111 R-112 R-113 R-114 R-115 R-116 Part of the meat market R-117 Part of the meat market R-118 Two Boot Stables R-119 R-120 R-121 R-122 Riverfish Inn R-123 R-124 R-125 Fish Market R-126 Fish Market R-127 Fish Market R-128 Fish Market R-129 Rowdy Djoh Lo's R-130 Fish Market R-131 Fish Market R-132 Fish Market R-133 Riverman's Guild Hall R-134 Fish Market R-135 Fish Market R-136 Golden Dolphin Inn R-137 Outside the Walls R-138 Outside the Walls S-1 Demolished to make way for the Lunar Barracks S-2 Demolished to make way for the Lunar Barracks S-3 Demolished to make way for the Lunar Barracks S-4 S-5 S-6 S-7 S-8 S-9 S-10 S-11 S-12 S-13 S-14 Sunspear Guards/Brighteye Spear School S-15 S-16 S-17 S-18 S-19 S-20 S-21 Yelmalio Temple S-22 S-23 S-24 S-25 S-26 S-27 S-28 S-29 S-30 S-31 S-32 S-33 S-34 S-35 S-36 S-37 S-38 S-39 S-40 Uleria Temple S-41 S-42 S-43 S-44 S-45 S-46 ❖ S-47 S-48 ❖ S-49 Hyalor's Care S-50 S-51 S-52 S-53 Graineater's Glade S-54 S-55 S-56 S-57 ❖ S-58 ❖ S-59 S-60 S-61 S-62 S-63 ❖Haloric Goldbrow S-64 S-65 S-66 S-67 S-68 S-69 S-70 Thurkan Thumper's S-71 S-72 S-73 S-74 S-75 S-76 ❖Captain of Lunar Marble Phalanx S-77 S-78 S-79 S-80 S-81 S-82 S-83 S-84 Whole Beasts Stables S-85 S-86 S-87 S-88 S-89 S-90 S-91 S-92 S-93 S-94 S-95 S-96 S-97 Kalf Haldelson S-98 S-99 S-100 W-1 Old Gate Guard Tower W-2 Old Gate W-3 Old Gate Guard Tower W-4 River Gate W-5 Temple Gate W-6 People's Gate W-7 South Gate Tower W-8 South Gate W-9 South Gate Tower W-10 West Gate Tower W-11 West Gate W-12 West Gate Tower Y-1 Old Gate Yard Y-2 Meat Market Y-3 Farmers Market Y-4 West Gate Yard Y-5 Founders Market Y-6 Fish Market Y-7 People's Park Y-8 Temple Court Y-9 Noble Court Y-10 City Court Y-11 Arrow Court Y-12 Sun Court Y-13 Shield Alley Y-14 Wheat Street Y-15 North Street Y-16 Tower Square Y-17 Dwarf Street Y-18 High Street Y-19 Cliff Street Y-20 Meet Street Y-21 Safe Way Y-22 Ingilli Street Y-23 Apple Lane Y-24 Thane Street Y-25 Drop Street Y-26 Soldier Street Y-27 Silver Street Y-28 Parade Way (South) Y-29 Parade Way (North) Y-30 Holy Street Y-31 Salt Street Y-32 Blue Street Y-33 Sword Street Y-34 Crook Street Y-35 Marrow Street Y-36 People's Way Y-37 Rhino Alley Y-38 Bait Street Y-39 Ord Way Y-40 Light Street Y-41 Horseleg Lane Y-42 Marble Street Y-43 Missile Street Y-44 Pike Street Y-45 Zebra Street Y-46 Moon Street Y-47 Fourth Street Y-48 Overseer Street Y-49 First Street Y-50 Gold Street Y-51 Gobalt Street Y-52 Second Street Y-53 Wall Street Y-54 Unnamed Street 1 Y-55 Unnamed Street 2 Y-56 Unnamed Street 3 Y-57 Unnamed Street 4 Y-58 Unnamed Street 5 Y-59 Unnamed Street 6 Z-1 Guard House Z-2 Zebra Corral Z-3 Zebra Corral Z-4 Zebra Corral Z-5 Zebra Corral Z-6 Z-7 Z-8 Z-9 Z-10 Z-11 Z-12 Z-13 Z-14 Z-15 Z-16 Z-17 Z-18 Z-19 Z-20 Z-21 Z-22 Z-23 Z-24 Z-25 Z-26 Z-27 Z-28 Z-29 Z-30 Z-31 Z-32 Z-33 Z-34 Z-35 Z-36 Z-37 Z-38 Z-39 Z-40 Z-41 Z-42 Z-43 Z-44